Albus shook his head and followed the blonde out of the dormitory, through the common room, amid various catcalls and questions.

"Did you really hex Nott?"

"I saw those gross things all over their faces!"

"Way to go, Scorp!"

Scorpius nodded and kept a tight hold on Albus' hand as they moved through the throng of people. He sighed when they finally reached a quiet stretch of corridor.

"I really hope your father isn't here." Albus said nervously as they walked.

"Why's that?" Scorpius asked, glancing backwards at him.

"Because he is terrifying and he hates me and if he finds out that his son is gay with me, Albus Potter, he will throttle me, Scorp. Simply throttle me." Albus explained, his mind whirring with images of being hexed into bits by his best friend's father.

The blonde simply shrugged as they neared the gargoyles that guarded the Headmaster's Office. "I think you'll survive."

"Scorpius-"he began, but fell silent as their Head of House stared at them sinisterly beside a gargoyle.

"Your father will be arriving here by Floo at any moment, Mr. Malfoy." She muttered to the gargoyle, which sprang aside, revealing a spiraling staircase. "Please, after you, boys."

Scorpius gave his hand one last squeeze before releasing it and stepping on to the steps, zooming upwards.

Albus swallowed hard and stepped on behind him, glancing back to see the stern witch join him. He felt terror trembling through him as he ascended. What was Scorpius' father going to say? He knew from experience just how mean he could be to the blonde, along with having very animated recollections of Draco Malfoy told from Uncle Ron. Albus was terrified as they stepped into the circular room. He kept his green eyes to the carpeted floor.

He could almost feel Mr. Malfoy's anger palpating throughout the room.

"So, this is how you wanted to tell me about this?" Said a cool voice, directed at Scorpius.

Albus looked up slightly, seeing that Mr. Malfoy was glaring down at Scorpius.

"No-" Scorpius began.

"No? No? No what, Scorpius? No, I'm not gay, Father. No, I'm not up here for hexing two boys and threatening another? No, I'm not shagging the spawn of Harry fucking Potter?"

"Mr. Malfoy!" The Headmaster cried out, looking to the man. "I believe it would be in your best interest if you calmed down."

"I'll do no such thing! This is my son! My only son! He's is a Malfoy for Merlin's sakes, he cannot and will not be gay." Draco looked at the Headmaster, then to his son, his eyes wide.


"No. I will not listen to it. You…." He turned to Albus, his face contorted with anger. "You. You did this to my son, you lousy excuse…You're just like your father, nothing but a trouble causing, pompous, bleeding-"

The Headmaster had come around from his desk, and laid a hand upon Draco's arm. "Mr. Malfoy, I will not ask you again. You need to control your temper." He gently but firmly pushed the man into a chair. Mr. Malfoy pressed his head into his hands.

Scorpius frowned, looking at his father as the Headmaster spoke. "Now, Scorpius, please explain to me exactly what happened, if you will."

The blonde heaved a sigh and began to re-tell the events that had led up to the hexing. Mr. Malfoy heaved a particularly dramatic sigh when his son explained what they were doing in Albus' bunk.

"They started to push Albus and threatening us, so I just kind of…out of instinct, hexed them." He finished sheepishly.

The Headmaster peered across the desk at him. "Well, you do know, Mr. Malfoy that I will have to punish you for hexing your classmates. Twenty-five points from Slytherin and a night's detention. Also, because you and Mr. Potter were behaving inappropriately, a night's detention for Albus' as well."

Albus nodded, his hands clasped together tightly. He glanced around at Mr. Malfoy, who had finally looked up.

"That's all the discipline they get? They are…that way…and that's all you are going to give them."

"Mr. Malfoy, I cannot punish them for something they cannot help."

Draco slammed his fist onto the arm of the chair. "No! My son will not be this way. Is there not anything you can do? Is there potion or charm to fix him, anything?"

The Headmaster smiled kindly at Draco. "No, I'm afraid not. This is a matter of the heart. One cannot choose who…or what they fall for. I think you need to take some time to adjust to this. Thank you for your presence, Mr. Malfoy."

He then stood shakily from his chair and looked upon Scorpius, his brow furrowed. "I…I will be owling you soon, my son, to…to discuss this." He touched Scorpius' shoulder briefly before stepping into the fire and whisking away.

"Now, as for your detention, you will both be sorting Flobber-worms with Hagrid on the grounds tomorrow evening."


"I can't believe this. It's going to be so gross, Al." Scorpius whined as they made their way across the grounds that next evening.

"Welllllllll-"Albus said, glancing at the boy.

"Well, if you didn't have to be so attractive then I wouldn't have to uncontrollably snog you, would I?" He said, pulling a pair of gloves from his jeans pockets as they neared a beaming Hagrid.

"So prissy." Albus teased. He then turned his head upwards to face Hagrid. "Hi, Hagrid."

"Well hello there, Al. I see you brought Mr. Malfoy with yeh, eh?" Hagrid said as he picked up a rather large bucket and set it in front of the boys.

Scorpius made a squelching sound. "Ehck…."

Hagrid chuckled. "He be just like his father, that one." He winked at Albus, who grinned. "All sass and not a workin' bone in 'im." He set about explaining which of the giant tubular worms where good and which would have to be tossed away.

Albus pulled out his own pair of gloves and dove his hands into the squirming pile of worms.

"Bloody hell, how do they expect us to do this? It's torture!" Scorpius whined his face scrunched up as he gingerly picked up a worm.

"Oh quit yer blubberin' Malfoy, they are just worms. They ain't gonna hurt you none." Hagrid called, from his pumpkin patch.

"You look so cute with your disgusted face on." Albus teased.

"Oh bullocks, Al. This is gross." He said, picking up what appeared to be a Flobber-worm that had been smashed. He flung it at Albus, grinning wickedly.

"Scorpius, gross!" He cried out, jumping back.

The blonde laughed, his eyes shining with mischief. "You like it Al, you like squished and floppy ones, don't you, you weird fuck." He picked up another Flobber-worm and squeezed it gently at the bottom, so that the top wobbled around.

"Scorpius, knock it off. I do not!" Albus said, blushing.

"Oh yeah, that's right." Scorpius said, setting the worm into the bin and coming up behind Albus. "I forgot." He rasped against his ear, glancing up and seeing that Hagrid was nearing the edge of the Forbidden Forest. "You like stiff ridged ones, don't you Al?" He kissed along the back of the boy's neck, pressing his body against his backside.

Albus shuddered, blushing even harder. "Scorpius, you have got to knock it off, we are going to get into more trouble." He hissed.

The boy however did not listen, but instead pushed his gloved hand into the small of Albus' back, leaning him forward until he was forced to grab the rim of the barrel to keep from toppling over. Scorpius wriggled his hips, pressing himself against Albus' arse. "You like it. You're probably getting a stiffy right now, aren't you?"

Albus' face was burning. "Oh…."He whimpered, all the blood in his head threatening to divert south. They couldn't do this. Not here. "No, Scorp, please, not here." He struggled to stand up straight.

The blonde reluctantly sighed. "Oh, alright." He moved away and returned to his barrel of worms. "But you owe me." He said, his face bright pink.

Albus felt arousal flaring up in his stomach as Scorpius peered at him from behind a fringe of thick black lashes. "H-How do you mean?" Albus stuttered, biting his lip. He couldn't believe that Scorpius was doing this here.

He shrugged. "I'm sure you'll think of something. You are quite brilliant." He grinned once more and turned to his barrel without another word, leaving Albus with a mind whirring with several ideas of how he could pay the blonde back.


Albus frowned, his dark eyebrows knitting together as he examined his bunk, which after quite a bit of complex spells and one severely singed pillowcase, he had managed to enlarge the inside, but it remained the same size on the outside. Much like the dingy old tent they used when they went on camping trips with the Weasley's. He had lit several small candles; they were floating gently inside the small area. His stomach was in knots, thinking, well…hoping that this would all go well. He had hurried back up to the dorm after he had finished sorting Flobber-worms first. He had showered and doused himself heavily in cologne. Albus was nervous. Scorpius had peered at him curiously as the crossed paths, Albus from the shower and Scorpius towards it. Oh, so nervous.

He sighed, checking himself in the mirror one last time before climbing into the bed as he heard the creek of the shower knobs being turned off. He felt his heart rate speeding up. Oh he hoped he didn't start sweating and stink himself up. Oh Merlin.

Albus peeked his head out between the drapes of his bunk, spotting Scorpius coming out of the shower room, his hair wet and tousled on his head. Water droplets were glistening all over his muscled torso, the boy as only in a towel. Albus felt like his eyes were going to roll right out of his head at the sight. He cleared his throat loudly, summoning his courage as the blonde brushed his damp hair. "S-Scorp…?"

The blonde turned to look at him. "Oh, I didn't see you there." He set his brush down and canted his head to the side, his grey eyes shining. "Yes, Al?"

Albus bit his lip, desire spilling through him. "Uhm….um….do…do you want to come…sit with me?" He asked timidly.

"In your bed? Al, don't you think that's a little promiscuous?" Scorpius teased, making his way towards the bunk.

He swallowed hard, watching as this…oh this lithe, sexy…muscled thing sauntered towards him, his eyes darkening with each step. Scorpius pulled the curtain back, his jaw dropping slightly as he saw how the insides had grown. The blonde climbed into the bed, clutching his towel.

Albus plucked at the strings of his athletic shorts as he watched his best friend….or was he his boyfriend now...situates himself against Albus' pillows. The blonde ran the tip of his tongue across his lower lip. "Nice digs. How did you do this?"

"With a couple different spells, it was really quite difficult."

"Why so big? Plenty of roll around room, is that what you wanted, Al?" Scorpius said.

Albus blushed. "I've also got Silencing Charm as well…" He said, looking away.

Scorpius reached out and pulled the thinner boy into his lap. "Yeah, is that so? Are you planning to make me scream or something?" He asked, grinning.

Albus squirmed, biting his lip. "That's for me to know and you to find out I suppose." He said, smoothing his hands across the boy's smooth chest.

The blonde laughed. "Albus Severus you right dirty bastard." He said, hooking his hand around the boy's neck and bringing him down for a rough kiss, all lips, teeth and mostly tongue. He smoothed his hands up the dark haired boy's back, crushing his slight frame against him.

Albus moaned as his mouth was released, and a pair of lips began to sear their way down his neck and collarbone. He shivered, feeling Scorpius' erection pressing upwards against Albus.

"Were you planning to have your way with me, tonight Mr. Potter?" Scorpius asked quietly, his eyes dark as he pulled the boy's shirt up and over his head.

His tell-tale blush made the blonde chuckle. "Naughty, naughty, Al." He murmured, sucking particularly hard at his collarbone, leaving a fat bruise. He rolled his towel clad hips, pressing himself right up against Albus' now straining erection.

"Oh, Scorp…"He whimpered, biting his lower lip.

The blonde growled. "Oh you have no idea how hot that sounds coming from your mouth, Potter." He said his voice gravely with arousal.

"Yeah?" Albus said, looking down at him. He felt fear quell up inside him for a few brief moments. He could feel the heat of Scorpius' cock simply boring through the thin material of the towel. He slid his hands across the pale skin of the boy's torso, tracing each defined ab with the tip of his fingers. He heard Scorpius' breath hitch as he reached the part of the towel that was tucked in. Albus swung his emerald colored eyes upwards, meeting a pair of molten silver ones. Silver eyes that were all but begging him to continue on.

So he did. Albus slipped his finger into the tuck of the towel shimming it loose and with trembling hands, he peeled it back, gasping softly when Scorpius' cock sprung up, hard, it's ruddy tip already oozing pre-cum. Albus' heart fluttered, butterflies erupting into his stomach. "Uh…"

Scorpius rolled his eyes and took the boy's hand, wrapping it around his length. "Merlin, Al, it's not like you don't have one yourself, just wank me off like you would yourself." He said, pulling the boy in for a tender kiss as he timidly stroked.

The blonde moaned softly into his mouth. "Mmm, keep going, you're not going to pull it off, I promise." He bit down into Albus' lower lip, spurring him on. He snaked his free hand into the dark haired boy's shorts, gripping his weeping cock in his hand.

Albus cried out, his head falling back onto his shoulders as Scorpius stroked him. He pulled slowly at Scorpius, drawing out his ministrations until the blonde was growling and rolling them over.

"Al, I swear if you don't stop teasing me." He muttered, kissing a trail along the boy's torso.

"Oh, I see how it is, you can dish it out, but you can't take ITTTTTT!" He let out a wail as Scorpius licked a stripe right up his cock.

A muffled giggle vibrated up his length as he was tentatively swallowed. "Does it feel any good?"

"Merlin's hat, does it feel good, Scorp." Albus moaned, trying to bury himself further into that hot, hot, mouth.

"Well, good, maybe you should, uh, you know…whip around here…so you can do it to me as well." Scorpius said, his cheeks turning pink.

Albus bit his lip and nodded, unsure about what he meant by 'whip around here'. He maneuvered himself so that Scorpius was on top of him, his glorious mouth still oh so near to his prick, while Scorpius member just kind of…hung there in front of him. It looked quite silly to be honest. Albus had to suppress a giggle as he grasped it, touching his tongue to the tip.

Scorpius mewled, rewarding him with a hard suck, urging him onwards.

The raven haired boy contemplated, then lifted his head upwards, taking more of the now steadily leaking member into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it, earning a loud moan and a buck from the blonde. Albus placed his free hand on Scorpius' hip, making sure he stayed still as he continued his attack at his cock.

Albus gasped, his eyes flying open as he felt the blondes pink tongue travel lower, across that sensitive patch of skin. He cried out, nearing losing it when that Adonis sucked at the skin, his fingers creeping up to tease across Albus' puckered entrance. He wriggled as he felt a saliva moistened finger slip inside him. "Scorp…what are you doing?"

"Do you like it?" He asked softly, flicking his tongue over the skin as he curled the finger upwards, hitting a spot inside Albus that caused him to shudder.

"Yes." He hissed, stroking Scorpius slowly.

"Sounds like it." Scorpius teased.

Soon, both boys were squirming, each close to completion.

"Oh, Merlin, Al, I'm going to come soon." Scorpius panted, squeezing the boys' member hard, causing Albus to jerk against him.

"Me…m-me too." He muttered, his orgasm burning through him. He came, wriggling against Scorpius, his name falling from his lips.

The blonde came as well, his sticky essence painting Albus' lips and chin. Scorpius moved away from him, struggling to sit up. "Oh, love…oh look at what I did to your face. You're a mess." He grinned, watching as the boy wiped the cum of onto his finger, then popping it into his mouth. "Dirty boy you." He pulled the boy to him, curling up against him.

Albus sighed, snuggling up to Scorpius. He felt fingers being carded through his messy locks, and lips at his shoulder.

"We should just live in here, you know? Grow old. Be away from the ridicule and the bad people…everything." Scorpius said quietly.

"It would be nice." He murmured, smiling as the blonde pulled the blankets over their naked bodies. "But sadly, we cannot. My dad would hunt me down and personally escort me back to classes."

"I can't believe how my dad acted."

Albus nodded. "Yeah, he was…a little over the top, I mean my folks were mad, but they went away after a while. I think you dad is going to need a lot of time to adjust." He said quietly. He felt his eyelids drooping, sleep calling his name as he curled up in Scorpius' arms.

"I hope it comes sooner than later." Scorpius whispered, wrapping an arm loosely about Albus' waist. He yawned contentedly, then settled his head back. "Goodnight, Al"