A/N: Hi hi! It's me! Well, I decided to write my very first ever Albus/Scorpius fic, simply because I find them to be adorable. I wish so much that other people would write about them more so I can read! But anyways, I hope you all enjoy.

Albus growled, a very Harry Potter like growl. He ran a hand through his messy black locks, watching the scene in front of him.

Pitiful was one word that described it well.

Stupid would also work, he mused. His emerald colored eyes fell upon his best friend, who was currently surrounded by most of the 5th, 6th and 7th year Slytherin girls. He was "helping with homework" as the blonde put it. Oh yes, Scorpius Malfoy was every girls dream. Over the summer break between their fifth and sixth years, were Albus had grown tall and gangly, much like his Uncle Ron. Scorp had filled out, sprouting muscles all across his quidditch toned body. His face, pointed and pale, like his fathers, had become devilishly handsome, his signature smirk melting girls instantly….and Albus as well. The darker haired boy had always had an inkling that he was gay, but over the summer it had just….hit him. He had come out to Rose, thinking she was the only confidant he had….but none the less she had told James, who then told Teddy, who had then told his Mum, who had then told Dad. Now everyone knew. It had spread like wildfire as soon as he had boarded the train. Albus had mentally reminded himself to never tell his fire haired cousin anything important ever again.

"Scorp, you are so smart!" Leah Nott squealed, her voice shaking Albus back to reality.

He grimaced, curling himself further into his armchair. He was cold…and slightly…jealous. Scorpius had barely said anything to him after the mayhem on the train. Was Scorpius mad at him? Or did he not like him as much because he was gay? Albus didn't know. What he did know was that if one more girl screeched over his best friend he was going to snap.

"Hey Al, why don't you come help me with these ladies?" Scorpius asked, sitting up and peering at him.

"He can't, he doesn't like girls remember Scorp?" Leah teased, shaking her curly blonde hair back. She wrapped her arm loosely around the blonde's shoulders.

Scorpius frowned and shrugged her away, leaving the girl gaping. "That's not funny." He said firmly. He stood up and made his way towards Albus. His brow was still furrowed as he roved his grey eyes over Albus' face. "I think….you and I need to have a talk." He said, tilting his head slightly, still scrutinizing the boy.

Albus nodded, making his way to his feet. He knew better than to question Scorpius when he had that look upon his face. They had been friends too long, he knew the kid like the back of his hand. But…as of late, it was Scorpius' name that was spilling from Albus' lips as he came all over the back of his hand. He hated that he fancied his very best friend.

The lady killer. The one that had more girlfriends than he could count on both hands. The one that would never be gay….The one that would never fancy Albus back.

He flicked his green eyes upwards, peering through thick lashes at his best friend.

"Hmm….Quidditch pitch I do think would be a good place…right Al?"

Albus shrugged. "Sure…"He muttered, following the blonde out of the dungeon like common room.

Scorpius fidgeted, swishing his robes around as he walked. "Do you figure we will have Transfiguration with the Gryffindor's this year?"

Albus laughed softly, feeling a weird sense of awkwardness he had never felt before with Scorpius. "Yeah, I suppose."

The blonde groaned. "I'm sorry but I just cannot take Rose, I know she's your cousin or what have you, but she drives me mental. And what's up with her calling me 'Ferret Jr.'? I just don't understand gingers I suppose."

Albus rolled his eyes. "You will have to ask your father about that one, I'm sure." He said, standing on the edge of a staircase, gripping the rail firmly as it moved.

Scorpius scowled. "I guess…it just….i don't get it. I don't look anything like a ferret. You know?"

The pair stopped short as James rounded the corner of the corridor, his 'Head Boy' badge bright and shiny upon his robes as he rushed up towards them. "What are you two doing?" He asked, his brown eyes squinting. He glanced furtively at his younger brother.

"Going to the Quidditch pitch, so what?" Scorpius said his hand on his hip. He shook his hair back.

James smirked. "You do know I am Head Boy now, right Malfoy? Just because you're my brother's best mate, doesn't mean I can throw the lot of you in detention…or take away points from Slytherin." He said, crossing his arms.

"We were just going out there to talk. We have some stuff to discuss." Albus said, glancing at his spectacled older brother. James was a git sometimes.

"Oh, I'm sure you do. Do you know how pissed Mum and Dad are?" He added.

Albus blushed. "It shouldn't matter, they still have you. You still like girls…right?"

James scoffed. "Of course I do! I'm not going all fruity like you any time soon." He puffed up, much like a bird, to show off his masculinity, Albus supposed.

"Can we just go now, James?" He asked softly.

James sighed. "You really probably shouldn't be out there….but be careful I guess." He said, brushing past them as he made his way toward the staircase.

Scorpius rolled his eyes as they began walking once more. "Your brother is…."

"A grouchy, specky git?" Albus provided.

The blonde laughed, looking at him as they proceeded down the staircase where the new first years had stood only hours ago. "Yeah, I guess you could call him that."

"He is so much like my dad, all nosey and what have you." Albus said as they carefully opened the giant wooden doors.

Scorpius stuffed his hands into the pockets of his robes. "Is your Pop really mad at you? Over this…thing?" He asked.

Albus nodded. "Yeah, I guess him and my Mum both are. I mean…I don't see what the big deal is…It's not as if I can help it, you know? It just happens."

"And like you said, they still have James…and your sister. It's not like…" The blonde blushed furiously, looking away hard as they crossed the grounds.

Albus looked curiously at his best friend, and then shrugged. "I dunno, maybe they just need time to adjust or whatever." He felt a sense of calm as they entered the giant pitch. It glimmered in the moonlight, its tall bleacher boxes towering over them. His father had instilled in him and James both, a fierce love of Quidditch. He had been playing since his second year, earning the title of Keeper, while Scorpius, obviously, was Seeker.

"Yeah…maybe." Scorpius said, absentmindedly. He conjured a blanket, and plopped himself upon it.

Albus looked at his friend, his eyebrows raised.

"Oh, come now, Potter, do you really think that I want to get grass stains on my robes?" He said, smirking.

He felt his insides squirm uncomfortably as he sat beside his friend.

"So….when were you going to tell me?" Scorpius asked after a few moments. "I had to hear it from Alex Longbottom….who said he had heard it from Rose on the train." He wrapped his arms around his knees, setting his chin upon them and looking at the dark haired boy. "I spent more than half the summer with you, Al."

Albus looked away, feeling guilty.

"What did you think? That I was going to turn you away? Stop being your friend because you're gay?" Scorpius said softly. "We are supposed to be best mates. We are supposed to be able to talk about anything."

He glanced over at Scorpius. "I know…and I'm sorry. I was just scared."

"Scared of what?"

He shrugged, feeling small and vulnerable. "That you wouldn't approve of it. I just figured….well with the way girls hang all over you. I didn't want to cramp your style or anything."

Scorpius snorted. "Yeah, cause that would destroy my reputation." He teased. "And besides, that's all a front anyways." He said, a blush creeping over his pale cheeks once more.

"What do you mean a front?" Albus asked, turning towards his best friend, who was now scarlet.

He shrugged. "I'm gay too." He said simply.

"Wow, way to steal my thunder, Scorp." Albus teased his heart fluttering at this breaking news, Scorpius was gay? That would explain why it took him two hours to get ready to go to Hogsmeade.

The blonde pushed him playfully, "You are just jealous that I make a better looking gay than you." He goaded.

As Al bounced back from his push, he lunged forward, screwing his eyes up tight and kissing Scorpius.

Who squealed, much like those girls in the common room. He pulled back, gasping, his upper lip, which was fuller than the bottom, was puffed from the forcefulness of the kiss. "What would, James say if he saw that?" He said, his grey eyes glowing.

"Oh, Merlin he would probably put Slytherin in the points poor house." Albus said, grinning.

Scorpius untangled his limbs and grabbed Albus by the hips, scooting him towards him. "You're probably right." The blonde rubbed his hands lightly up and down Albus' trouser covered thighs. "So is this weird….us?"

Albus nodded, "It's completely mental."

"Do you…do you like it though?" Scorpius asked, looking timid.

Albus smiled, his heart thudding rapidly in his chest. "Yeah, I think I could learn to live with it." He looked up at Scorpius, wondering what exactly the pale boy was thinking. "Does Mr. Malfoy know?"

Scorpius grimaced. "I hate when you call him that. It sounds so weird." He sat forward slightly, his fringe of blonde hair falling across his eyes. "And no…but they are too busy being fussy over my Mum's pregnancy to even worry about that."

Albus reached forward and brushed the hair from his friends face, his fingers tingling with the touch. "You love it. It makes him sound more distinguished." He said, grinning. "Not like when you call my father, The Golden Pop."

Scorpius rolled his eyes, watching Albus. "Yeah, but at least mines true…He was once The Golden Boy…now he is a father, hence, The Golden Pop."

"And because your father married your mother, he is no longer Mr. Malfoy? Just as you are." Albus jabbed at the other boy's stomach. "Mr. Malfoy." He chided, his emerald eyes swinging up to meet silver ones.

Scorpius leaned forward and captured Albus' mouth in a kiss, nipping slightly at the boy's lower lip. The blonde cupped his chin, holding him still as he assaulted his mouth more deeply. He swept his tongue across his lip, causing Albus to mewl softly.

He pulled away, leaving Albus reeling, his cheeks painted pink. Albus licked his own lips, watching with sparkling eyes. "Is it different kissing…a boy?" He asked.

Scorpius shrugged. "Well, yeah I mean…'cause you're a boy. Is it weird for you?"

"Well, no, because I've never really kissed a girl, have i? I wouldn't really know the difference."

Scorpius grimaced. "There was Mimi Rogers, that Ravenclaw, that one time in our fourth year. But she just pecked you."

Albus waved his hand, as if brushing her memory away. "Ehhh, we just won't count that." He looked at his best friend. "But…this feels…natural or whatever….kissing another boy."

"Kissing another boy…or kissing me?" Scorpius smirked, making Albus mewl once more.

He blushed. "Both." Albus grabbed a fistful of the blanket, toying with it idly.

Both boys' whipped their heads around at the sound of crunching footsteps. "We need to get out of here!" Scorpius whispered, jumping to his feet, gripping Albus firmly by the arm and yanking him upwards. "I hope it's just Hagrid walking his dog or something." He muttered, his hand still firmly wrapped around Albus' arm.

"Oh, Merlin I hope so too." Al whispered as they hurried towards the castle. He wriggled his arm free of Scorpius' grasp as he wrenched open the front doors. "We still have to worry about that Head Girl, Scorp." He said, his hand brushing against his friends.

"Well, bloody hell; she's a right arse I've heard. Let's just be as quiet as we can, maybe we won't run into the cow." Scorpius cast Albus a quick side glance before grasping his hand, tugging him down a flight of stairs.

Albus smiled.

"Quit grinning and move!" Scorpius teased.

The two reached the giant wall that hid their common room entrance, both panting and clutching a stitch in their side.

"Cauldron Cake." Albus muttered, watching as the bricks rearranged into an entry way.

"Well, that was interesting…." Scorpius said softly, grinning as they entered their dorm. The blonde began stripping off his clothes, climbing into his bed with only his boxers on. He glanced at Albus and winked. "Goodnight, Al."

Albus grinned, he too changing into his bed clothes. He settled his dark haired head against his pillow, his thoughts buzzing, most of them about the blonde haired mess that sat only meters from him. He rolled over onto his side, a smile still plastered to his face as he fell asleep.

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