And now people, here is the thrilling conclusion of 'Reunion at Union Cave'! Here we will see if Ash and his friends can escape Green's evil plans. Enjoy!

Author's Notes: To all my readers, yes I am AWARE there is a character called Green in the world of Pokémon. However when I first thought up and wrote these stories I was UNAWARE of that fact at the time so don't bother pointing it out to me. Rest assured MY character also called Green is my OWN creation. I just thought a name like Edward Green sounded good for a scientific villain who is a disgraced Trainer/Professor.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon or any of its characters; they belong to Nintendo/Creatures Inc/GAME FREAK Inc. The only thing I own are the characters and Pokémon I make up myself.


Ash and the others watched wordlessly as Green's excavation machine came to a full stop in the centre of the cavern next to Hypno's platform. At a signal from Green, both Blake and Eccles opened up the machine reached in and dragged the limp figure of Mr Finder out. The horribly emaciated face told the story immediately, but Ash ran forward to check his pulse in case there was any hope of life. There wasn't one. "You monster!" he yelled angrily. "You killed him!"

"Once life functionssssss are extinct," Green said ignoring all of Ash's angry words. "The driver issssss no longer usssssseful assssss a motive force for the excavator."

"But you killed him!" Ash protested.

"A wasssssste," Green admitted with a shrug. "But we've had the besssssst of Mr Finder. Now you can watch ussssss fit in the replacement driver, and any one of you will do nicely!"

"Yeah anybody but us!" Jessie cried in terror.

"We're not cut out for forced labour!" James cried out equally terrified.

"Yeah so we'll just leave you to it!" Meowth finished and they tried made a break for it. As they did so they stumbled into Blake and Eccles, who hadn't been expecting their prisoners to run. They all fell down in a heap on top of Green's two assistants causing them to accidentally fire their guns as they hit the ground. A bullet from Eccles' gun ricocheted off one of the cavern walls, and then it blew the lock off the cage that was holding Togepi, Wobbuffet, Arbok and Weezing prisoner. The freed Pokémon happily ran straight back to their trainers, with the exception of Arbok who just sat where he was waiting for orders.

"Togepi!" Misty cried happily picking up the baby Pokémon.


"Thank god you're okay!" Jessie cried happily as she and James hugged their Pokémon partners.

Meanwhile a bullet from Blake's gun had ricocheted off another part of the cavern wall, hitting the platform that Eccles' Hypno was standing on. There was a sudden bang and a flash of blue sparks, as the electrodes that were connecting Hypno to the platform shorted out and exploded. Hypno was blown clear off the platform and fell in a dazed heap at the bottom.

"Oh no, Hypno!" Eccles cried in horror and quickly went to check up on his Pokémon partner.

"Blake you idiot!" Green yelled furiously to his recovering assistant. "Thank'ssssss to your carelessssssnessssss you'vedesssssstroyed my hypnotissssssm machine!"

Ash and the others were suddenly aware that all the trainers and their Pokémon, who had been under Green's control were starting to get their senses back; they were now all looking around at their surroundings in dazed confusion.

"They're all snapping out of their trance!" Brock cried out in delight as all his lost Pokémon came back to him. Jessie's Arbok, along with all of Misty's Pokémon came back too. Leading all of Ash's returning Pokémon was Pikachu himself, he happily jumped right into Ash's arms with a joyful cry of "Pika!"

"Pikachu!" Ash said happily hugging his partner. "Glad to have you back buddy!" He then turned his attention to Green, who was fuming with anger that all his plans were being disrupted like this. "You're finished Green, your little mining operation has gone up in smoke!"

"You may have ruined my planssssss Assssssh," Green admitted. "But I can sssssstill deal with you perssssssonally!"

"Okay Green," Ash said getting into a fighting position with his Pokémon ready to back him up. "If you want a battle then you've got one!"

"Good!" Green said in satisfaction.

"Okay Noctowl go to it!"

Noctowl was an owl Pokémon about five feet, three inches tall. He had large brown eyes for seeing in the dark, along with powerful wings for flight and equally powerful feet for defence. Normally Noctowl's have a light brown coloured feathered body along with matching coloured feet and head crest. Their wings are normally dark brown with matching tail feathers, to help them blend into tree branches when they sleep during the day.

However Ash's Noctowl had white feet as well as a matching head crest. His wings were light brown in colour and the rest of his head and body was a dull gold colour. The reason for this was that Ash's Noctowl was a 'shiny' Pokémon, a rare breed of Pokémon that was born with a different colouring than regular Pokémon of its kind. When caught by a trainer like Ash, 'shiny' Pokémon tended to glitter as they emerged from their Pokéball to indicate how special they were. "Whoooo!" Noctowl cried proudly flapping his wings as he did so.

"Ha!" Green sneered unimpressed by his 'shiny' Pokémon opponent. "A Noctowl! Thissssss will be eassssssy!"

"That's what you think!" Ash said determinedly. "Noctowl use Hypnosis!"

Noctowl obediently flew forward opening his eyes wide, releasing a hypnotic beam with the intention of putting his opponent to sleep. Green just smiled at this attack then reached into his lab coat pocket and produced a mirror. He quickly held up the mirror in front of his face, which caused Noctowl's attack to be deflected right back at him. As soon as the hypnotic beam hit Noctowl, he closed his eyes and fell to the ground fast asleep.

"Hey!" Ash yelled angrily. "That's not fair! You deflected Noctowl's attack with that mirror!"

"I told you I could eassssssily defeat your Pokémon," Green said triumphantly.

"But that's only because you cheated!" Misty exclaimed furiously.

"I prefer to call it 'thinking on my feet'," Green said smugly. "Ssssssomething which no Pokémon can do when in the wild or with a trainer. Now itssssss my turn, I think I'll usssssse a sssssslam attack!" So saying Green ran forward and slammed himself into the sleeping Noctowl, he went flying through the air and crashed into the far end of the cavern wall where he was knocked senseless.

"Oh no!" Ash cried in dismay. He quickly got out his Pokéball, which he and the others had recovered from Blake and Eccles when they had fallen over. "Noctowl return!"

"One to me I think!" Green said smugly as Noctowl vanished.

"I'm not beaten yet Green! Go for it Cyndaquil!"

"Cyndaquil!" the little squinty eyed Pokémon cried out as he moved forward to meet his opponent.

"Cyndaquil use flame-thrower!"

"Quillllll!" Cyndaquil released a huge stream of flame from his mouth but Green quickly jumped out of the way. Before Ash or Cyndaquil knew what was happening, Green wrapped himself around Cyndaquil's body and squeezed the little fire Pokémon until he was unconscious. "Another one to me I think," Green said arrogantly as he released Cyndaquil.

"How…how did you do that?" Misty stammered as Ash recalled Cyndaquil.

"Ssssssimple," Green replied. "Assssss you know Leech and Latch are extremely flexible Pokémon, sssssso flexible in fact that they can wrap themsssssselvessssss around anything. Becausssssse I am now half Latch, I can do the ssssssame thing."

"Oh great!" Brock muttered to Misty. "I wonder what other tricks he's got up his sleeve?"

"I dread to think," Misty said with a shudder.

"Come on Assssssh," Green called tauntingly. "Bring out your next Pokémon!"

'I need a strategy to beat him!' Ash thought to himself. Suddenly an idea hit him, a risky idea but worth a try. "Okay Totodile, its your turn!"

Totodile was yet another Pokémon Ash had caught at the start of his travels in Johto. He was a blue and white skinned water Pokémon, about two inches tall with brown eyes, a big toothy mouth and brown slates growing down his back all the way to his tail. "Toto-Toto-Totodile!" Totodile cried as he happily danced forward.

"Totodile," Ash instructed his Pokémon. "Use Water Gun!"

Opening his mouth Totodile released a huge stream of water straight at Green. But just before it hit the mutated scientist, he jumped out of the way again.

"Ha!" Green laughed as he landed back on the ground. "That wassssss really sssssstupid Assssssh! Ssssssurely you knew I would dodge ssssssuch a ssssssimple attack!"

"Oh I knew," Ash said confidently. "In fact I was counting on you doing that!"

"You were?" Green said in puzzlement. "Why?"

"Just look at your feet."

Looking down, Green saw that the part of the cavern floor he was standing on was now covered in water. "My feet are wet," he said carelessly. "Sssssso what?"

"In case you've forgotten, water conducts electricity!"

"Oh no!" Green yelled suddenly turning pale.

"Oh yes!" Ash yelled in triumph. "Pikachu, use a thundershock!"

"PI-KA-CHUUUUUU!" Pikachu cried, releasing a huge bolt of electricity that flew through the air and struck the wet floor that Green was standing on. The electric attack quickly travelled through the water and up Green's legs.

"AAAAAAAAA!" Green screamed as the electricity flowed through his body.

"Okay Pikachu that should do," Ash called to his partner. Obediently Pikachu stopped and as soon as the attack finished, Green fell to the ground stunned.

"Alright we won!" Ash cried happily. "Good job Pikachu!"

"Pika!" Pikachu said happily.

"You too Totodile!"

"Toto-Toto-Totodile!" the little water Pokémon said happily dancing a joyful jig.

"Nice one Ash!" Brock said clapping Ash on the back.

"Yeah great work!" Misty added in happy agreement.


All around them the Pokémon trainers and their Pokémon, who had been under Green's control, gave Ash a round of applause. They had been watching the battle and they were eternally grateful for Ash in rescuing them, while teaching Green a much needed lesson at the same time. However the only people who WEREN'T clapping were Blake and Eccles, they were staring at Green's excavating machine which was sitting forgotten where it had stopped. It was giving off an alarming buzzing sound and its controls were shorting out.

"You fools!" Blake yelled to Ash and his friends. "Your little strategy has shorted out the excavator!"

"It's gonna blow!" Eccles yelled quickly recalling his stunned Hypno. "I'm out of here!"

Blake and Eccles quickly ran out of the cavern, just as the excavator exploded. As it did so the whole cavern began to shake and a huge rock fall fell on the stunned Professor Green burying him completely.

"Oh no!" Misty cried out in concern. "We have to get him out of there!"

"Forget it Misty!" Ash shouted. He grabbed his friend's hand and dragged her towards the cavern's exit, where Brock and his Pokémon were busy escorting all the other escaping trainers to safety. "Green's had it! And the whole cavern is caving in; we've got to get out of here!" He dragged Misty towards the exit where the last few trainers had just left. "Is that everyone?" he asked Brock as they joined him.

"Everyone except Team Rocket," Brock said looking around. "Where are they anyway?"

"They're over there," Misty said pointing to the far corner of the cavern. There, on their hands and knees where all of the jewels that Green had dug up were stacked, were Team Rocket picking up as many of the precious stones as they could carry. After they had accidentally made Blake and Eccles free their Pokémon and destroy the machine Eccles' Hypno was connected to, they had suddenly found themselves forgotten when Ash and Green had battled. While they were battling Meowth had decided it might be a good idea to grab a few jewels, and being the greedy people that they were Jessie and James had agreed. Now with Green beaten and the whole cavern caving in, they were frantically trying to finish what they started.

"Will you three forget about those stupid jewels and come on?" Misty yelled at them impatiently.

"Forget it twerp!" Jessie yelled back. "This time we are not leaving empty handed!"

Just as she finished speaking the whole cavern shook violently, so violently that it cause Team Rocket to drop all the jewels they had painstakingly collected.

"Our jewels!" Jessie cried in horror.

"Forget it Jessie," James yelled in terror. "I don't want to be buried alive in here!"

"I second that!" Meowth said in agreement.

So saying, they both grabbed Jessie and ran out of the cavern with Ash, Misty and Brock following close behind. Just as they left the whole cavern roof caved in burying everything in it completely.


A few minutes later, Ash and the others all emerged from Union Cave where their adventure had begun.

"Out at last!" Misty sighed in relief.

"Yeah," Ash added. "And I think we've put pay to Green's mining operation as well."

"Speaking of pay," Jessie said grabbing Pikachu with a pair of rubber gloves. "We'll take this!"

"Hey!" Ash yelled angrily. "Give me back Pikachu!"

"Not on your life!" Jessie snapped back.

"Yeah," James said coming to his team mate's support. "Thanks to you we lost our jewels! So your Pikachu will make a nice replacement!"

"Yeah so see you around!" Meowth added and with that said they ran off for their balloon which was tied down nearby.

"Can you believe this?!" Brock said angrily. "We save those creep's lives and they still try and steal from us!"

"Tell me about it," Ash said as he threw a Pokéball. "Go Chikorita!"

"Chiko!" cried the grass Pokémon as she emerged out into the open. Chikorita was the third of Ash's Pokémon that he had captured at the start of his Johto journey. She was a four legged, light green skinned Pokémon about two feet, eleven inches tall with brown eyes, green buds growing around her neck like a collar and had a large leaf growing out of her head like a crest.

"Quick Chikorita," Ash called out. "Use Vine Whip and trip Team Rocket up!"

Obediently Chikorita whipped her vines out and tangled them up in Jessie's legs; she tripped and stumbled into her two team mates dropping Pikachu in the process.

Ash quickly ran forward and caught his partner before he hit the ground. "Gotcha buddy!" he cried cheerfully.

"Curse that twerp!" Jessie yelled drawing her own Pokéball. "Go Arbok!"

"Cha-mok!" cried the snake Pokémon as he emerged out into the open.

"Arbok use Poison Sting!"

With a cry of "Cha!" Arbok opened his mouth and fired off several poison needles at Chikorita.

"Quick Chikorita," Ash called out. "Dodge it and use tackle!"

Dodging to one side Chikorita avoided Arbok's attack, and before he could do anything else the grass Pokémon tackled him head on. The force of the attack sent Arbok flying into Jessie, James and Meowth causing them ALL to sail through the air and land in a heap in their balloon.

"Now Pikachu," Ash finished up. "Send these three off with a thundershock!"

"PI-KA-CHUUUUUU!" Pikachu roared releasing a huge bolt of electricity. The electron bolt flew through the air striking Team Rocket's balloon causing it to explode, sending the unlucky trio up off into the air again.

"I hate this!" Jessie fumed furiously. "No jewels, no Pikachu, no nothing!"

"Well," James said hopefully. "At least we have each other."

"That's even worse!" Meowth moaned.

"Wob!" Wobbuffet added mournfully.

"LOOK'S LIKE TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" they yelled out together and disappeared over the horizon.

"Good riddance to you!" Misty yelled after them.

"Well now that that's over," Brock said practically. "I suggest we go back to the Pokémon Centre and see Nurse Joy. We can tell her that Union Cave is safe to travel through again and she can tell Officer Jenny."

"Good idea," Ash nodded. "Then we'd better call up Professor Oak and tell him what happened here."

"Yeah I guess you're right," Misty said thoughtfully. As Ash and Brock started to walk back to the Pokémon Centre, Misty turned back for one last look at Union Cave. "Do you think we've seen the last of Professor Green Ash?" she asked him

"Who knows Misty?" Ash called back from over his shoulder with a shrug. "Who knows?"

And that dear friends is the end of this story, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Another thanks again to my Beta Reader Rohan for his work on this chapter and all the others. However don't despair, there will be ANOTHER sequel coming! It's called 'The Mossdeep Missile' I will put it up in good time so keep your eyes peeled for it, until then read and review as always. Please tell your friends! See ya!