Fiendish Frienemies.

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"Would you pass the salt Kenzo?" Jack asked.

"Would you pass the salt Kenzo what?" Kenzo replied, smirking.

Ianto, in between them, felt the tension rise.

"Please." Jack said in a sickly sweet voice, "I'm so sorry, did I offend you?"

"No." Kenzo said, his eyes fixed on Jack's as he shifted in his seat almost uncomfortably, "But its not proper manners."
Ianto sighed and checked the calendar. 16 days until Christmas. Was it him, or was this holiday stretching out longer than he'd hoped? Kenzo stood, eyes glowering holes into Jacks', and the captain did too.

"Sit down, Kenzo." Jack said.

"Or what?" The teenager said brattily, "You can't make me. It's not even your house, and you're not part of the family."
Jack said nothing. Silence was cast over the table. Ianto sighed and said, in a voice designed to reduce the others to shivering masses of human, "You are both equally part of this family, but I won't be if you carry on acting like children."

Jack, feeling guilty- knowing how much it hurt Ianto to talk in that way- placed a hand on Ianto's and said, in the cutest voice he could manage, "Sorry Yan."

"Yeah. Sorry Yan." Kenzo muttered, twiddling his thumbs, staring down in his lap.

"Good." Ianto said. He shook slightly before composing himself, straightening his tie and walking away from the table, "Now I'm going to have a shower. Could you not kill each other while I'm gone?"

Both nodded guiltily. Both watched him walk into the bathroom, sighing and slumping his shoulders. Jack licked his lips remorsefully. His darling looked so tired and fragile… he made a mental note to have tea ready for when the other man was out of the bathroom.

Making his way to the kitchen, Jack barely noticed Kenzo stand and clear the plates, biting his lip as guilt racked him as well. He brushed past him carrying the plates, the boy turned to address him, "Maybe we should act friendly in front of Ianto."

"What?" Jack asked, putting the kettle down.

"To make him happy." Kenzo said, shifting uncomfortably.

"I see." Jack muttered.

"Do we have a deal?"

"We act friendly to make Ianto happy? Sure." Jack said, uneasy.

Kenzo shook his hand, not meeting his eyes.

"But just know that," his eyes met Jack's with streams of fire, "This does not make us friends. It does not even make us acquaintances. I will remain despising you and everything about you."

Jack had nothing to say. What could he?

As Kenzo placed the plates on the side and walked into his room solemnly, Jack began to make the tea, a sense of dread echoing in his mind.

"Well this is nice…" Ianto smiled, resting his head on Jack's shoulder, "And I'm sorry for storming out earlier."

"No its ok." Jack sighed, "I'm sorry- and so is Kenzo."
"Oh?" Ianto glanced up. Jack felt his heart flutter as he looked into those beautiful eyes.

"Yes. We've decided to turn a new leaf."

"Oh Jack!" Ianto grinned, cuddling into the captain tighter, kissing his cheek, "That's wonderful."
"Yes. It is." Jack smiled, "Now… don't I deserve a kiss?"
"Of course." Ianto grinned, capturing Jack's lips in a passionate kiss. The kiss was reciprocated and then extended, the captain pulling his lover on top of himself to deepen the kiss and stroke his sides. There was not one thing about Ianto Jack didn't like. He loved the curve of his back, the warm, soft sides, the adorable face, the long slender legs, curvaceous arms and the flicky silk-soft hair.

He began to tell him this, as he often did, and refused to be silenced by anything but another, hard kiss. "I love you is all you had to say." Ianto giggled.

"I love you, Ianto Jones."

"I love you too, Jack Harkness."

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