I've always wondered what would have happened to the series if Harry had a sibling, so I'm putting in my own spin as to how different the events would have been if he did. I know that it's been done to death before. Like a lot, but I'll take this in a somewhat different direction. There are stories on how Harry's sibling is wrongly declared the BWL, but that will not happen in here. The prophecy is declared correctly.

Pairings as far as right now have not been decided. May be canon, or might be fanon. It all depends on the direction I lead the story. Romance will not be the prominent theme though.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of J.K. Rowling's characters or the amazing universe she has created. Let's face it; none of us own it.

Full Summary: Lily Potter gave birth to two baby boys on July 31st, 1980: Harry and Henry Potter. A simple mistake leads the Potters to believe that one died that night, but he was alive and lived. When he stumbles upon old newspapers ten years later, the child learns something new about himself; he's The-Boy-Who-Lived's brother. And he intends on finding him.

January 20th, 1980

Several people occupied the waiting room in a hospital. A young couple was amongst them. They sat in chairs side by side, with the man sending loving glances to the woman every now and then. The two were quite young, barely reaching the peak of twenty-years-old. The man had jet black hair that was untidy, which made him look quite charming. He wore glasses with a pair of hazel eyes. Next to him was a young woman who had auburn hair that rested above her shoulders. Her eyes were closed, head tilting to the side to rest on the man's shoulder, smiling contently.

You would think that they were normal folk in this normal hospital at first glance. Looks are deceiving. They were actually a wizard and witch, only having graduated Hogwarts—a school for magical people like themselves—a few years prior. Around them were Muggles, people who weren't born with magical abilities like they were. The couple was in perfect disguise among them. Normally, they wouldn't go out like this, but Death Eaters seldom attack at early morning.

Death Eaters were an army of witches and wizards who followed a monster. The monster's name was Lord Voldemort. He was a powerful dark wizard. He was a monster because he believed that Muggles and Muggle-borns, or witches and wizards who were born with two Muggle parents, should be persecuted. A group was formed to retaliate against this man, a group the young man and woman were in. It was called the Order of the Phoenix.

The man rubbed his temple. Even thinking of this war was bringing on a headache. No more thinking of this war. I, James Potter, will focus solely on Lily for the day. Her and our baby.

The man's eyes traveled to rest on the woman's stomach next to him. Lily Potter, his wife, was currently ten weeks pregnant and he couldn't help but feel ecstatic. They were going to a Muggle doctor for what Lily said was a "sonogram" and see what their child looked more clearly. His brows furrowed.

"Lily, dear?" He said.

"Yes?" She lifts her head to rest her chin on his shoulder. Her emerald green eyes glimmered with love and James felt his heart melt. He was so lucky to have married such a beautiful and intelligent woman.

I hope my children inherit those eyes.

Feeling bored, he asked her, "Why do we need a sonogram thingy again?"

"It's so that we can find out if our baby has any problems."

James lower lip pouted out. "My baby will not have any problems. He's a Potter. Potters are strong and brave and healthy." He said as he affectionately rubbed small circles on her stomach.

"Or a girl," she pointed out.

"Or a girl," he repeated. A smile grew on his lips. "That sounds nice too." Truthfully, James wanted a son more than a daughter, but he would be happy if it was a girl.

"Mr. and Mrs. Potter," A man called out. Lily and James stood up upon hearing their names called out. The man walked up towards them. He looked quite young with his brown hair and light blue eyes. "Hello, I am Dr. Lance," He held out his hand, which James shook. He didn't like the look he gave to Lily. "I assume you are here for the sonogram?"

"Yes." James said, a little too quickly for Lily's like. "My wife and I are."

The doctor frowned at James' motions, but continued to speak. "Well, congratulations on the pregnancy. If you follow me, we'll head to the room for the sonogram. So, how far along are you Mrs. Potter?" Dr. Lance asked Lily. They followed him straight through the hallway that interconnected the waiting room to a bunch of other smaller rooms. Dr. Lance would give them small glances as he guided them to the nursery to ensure they were actually following him.

"Ten weeks," Lily replied.

"Good, very good." He said. "First pregnancy?"


"Mhmm," There was a small pause afterwards, but it wasn't an awkward silence. Dr. Lance was busy writing notes down on a clipboard he had. With a click of a pen, he stopped for a moment in his tracks before opening a door. "Here we are. If you will please lie down on the bed Mrs. Potter, we shall get started with the sonogram soon. My assistant will be here in a moment to perform it."

"Wait, you're not doing it?" James asked. Lily had told him of the procedure and was relieved that the man wouldn't be that near his wife.

Lily noticed the relief in his voice and frowned.

"No." He said. "But I may come back in case something wrong shows up on the screen."

"Like what?"

"Let's not get into those details unless I do find something, okay?" He turned to Lily. "Now, just lie here and get as comfortable as possible. She'll be here in a minute." He opened the door and closed it behind him.

The second he was gone, James gritted his teeth and ran a hand through his raven hair. "I don't like that guy. He was giving you funny looks."

"Oh calm down James, what you are saying is complete rubbish," Lily said. She was climbing into the bed and felt like swatting her husband in the arm at his jealousy, but she kept herself composed. One of them had to be the mature adult. "He's just a doctor and I'm married to you. Let's just focus on our baby. You know, your child that's inside of me." She asked while trying to get as comfortable as possible. She fumbled with a pillow to lay her head on. He smiled at her.

"You're right, dear." He sat down at the foot of the bed. The young man waited in anticipation. James looked around the freshly-painted room, already bored despite only waiting for a minute. He noticed a weird machine next to the bed with a black screen, similar to a Muggle television. Despite wanting to ask Lily what it was called, he bit his tongue back. James figured they would find out what it was eventually.

I should have invited Padfoot, he would have made this event like a party. He thought with a grin. Good ol' Sirius would have made this trip a little more exciting. Well, it wasn't that he didn't think that seeing his and Lily's baby was boring, but the waiting was the irking part.

Ten more minutes passed and the door clicked. A young woman in scrubs pushed the door and entered. She smiled at them. Her hand quietly closed the door behind her. She set the clipboard Dr. Lancer had given to her to look over on a small table. "Hello, I'm Dr. Lance's assistant, Miss Reed," Miss Reed pulled out a rolling chair next to the bed Lily laid in. She pulled out a small tube from a nearby drawer, and then sat on the chair. "Lift up your shirt Miss Potter."

"Please, call me Lily, Dear. I'm too old to be called Miss," Lily said and did what she was told to do. She lifted her shirt to reveal her flat stomach and bellybutton, but not enough to reveal her upper chest.

"Okay Lily, I am going to apply this gel on your stomach. It'll be a little cold, so brace yourself," Miss Reed squirted the clear gel on Lily's stomach. She shivered in response. She then pulled out a weird-looking thing that resembled a Muggle shaving razor to James, but it was much thicker and there were no blades. The woman rubbed it around Lily's stomach, spreading the gel all around. "Your child should be appearing on the screen in three… two… one…" The three looked up at the screen. It was completely black and white. The coloring made it look like a very old Muggle movie. Inside, there was a large black spot and contained what looked like a weird-looking fist in light gray. "And there's your child."

Lily beamed at the sight, but James at first scrunched up his face, yet he smiled in awe afterwards. "Can we tell what gender it is yet?"

"Not yet. And even if we could, it could be inaccurate."

James continued to look at it and his sharp eyes noticed something the more the woman spread the blade. "Um, excuse me, what is that there?" He pointed next to the developing child. It looked like another "fist", but he thought it was perhaps part of the baby. If he had to guess though….

It can't be what I think it is.

The woman looked up at the screen. "Oh, I didn't notice that the first time." Miss Reed studied the black and white screen for a moment in silence (much to James' displeasure) and turned back towards them, smiling. "Congratulations, you're having twins."

"Moony, where are Prongs and Lily?" Sirius Black asked one of his best mates, Remus Lupin, for about the hundredth time in the last thirty minutes. Remus was reading The Dailey Prophet and Sirius was sitting across from him in 12 Grimmauld Place . They were waiting for James and Lily to return from the hospital. Remus was considerably more patient whilst Sirius was acting like he was ten and about to get a new toy. Remus sat the paper on the coffee table, sighing, but still answered.

"I told you Padfoot, they will get here when they get here."

"But they said they would come back thirty minutes ago! I wanna see Sirius Jr."

"You know very well that Lily is not going to agree to name her son 'Sirius Jr.', especially if it were her daughter. She'd rather hex herself to oblivion." He picked up the paper again and opened it.

"Sod off," Remus smiled behind the newspaper, continuing to listen to the childish man; "too bad Wormtail couldn't come and see the baby. He would have completed the Marauders' first glance at a new Marauder member—"

"Before it is born, that is."

"—He's always leaving out of town or busy with the Order. He should rest and have a Butterbeer with us."

Remus sighed again. "You're right—wow, I thought I'd never say those words."

Before Sirius could make a comeback, the front door opened, with a "We're back!" from Lily. Remus set the paper down, realizing he hadn't even finished half a page with Sirius complaining all morning. The two men both stood up as the married couple entered the room. Remus asked, "How was it? And what's with all the balloons?"

James and Lily were practically beaming with joy when they entered the room. James had a whole bunch of colorful balloons in both hands. "Hello, Padfoot and Moony. The trip was absolutely amazing! At first, it was really, and I mean really boring since we had to wait for the nurse to show up and the Muggle doctor was giving Lily looks. And—"

"Load of bollocks, just spit it out!" Sirius explained. "Is it a boy? A girl? Will you name it after me?"

James grinned. He sucked in a lungful of air and held out his chest in pride. Even thinking about what he heard made his heart swell. "We're having twins."

At first, the two men were silent from shock. When it wore off, Remus clapped and walked up to them, clasping a firm hand on James' shoulder. "Congratulations, Prongs!"

Sirius decided to give Lily a huge bear hug. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him back.

"This is wonderful!" Sirius exclaimed. "Double the trouble. This calls for a shot of Firewhiskey."

"I'm right with you," James grinned.

"I'm going to pass on it, and boys, we have something else we want to tell you." Lily said. Remus and Sirius glanced at her, curious. She took a deep breath and said, "We want you both to be the godfather of each of our children."

Sirius and Remus smiled widely. They both said at the same time, "I'd be honored to." The two looked at each other and laughed.

"Well, here's a picture of the little ones if you two are interested in seeing." Lily pulled out a small black-and-white picture and held it out to them. Remus took it. He looked down at it and smiled. Sirius swiped it out of his hands, his eyes bulging out of their sockets at the sight.

"What the—! They look like tiny goblins!"

As the months went by, Lily and James went to see Dr. Lance to estimate the babies' birth dates (around July 29th to August 1st) and found out their genders. They discovered they were going to have two boys, but decided they were going to keep this bit of information from Remus and Sirius a secret so they could be surprised the day the babies were born. Although, Sirius did nag them constantly for the next six months to get them to tell what their genders were and gave up when he realized they were not going to spill.

Lily discovered that she and Alice Longbottom, another member of the Order of the Phoenix, was also going to have a child. Both women agreed to have a baby shower together.

They also did end up telling Peter Pettigrew about the children after a week of asking Sirius and Remus to be their sons' godfathers and gave him permission to tell the Order of the Phoenix members about the news. They visited Lily's parents that day to tell them about the news.

Despite the happiness the Order felt of Lily bringing in two new lives into the world, Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters were still at large and everyone was busy trying to retaliate against them. They all discovered that he was now going after "Blood Traitors", people who were pure-blooded wizards who associated themselves with Muggles and Muggle-borns. Some members of the Order were being targeted since they were purebloods, but they were already being targeted by Lord Voldemort for opposing him, so they didn't personally care much about this bit of news. It only meant they had to help certain families along with Muggle-borns into hiding. The ones they managed to rescue by the Order would be healed by Lily since she was a healer. Even though she felt the heavy burden of carrying two children, she did her job fine.

Things went rather smooth in the months of Lily's pregnancy until late July 31st.

July 31st, 1980

James and Lily were sleeping peacefully at Godric's Hallow. Or James was at least. He had his left arm wrapped around Lily's enlarged stomach, his face deeply burrowed into her hair, snoring loudly right into her ear for the past five minutes, successfully waking her up from sleeping. She sighed in frustration, and after deciding to get a glass of water pushed the blankets off her body and sat up. James' body turned to the other side, still in a deep slumber. Stretching, she stood up and walked down the darkened hallway. Before going downstairs, she opened the door to her babies' room and walked inside.

The young woman smiled softly at the sight. It looked elegant, she thought. She was after all the designer. The walls were recently painted a baby blue color. Soft white carpeting tickled her toes. The room was decked out in everything they needed. Toys were stacked neatly above dressers that were filled with baby clothes. Aligned parallel, two cribs were also filled with a few toys as well as baby blankets. She walks closer, and places her hand on the workmanship. Who knew that soon they will be occupied with tiny bundles of life?

Lily placed a stomach on her stomach. One of the boys kicked against her wall. She laughed delicately. At least one of them was persistent in wanting to come out.

"Your times will come soon," she reassured. The woman left the room and shut the door quietly. She continued on her journey for water. Lily took each step down the stairway carefully to make sure she doesn't trip.

After a moment of walking around to find the kitchen, she flipped the kitchen's light switch on. The woman opened a cupboard and after pulling out a glass cup, turned on the sink faucet to fill the glass with cold water. She took a small sip after filling it halfway; he eyes momentarily closed to enjoy this small moment of peace without James' bloody snore fest.

The cool, refreshing drink rushed down her throat. Sighing in content, she turned off the faucet and began to head back upstairs. She only took three steps when she felt a warm liquid run down her legs. Her eyes widened. She glimpsed downwards, seeing a small puddle of clear liquid form around her feet.

Oh Merlin, my water broke!

"James! Get up! I'm going to go in labor soon!" A sharp pain ran through her abdomen. It was so intense that she leaned against the wall to avoid falling. She grunted in pain, and yelled out in more of a vicious tone this time, "James Potter, get your arse down here or so Merlin I will kill you before you even pull out you wand!"

Lily hears a thump upstairs. A minute later, James ran down the stairs wearing nothing but his red and gold striped pajamas along with a scarlet robe. He swallowed, apparently nervous to ask if she was actually going into labor and not a practice run. When he saw her blazing green orbs, he knew the answer.

"Okay Honey, just sit here for a moment until I summon our shoes." He led Lily through the hallway to sit on one of the steps. James then he pulled out his wand from a back pocket and shouted, "Accio slippers!" Four slippers then began to fly towards then and they bounced off of James' chest, landing on the floor. As Lily began to put a pair on, he held out his other hand shouting, "Accio broomstick!" A broomstick then flew towards him and he caught it with his right hand. Lily saw it and growled.

"I told you James, I am not flying on that!"

"But it's faster riding this to get to the nearest hospital!" He defended. He pulled her up to her feet.

Lily really, really did not want to ride the broom and risk falling off, but another contraction told her to get to a hospital, and Godric's Hollow was too small to have one, so she reluctantly agrees.

James could confidently say this was the most challenging ride of all time. With a clinging Lily screaming profanities at him about him shagging her and hoping desperately no Muggles noticed him he could barely focus as he zoomed. "James, slow down! I am going to fall off at this rate!" She yelled into his ears. When he slowed down a lot, she screamed once more. "Hurry up! Do you want me to give birth in mid-air?" It was a huge headache. That and he had no idea where it was. After twenty minutes he managed to find the hospital. It was relatively quiet with barely anyone running it, or maybe that was because there were only a few people present at the entrance. It was the same place they went to before, but felt so dead at this hour. That was all James could truly describe it.

When the man at the front desk noticed him pulling the woman inside, he knew what he had to do. He called an intern over to help the pregnant woman into a wheelchair. After asking James a few quick questions such as how far apart her contractions were and if she was carrying more than one child, they rolled her to the Nursery and passed the room they held the babies in after they were cleaned up. James couldn't help but admire the sleeping infants, his hands noticeably shaking with excitement. His wife, his love, was going to deliver not one, but two little babies into this world. It may have been dark thanks to the evil wizard, but these children brought light. They were the lights in the darkness.

After a half hour of comforting Lily, she was ready to deliver. James had put on light blue scrubs to stand next to Lily's side. He held her hand and told her that she could do it. "I'm going to kill you!" She screamed at him and squeezed his hand so hard that James felt he was going to get a few broken bones in it. After a long and bloody delivery and him giving her words of encouragement, James took a fleeting look at the baby before turning away, gagging at the sight of blood. But what confused him the most was that there was no sound; the child was silent.

That's not right, aren't babies supposed to make a sound?

The man didn't ask James to cut the cord like he would have. He did the job himself and took the child to the table across the room. James and Lily looked at each other with fear in their eyes. Was their child—?

Before either of them could say or ask anything, a baby's cry rang through the small room and bounced off the walls. James breathed out in relief. He was holding in his breath and hearing the cry that resembled a howl sounded beautiful to him. He kissed Lily's hand and let out a small laugh. A minute later, the doctor handed them a screaming boy, its flesh light pink. Lily immediately took him into her arms, hugging him close to her, ignoring its thrashing arms.

"My baby… my baby is all right…." She sounded teary, but if she was close to crying, she refused to do so. The new mother placed a kiss on his forehead and ran a finger through his soft hair. It was auburn colored close to hers; it was a few shades darker. It reminded her of her father, Alan Evans. Lily knew what to name him. "Henry, Henry Alan Potter is his name now. Remus will be his godfather."

"Great." Lily motioned for him to pick up Henry. James took his son into his arms. "Hello Henry," he cooed to him. Henry still had tears in his eyes, but he stopped crying to reveal hazel orbs, James' color. A tear that fell from his eye was wiped by James' thumb. He noticed that a small brown beauty mark was in the center of his right cheek. James smiled, noticing that Henry stared at him as if he were studying him. "He's going to have your brains," he said to Lily. She smiled back and he looked back down at Henry. "I will be the best father to you I can be. I'll teach you everything you need to know about Quidditch. You'll be a great man, just like your Pop."

The couple spent some more time with their baby when Lily lets out a groan. "The other one wants to come out now."

The nurse who was with in the room walked up to them and said, "I'll have to take him to the nursery."

"Okay," James said and placed a kiss on Henry's forehead. Lily did the same before the nurse took Henry away. The couple waved to their first-born, who began to wail again when in the stranger's arms.

"He's going to be a handful when he's older," Lily mumbled, and James laughed.

He then asked, "Ready to bring in baby number two?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

Kenneth was not a night-shift man. He never had been and will probably never be. The young intern yawned, indicating he was very tired. He laid his head on the counter of the front desk he was put to work at until John came back.

That was bloody hours ago. He rubbed his forehead. The hospital was hectic at the deliveries of several children. Three babies were delivered not to long ago. The first born child was Henry Potter, who was born at 11:26 and his brother was currently being delivered. Another, whom he could faintly recall named Harvey Carter, was born at 11:35. The irony of the two boys being born close and their names sounding close was pretty unbelievable, but then again, he's seen and heard odd stuff at hospitals.

His thoughts were interrupted. "Hey mate, I need you to do a favor for me," The man who was at the front desk before said. "I need you to take these two babies to the Nursery right now." He rolled two young babies in large containers. They were both wrapped in blue blankets. On the front side one said "Potter" and the other said "Carter". Henry was still crying as Harvey remained silent.

"I thought Cheryl took care of the first Potter kid."

"She asked me to take over. Cheryl wasn't feeling too well and went home."

"Okay. But I don't see why she left, we're short with people as it already is."

John shrugged and walked away. Kenneth stood up and grabbed two wristbands he printed earlier for the arrival of them. He already printed up one Henry. Then he created one for Harvey Carter, or thought so. He accidentally created two for Harvey by typing in "Henry Alan" instead of his actual name. He threw it away and blamed that he was too tired to think clearly.

He walked up and began to push the two children down the hall. He looked down at them as he walked. They even look somewhat similar, he thought. Henry had reddish-brown hair and Harvey had pure light brown hair. The red in Henry's hair was a pretty obvious sign that they were not exactly the same, but he did think that someone could overlook it easily.

A few minutes later he arrived at the Nursery. Twisting the knob to open the door, he rolled them inside. He pulled out the wristbands.

Henry Alan Potter

Kenneth was about to put it in the left crib when he dropped the wristbands while yawning. Picking them up, he put a wristband in each box and walked away, confident that he put them by the correct babies.

What he didn't realize was that he put "Henry Alan Potter" in Harvey's bed and "Henry Alan Carter" in Henry's bed.

He threw away the correct wristband from earlier.

Lily found the second delivery, although still painful nonetheless, a lot easier. She screamed more profanities at James, and her voice was becoming hoarse from all the strain she was putting on her voice. Soon, the second baby was delivered at precisely 11:59 PM, a few seconds before the clock struck 12:00 AM.

"Congrats, it's a boy," the doctor said, "would you like to cut the umbilical cord?" James rapidly shook his head no. He felt nauseous, but didn't say anything. Instead, he watched as the man clean the small body and wraps the baby in a blue blanket. The man handed him to Lily, who was now sitting up with a weak smile.

"Hello," she cooed at the crying baby. He had a tuff of black hair on top of his head. "He has your hair," Lily said to James. She sounded very tired. Her husband merely nodded.

"What will you name him?" James asked.

The new mother of two glanced at their child. "Harry James Potter."

The doctor tapped James on the shoulder and handed him two cigars. "Congrats."


"Are the rumors true? A drug-addict gave birth and died?" A female intern asked a female doctor.

"Yes," she replied, not bothering to look at the intern.

"Wow. What'll happen to the kid?"

"Before she died, she said that she wanted to give it up for adoption. The woman in charge of taking care of them is on her way." The woman opened the door to the Nursery and spotted the Carter baby. They walked over to it. The baby inside had brown hair and slept peacefully. "Mr. Valentine—the man who delivered the baby—gave me permission to give over the baby to be taken to the orphanage." She picked up the wristband and studied it.

"Hmm," She said. "This is the wrong child."

"What?" Her intern asked.

"He was placed in the wrong bed." She picked up the baby. "Pick up that child," she told the intern. The younger woman did what she was told. She placed the Potter baby in the Potter bed and the intern did the same with the Carter child.

"There, problem fixed. Is that the Carter baby?" She asked her intern.

The intern looked at the wristband in the Carter bed. "Uh-huh."

The doctor then rolled the baby into the waiting room to find only an elderly woman waiting there patiently, her wrinkly hands resting upon her lap. She had neither smile nor frown; her face was expressionless. "Is that the boy?" She asked in a raspy voice.


The elder woman walked up to her. She showed a lot of strength as she walked despite being quite short. She looked at the child with expressionless eyes. Without a sign, she picked him up in the blanket and snatched up the wristband. The older woman looked at it.

"Henry will find a home real quick," she muttered under her breath. She walked away, feeling protected by the cover of the night. The baby stirred in her arms. She looked down and smiled a crooked smile. She had to admit he was pretty cute. Cute babies were the ones who got picked fast. After a few minutes, they disappeared among the late night mist.

"What?" Lily asked. Her voice was much lower than a whisper. It was barely audible to the point where she almost didn't hear herself. The tears that came earlier were back; one fell.

The news came abrupt, as if a train impacted them without warning.

Your son has died.

Those words seemed to echo in Lily's mind. She realized fully that Henry would never learn to walk, to say "Mama" or "Dada", to ride his first broomstick, to buy his wand—to live. But how could that be? He looked healthy, granted if he did not make a sound when he first entered the world. Other than that, he was healthy as any baby could be.

Lily couldn't bring herself to say anything. She could only focus on the precious moment she had with her son; the rest of the men's conversation fell on death ears in her case.

"I'm so sorry Mr. and Mrs. Potter, but these things happen. He went into cardiac arrest, and-and he couldn't breathe. He died before anyone could help him." The doctor said softly. "But you still have your other son to look after and we have therapy—"

"Bloody hell!" James yelled angrily. He stood up, challenging the man with his eyes. "You expect us to just leave and forget Henry like that? He's our son! I knew it was a mistake to come here! C'mon Love, let's get out of here." He helped up Lily gently; his eyes lighten up upon seeing his wife. The man turned towards the doctor, which turned cold. "Take us to Harry right now."

"But sir—"

His hand itched to take out his wand, but he kept himself composed. He had to keep his actions controlled, even if he had none for his tongue. "I said now!"

The doctor swallowed a lump in his throat. "Very well then."

He led them to the Nursery room. The trip was quiet, but he didn't care. All what was on his mind besides his grieving wife was his newborn child who was still alive. When the man opened the door, James bolted into the room. The commotion caused a baby to wake up and begin to cry, causing a domino effect with the other children.

His eyes scanned the room and rested on their raven-haired child. He walked over to gently pick up Harry. "Harry," He whispered to his son, his only living son. He paused for a moment, trying not to get teary-eyed. "I will protect you with my life, I promise."

He would.

The Potters did not want to return to Godric's Hollow. Lily knew the moment she saw the baby room meant for two would tear her apart. Instead, they traveled to the home of Lily's parents, who were sound asleep until they heard constant knocking outside. At first, they cooed at their grandchild upon seeing him in Lily's arms as the younger couple entered their home. They were confused to see there was only one child when they knew their daughter was carrying two. From a soft-spoken James they knew about the news. Mrs. Evans responded by bursting into tears. She pulled her daughter into a hug, making sure to not to make a lot of movement in fear of waking up her grandson. Mr. Evans remained solemn without saying words. Once they pulled apart, Mr. Evans tried to take Harry away from Lily so she could get some rest, but the new mother refused to let Harry go, like he would disappear.

Throughout the ordeal of the grieving family, Harry slept soundless in Lily's arms; Henry did too as he was placed in an old crib in an orphanage. From the point that Henry left the hospital, they felt as if something were missing in their life, a connection, a bond they shared from nine months growing together. They were far too young too realize this yet since they were only infants, but the feeling would grow as the boys grew older. They both in a way would feel alone.

Their lives would change for the better and worse forever ten years later.