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We had been out shopping for Ginny and Harry's wedding party. It was really a lovely day until we flooed into the kitchen of the burrow to find Ron buried to the hilt in some girl on Molly's kitchen table. "What on earth are you thinking, Ronald Weasley?" I could hear Molly shrilly chastising him with disgust as I fled up the stairs to Ginny' old room.

After we were all summoned by Teddy to that "house of requirements" to read Deathly Hallows, Ron and I were quite the item. Thank heavens for that book. Voldemort was defeated and everyone that read the book with us survived. We still lost too many; Dennis, Colin, Lavender, Dean and countless others that we cared about. Fred had been severely wounded when Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes was attacked but with Luna's loving touch, he had fully recovered. He and George often teased about cutting off Fred's ear and scarring George's face and chest so that they would truly be identical again, but honestly they were just so happy to still be running their business together that being identical didn't matter to them. When they rebuilt their building and shop, the twins decided to add two extra floors: One for Fred and Luna's flat, and one for George and Angelina's flat. The floor that had originally been Fred and George's flat was turned into a reinforced, explosion proof, research and development lab (Lord help us all).

Remus had seen to Fenrir being "exterminated" so that Bill, Lavender and many nameless others would be spared. Lavender still died. I guess sometimes it really is your time. However,she and Dean died together defending their children's home (for half-blood orphans and unwanted squib children) from Death Eater attacks. All the children escaped, so Lavenderand Dean would be pleased. As soon as they had both turned seventeen, they had quietly married and left Hogwarts. Both had such a love for children they couldn't imagine not sharing their lives and love with children who didn't have parents of their own. I guess knowing Harry and growing up without a father had really affected both of them. Dean's mum had just barely escaped with the last baby, when the house collapsed on the couple.

Bill and Fleur did get married and Victoire is beautiful. Surprisingly, so did Hagrid and Madam Maxime, who was now on staff at Hogwarts. Remus was the permanent Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. It was amazing how beautiful the Shrieking Shack was now that Tonks had transformed it into their home. Sirius was officially an Auror now, and for a long time had dated his partner Emmeline. Sadly, they had broken it off about the same time that Harry, Ron and I left school.

To everyone's shock, Lucius Malfoy was broken out of Azkaban, and when he returned to his home to find Narcissa and Draco gone, he thought the worst. Lucius had been prominent in the Dark Lord's guard when Regulus Black was said to have been murdered for his treachery, so he assumed that Narcissa and Draco were also murdered for his treachery. In a fit of grief and anger, that the only two people on this earth he loved more than power were killed, Lucius did the unthinkable. He attacked Nagini; or at least he tried to. Bellatrix shot him dead with Avada Kadavra as soon as she saw what he was getting ready to do. Narcissa and Draco were devastated, especially knowing that he had died to avenge them. Sirius, Andy, and Tonks did everything they could imagine to help Narcissa through her loss, but it was Snape who ended up bringing her the greatest comfort. Draco, on the other hand, returned to Hogwarts and was constantly threatened and attacked by the sons and daughters of the Death Eater guard. Draco needed little convincing to fight the Dark side after that, though the Order was trying to make an arrangement to free Lucius in exchange for Draco's spy work. Surprisingly it was Harry, Luna and Neville that offered him the most support, having all lost their parents. They were really the only ones that truly understood his grief.

Molly also did her part to help the boy heal because she constantly reminded him that regardless of all the horrible things that Lucius had done, he died thinking that he was defending, or, at least avenging his family. She and Dumbledore told him that he should be proud of his father, that the most redeeming quality of any person was their ability to love. Lucius had proven to everyone that he loved his wife and son. The kindness shown to him by the very people he had been so cruel to, had softened Draco's heart. He made a decision to get to know the Light side of his Black family, including the Weasleys, since they were distant cousins.

Severus Snape and Narcissa Malfoy had fallen quite in love over the years and she was instrumental in helping the Order defeat Voldemort successfully ending the Second War. The change inSeverus Snape was just unbelievable. His face was never drawn anymore and Narcissa had seen to his home and appearance. Sev, as she called him, had a light in him that Remus said he hadn't seen since Lily and he were still friends. Andy, Tonks' mother, had been overjoyed to have her baby sister back in her life, and even though she had always thought Snape a slimy git, she knew he would be good to her sister. Cissy, as she insisted everyone call her, had to be hidden for her safety until the threat of Voldemort and Bellatrix had been taken care of. No one was surprised when Cissy moved into Snape's Spinners End home shortly after Draco left school.

Dobby had joined Kreacher, at Harry's request to help Cissy and Emmeline to clean and lighten the Noble House of Black. He was overjoyed to be back in the presence of Narcissa as she had never abused him or even so much as spoken unkindly to him. Harry and Ginny started dating seriously the summer after our fifth (her fourth) year. They have been dating for six years now and we're finally having the wedding we've all been waiting for.

I didn't need to open Ginny's bedroom door to hear Ron and Molly's row. She was furious for many reasons, none the least was the fact he was defiling her kitchen table. So I thought it was best to sink back into my memories and hopefully live in denial land a little longer; maybe they'd forget I was even here. Now where was I?

Percy and Audrey, a girl he met in Diagon Alley, married during our seventh year and have a lovely apartment in Muggle London. Charlie was still working for the Ministry Care of Magical Creatures Department. He was the supervisor of all things related to dragons, and had managed to recruit many of his colleagues from Romania to work for him. His most proud moment was when he released the dragons that were in the bowels of Gringotts. That didn't do much for Ministry / goblin relations, but I was particularly pleased to know they weren't being tortured anymore. Angelina and Tonks were determined to set him up with a lovely witch, but Charlie just didn't seem game for it. I think he feared domestication.

After leaving school, Ron and Harry went directly into the Auror training program at the ministry. Ginny and Luna stayed at Hogwarts to finish up their final year and I went to work for the ministry. Ron and Charlie shared an old manor house near Ottery St. Catchpole, close enough to the Burrow to pop over for every meal, but far enough away that Molly couldn't see what they were up to. I moved in with Harry, Sirius and Emmeline. Emma, Sirius with the help of Cissy, Molly, Dobby, Winky and Kreacher had almost completely remodeled the interior of number twelve, Gimmauld place before attacking the shrieking shack for Remus and Tonks. When we came home from Kings Crossing after our seventh year, neither Harry nor I could believe our eyes. There wasn't a hint of the dark creepy place we hid in our fourth year, not a serpent or house elf head to be seen. The elves had even managed to out magic the permanent sticking spells, Sirius's mother had used to put up that wailing portrait and the Black family tree.

The Topmost Landing (aka the fourth floor, where Sirius and Regulus' rooms had been) was turned into a beautiful master suite with a library / sitting room and an immense bedroom with dual walk in closets. There were two loos that both opened to the separate shower room with a two-person claw foot tub and a tiled glassed-in shower stall that would easily fit six people. Needless to say this was Sirius' domain. Eventually, Emma moved in there with him; but shortly after Harry and I returned from Hogwarts, she moved out. All either would say was that they were far better friends and partners than lovers. I think she wanted a family. I mean, they were only in their mid thirties when they started dating, but Sirius was happy with the hodge podge family he had now. I think he was looking for a love like he had seen in James and Lily or Remus and Tonks, and he just didn't have those feelings for Emma.

The third floor, where Sirius' parents' master bedroom and a guest room were, had been turned into a flat for Harry. There was a closet at the top of the stairs that had been modified an apparition room, so he could have a private entrance. His front door was right beside it. A small kitchenette, two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms and a sitting room with its own floo network fireplace gave Harry the feel of independence and the comfort of family close by. The second floor had four beautifully spacious bedrooms all with private baths. This is where my room was located and where Cissy and Draco stayed when they were at the house. The first floor, where Harry and Ron had stayed so many years ago, now had two guest rooms, a bathroom and a huge drawing room with multiple fireplaces and comfy chairs and sofas. This is the room where we all congregated and held holiday and family get togethers. Our family had finally outgrown the Burrow, but to our surprise Molly was just as happy running the show from Sirius' house. The ground floor was once again home to a grand entryway, the restored beautiful dining room and a formal library. The basement was absolutely sparkling under the care of Dobby, Winky and Kreacher.

Luna and I had convinced the elves to move into the attic were Harry, Charlie and Sirius had installed custom cupboards for them to sleep in. They were beside themselves with joy. Dobby received a steady pay of one galleon per day (he would accept nothing more) and Winky was invited to live with Sirius and help run the house under the aging Kreacher. The intent was to let Kreacher semi-retire, but he was having none of it. Once Kreacher witnessed Sirius' love and dedication to his family (Regulus, Harry, Cissy, Draco, Andy and Tonks), Kreacher began to open his mind to him. Over time, through the constant kindness of the humans around him and Dobby and Winky's praise of Harry's Miss Grangie and the Wheezies, Kreacher put behind him all of the terrible things the previous Blacks had taught him.

Ginny moved into the second floor next to me after she left school and went into the healer's training program at Saint Mungo's. Now that she had completed the program she intended to work for the Quidditch League as a team healer. She was hoping to get assigned to the Holly Head Harpies. With Gwenog as the head coach and team manager now, that was likely to happen. After Ron and Harry completed Auror training they spent a year in the field. Kingsley, Head of the Auror Department, and Percy, Head of the Magical Law Enforcement Department, recruited them as professors in the Auror training program. Harry teaches advanced DADA and Ron teaches strategy. Who would have thought all of those wizarding chess games would lead to this?

After the wedding Ginny and Harry will move to Potter Manor, a beautiful sprawling home on the outskirts of Godric's Hollow, where James was raised and Harry's parents lived briefly before they were forced into hiding. Dobby will be moving with them and has been working Winky near to death in preparation for the big day. This is also where the wedding will be held, as it is the only place big enough to hold everyone. Between the remaining members of the Order, the Hogwarts' staff and the DA, not to mention the couple's family, this was going to be the event of the year.

Most of Dumbledore's Army lived and worked in Hogsmeade. Neville had been training to take over for Professor Sprout when she retired, and was now married to Hannah Abbott. Hannah was the new Muggle Studies professor at Hogwarts. Seamus bought the old Hog's Head Inn from Aberforth and had married Parvati Patil shortly after seventh year. They had turned the place into a beautiful bed and breakfast that received rave reviews in Witch Weekly as the premier magical honeymoon destination. Draco and Lee Jordan were running the Hogsmeade location of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes joke shop, and each had a flat over the shop. Lee and Katie Bell had been dating for some time now and Draco had recently started dating Madame Pomfrey's trainee, Padma. She was a quiet Ravenclaw in the same year as Luna and Ginny and the girls knew she had quite the crush on Draco during school. So when she went to work at Hogwarts, they schemed to create a dinner party that was all couples except for the single Draco and Ana. Oliver was married now to the Madame Rosemerta's daughter, Elizabeth. They lived in a cute cabin near the Three Broomsticks, and Anna helped her mother out when Oliver was on the road with his Quidditch team.

"Hermione, are you in here?" Molly knocked before entering Ginny's old room. "I am so sorry for my idiot son! I don't know what he was thinking. Apparently, he didn't realize that he had flooed here and not to his and Charlie's place. He said he was distracted. Augh, disgusting the way he carries on. I love my son, but you just deserve better than what he could offer you."

"Molly, it has been a long time since Ron and I broke up." I interrupted her. I know that everyone had assumed we would marry after reading the epilogue of the Deathly Hallows all those years ago, but we were one of the results of changing the future. Ron and I broke up during our seventh year. We just wanted very different things for our lives, and in the end we felt more like siblings than boyfriend and girlfriend. Molly had been devastated by the breakup, but once Arthur calmed her down enough to listen to us, she realized she really had gained a second daughter.

"Don't I know it? You know Fleur may have been my daughter-in-law first, but you are my second daughter, dear." Molly enveloped me in a bone-crushing embrace. "Now, let's get this organized and take it over to the Manor for the wedding." Molly was a taskmaster when it came to event planning. I had often suggested she take it up as a career now that all of her children had moved out. Heaven knows every last one of our friends had gone to her for help planning their weddings.