Hello! i'm a bit bored and this came out as a result.

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Facebook- wizardy style...

Draco Lucius Malfoy is dating the one.

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Ron Weasley: yeah, sure, like anyone wants to go out with you...

Draco Lucius Malfoy: They do actually. unlike you.

Pansy Petunia Parkinson: What? Who do i have to kill?

Ron Weasley: Lol. i bet you it's Bulstrode.

Millicent Millie Bulstrode: It's not me dimwit.

Harry James Potter: Bonjour Mon cher.

Millicent Millie Bulstrode: Oh my god! Pansy fainted! what did you do Potter?

Millicent Millie Bulstrode: Oh shite. Never mind Pansy just told me.

Ron weasley: hiya, mate. what did you say in... is that french? when did you start talking in french?

Harry James Potter: -laughs nervously- when i started dating...

Ron weasley: who?

Hermione Granger: Draco Malfoy, obviously. didn't you read the comment, you know the one in french? it says hello my d- oh my god! Ron? Ron? Ron?

And the rest is left to your imagination...

i might post some more up if i'm tking a break from summer lover or when i'm bored.

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