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UNEXPECTED chapter eleven

The rest of the reception went by in a blur of dancing, kissing and well wishing. Luna caught Ginny's bouquet and George caught the garter, Molly smirked that it looked like it would be double wedding, just like she'd hoped. We all left. Sirius and I helped get Gin and Harry out to the apparation point, where everyone else thought they were leaving on their honeymoon but we knew they were going to appear in their room up stairs. The windows had been charmed to remain dark no matter how light it was in the room. The room had been silenced on the inside and out and the door had a locking charm on it that let them have total privacy. The music box had been brought up during the Weird Sister's final set. We had even put several plates of food on a table and set a charm on them to stay warm and fresh. There were bottles of champagne, fruit and pumpkin juice with chilling charms on them waiting with the food. We had seen to everything we could think of that they might need.

Once we had seen the last guests off, Sirius and I flooed home exhausted. Standing in our kitchen, Sirius asked, "Are you hungry. Would you like some hot chocolate or hot salted caramel?"

"Mmmm, a hot salted caramel sounds wonderful. I am going to change really quick and I have a gift for you in my room."

"Alright, I'll meet you upstairs in a minute. My sitting room or your bedroom?"

"Your sitting room, see you in a minute."

In my room I changed into the sapphire blue silk pajama set I bought yesterday, when we were getting the final pieces of Ginny's trousseau. My makeup was still perfect, but I decided to take the clip out. I was getting the music box package out of my trunk when I realized my bed had been slept in. Wonder who did that, it had better not have been Ron. In fact, since the twins were there I was just going to change my sheets before I put a toe in there. No telling what kind of jokes were in there waiting for me.

The sweet smell of hot salted caramels reached my nose before the light of Sirius' candles. He had also changed into his pajama pants. His beautiful chest was bare and he looked delectable across the room fiddling with the wireless in the corner, looking for music I imagine.

"Sirius, I have something for you." I was more excited about giving him this gift than I had been to receive one in years.

"Love, you shouldn't have."

"I know but I couldn't help myself." I said as I handed him the box. He sat down in his chair and opened the box, pulling out a note. After reading the note he started with a bark, then a chuckle, then an all out belly laugh. "What the hell is so funny," I asked. He handed me the note and proceeded to pull out the music box and admire it, looking for just the place for it.

I didn't tell Hermione that you bought her one of these today. Though I think she may
have guessed you would. She 's a special lady and she got to the shop minutes before you.
If you still want a second music box, let me know. Otherwise, I will cancel the order. By
the way, if you don't get a move on her soon, mum is going to have a canary. That may" be fun to watch but not something any of us want to clean up.

I giggled, "Molly on a rampage is not something I like to experience any more than absolutely necessary."

"Tell me about it. How do I make this work?"

"Just tap it with your wand and tell it what you want to hear. I have put in most of the music we listen to and it's easy enough to add. It should also have the play list from the wedding, and the other night." I was settling in the chair I usually sat in when we played cards. "Hmmmm, this is delicious."

Sirius tapped his wand on the box, "Reception Playlist." Music started playing. He sat in his chair and propped his feet up. "Do you want to talk about us, love? I know that pretty head of yours is going to want to analyze all of this soon."

"I'm putting that off until tomorrow at the earliest. Tonight I am too tired to think too much. You good until tomorrow?"

"Of course love."

I finished my hot caramel and felt sleep starting to come over me.



"Am I the witch you were talking about?"

"Of course."

"And when you said snuggling with me at night wasn't all you wanted what did you mean."

"I thought you didn't wanted to analyze this tonight?"

"Humor me."

"I meant that I want all of you in every way and every moment for as long as you'll have me. It means that someday when we're ready I want to marry you and have children with you and then grow old together, changing the way the Wizarding World views the Black Family."

"I want that too." I yawned. "Ready for bed?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

"Oh by the way who slept in my bed last night, I'd have thought there'd be plenty of empty guest rooms."

"I did, Kitten. I couldn't get to sleep up here by myself. So I went down to your room and snuggled with your pillows, they smell just like you since you shower right before bed, usually. I hope you don't mind."

"No, I don't mind, I was afraid it was one of the twins playing a prank."

Laughing he came over, pulling me up into his arms. I pointed my wand at the music box to turn it off. Sirius sent our cups to the kitchen sink and then led me to the bedroom. He turned down the bed, picked me up bridal style and slid me between the sheets. Climbing in on the other side, he flicked off the lamp on the bedside table.

The next thing I knew I felt warm lips on mine and Sirius's heated body pressed onto me. We kissed passionately for a few minutes with his arms around me. "Mione, I want us to take the physical side of our relationship slowly. I want you desperately but I know that you've been waiting like Ginny did. I respect that and I'm perfectly happy to wait as long as you want to. I love you and plan to spend forever with you."

"Thanks, Siri. I love you too. We have so much to explore with each other, I think we can think of plenty to do before we need to worry about that." He really was the kindest man I'd ever met.

Tonight I fell asleep with my head on his chest and I knew every time he moaned or sighed in his sleep, that he was dreaming about us. When his hand ghosted my side from my hip to my breast, I felt the lava pooling inside of me again. I have no idea if I'll wait as long as Ginny did but I can definitely say my first will be the love of my life.


She fell asleep on my bare chest. I held her tightly rubbing her back until I dozed off. The feel of her delicate hands on my chest set me on fire and the sounds she makes when I kiss or touch her nearly send me over the edge, but knowing that she loves me and wants me for the rest of time will be enough until she's ready to give me that gift. Her gifts have always been the most thoughtful and precious to me in recent years, this will be no different. I spent the night dreaming of our wedding night and the life we would build together. She never fails to surprise me, as this was all so unexpected.