Title: Brink of Innocence
Rating: M
Summary: Chronicles of teenaged Jay & Adam discovering their sexualities... and each other.
Warnings: Language, M/M, underage, videotape

A/N: I don't know if this is going to be a series of smutty oneshots or something w/ a storyline. We'll see. I also considered calling this 'Cumming of Age' lol.

"Did you bring it?" Adam asked eagerly. He'd barely gotten the front door open before asking. Jay grinned and patted his backpack, earning a high five from his best friend.

"Did Ma leave for work yet?" Jay asked as he stepped over the threshold and Adam closed the door. Jay often referred to Adam's mom as "Ma," just as Adam called Jay's mother "Mom." They practically lived at each other's houses, so it seemed only natural.

"Yeah, she left an hour ago. She closes tonight, so she won't be home until almost three. Come here, I wanna show you something," Adam said with a toothy smile. He led the way to the kitchen and opened the fridge as Jay put his bag on the table. Jay peered into the refrigerator, laughing when he saw two bottles of beer sitting next to the sodas. "I snagged 'em from my uncle's house last night. I couldn't risk more than two."

"Righteous, that's perfect!" Jay exclaimed, and they wiggled their fingers together in triumph. He was impressed with Adam's sneakiness. His mom had been known to have a drink or two on occasion, but considered alcohol a luxury they couldn't afford and didn't need, so she didn't keep any in the house. Jay considered the theft a stroke of genius on his friend's part.

"They still need to chill a while. They've been sitting in my closet all day," Adam said, handing Jay a soda and opening his own. He shut the fridge and they leaned against the counter, sipping their drinks and staring at the backpack. It seemed to loom on the table, pregnant with forbidden intrigue. The boys were both nervous about the night's plans, though neither would admit it. Eventually Adam checked his watch. "Hey, the show's starting."

"Well shit, then let's rumble," Jay said, going to the main room to turn on the TV. Adam grabbed a bag of chips and followed, leaving the backpack and its contents to wait on the table.

Jay had told his parents that he was going to Adam's to watch wrestling, and that's what they did, shouting and throwing chips at the screen. Soon they were jumping around and tossing each other on the couch, locking up and imitating holds. Adam yelled at Jay for pulling his long hair and Jay told him to stop being such a damn girl. After the show, they still wanted to wait for the sun to go down to begin the night's real festivities. Jay looked through some wrestling magazines Adam had recently gotten while Adam doodled a picture of himself wearing garish tights, holding the tag belts with Hulk Hogan. Jay looked over and snorted.

"Hulk's never gonna tag with anyone. He doesn't need to," Jay pointed out.

"He will with me," Adam argued. "He'll be so impressed with how I'll win the Intercontinental that he'll beg to tag with me."

"Keep dreaming. He'd take one look at your skinny ass and tell you to eat more vitamins," Jay sneered. Adam threw a magazine at Jay's head. The short-haired blond threw it back, and soon they were wrestling again. Their impromptu match was cut short when the phone rang. It was Jay's mom, calling to say good night and check up on them. Once he assured her they were fine and behaving themselves, they settled in to watch TV until Adam's mom called. She did half an hour later, at ten. They took this as their cue to grab their contraband from the kitchen.

Jay sat in his usual spot on the floor, back against the couch, and opened the beers while Adam knelt in front of the television and pulled the VHS tape out of Jay's bag.

"Holy shit. Young & Anal 3? Anal?" Adam asked, giggling. "Like, they're gonna do it in the butt?"

Jay shrugged. "It's what Josh's friend grabbed out of his dad's closet. I don't think he was looking at titles. Josh doesn't know I have that, so don't tell him." His brother would be pissed if he knew Jay went through his stuff.

"You think people really do anal?" Adam asked as he put the video in the machine. "Like, real people, not just porn people."

"I um... I think that's how homos do it," Jay said, glancing at Adam sidelong as his lanky friend crawled to his usual spot beside him. Adam took his beer from Jay and gazed at it.

"Yeah, but homos are like, gay. Do gay people count as real people? I mean, aren't they just naturally kinky?" He took a swig and hid a grimace. He'd had beer before, but the taste still surprised him.

"Maybe. So... you think it's natural? Not... wrong?" Jay asked, and Adam shrugged.

"I dunno," he said and picked up the remote. "What are we talking about this for? Are we ready?"

"Hit it," Jay said with a grin, and they clinked bottlenecks before Adam hit the play button.

Being sixteen, the boys knew the mechanics of sex. They'd glimpsed tantalizing visuals through static on scrambled channels, Hustler magazines passed around the gym locker room. They'd heard more experienced boys talk and brag with open ears and wide eyes. Adam had even managed to touch his girlfriend's breast the week before... well, kind of. She'd let him cup it over her shirt, but only for a second, and quickly shut down the notion of anything further. Adam hadn't been as disappointed by her prudishness as he would have expected. Sure, he was curious about boobs, considering he didn't have them, and Cindy was pleasant enough, but in all he had more fun hanging out with Jay. Sometimes Adam wondered if he just had a girlfriend because he was supposed to. In any case, neither Adam nor Jay had ever had the chance to watch real porn... until now.

They laughed and joked through the ads and the first five minutes, drinking and feeling quite smug and grown up, and more than a little naughty. When the clothes started to come off they both squirmed, not looking at each other. Jay swallowed hard when the man took off his shirt. He was boyish and dark, with a chiseled physique that Jay couldn't take his eyes off of. Jay told himself it was because the object of the man's "affection" looked like a Barbie doll, plastic head to toe and not really appealing. Slowly he realized he was looking forward more to finding out what was in the pants than under the skirt. Jay took a deep breath, trying to push that notion away.

Adam seemed more fascinated than turned on by the whole ordeal. "Her tits are like, perfectly round," he marveled. "They look so weird. Like basketballs just hanging off her chest." He shook his head and finished his beer.

"Basketballs with funky nipples," Jay said. "I think they're pointing in different directions." He chuckled despite the war raging in his head. He was not gay. Not gay, not gay, not gay. This video was supposed to make him think more about women, yet all he could see was the lines of the man's ass through his pants.

"Is it supposed to look like that?" Adam asked. Barbie was naked and spread out. Adam's head tilted to the side, his nose wrinkled in distaste.

"It's scaring me, Adam," Jay said in mock horror. "It's gonna eat that poor guy. Don't get too close, guy! Oh god it's eating his face!"

Adam dissolved into giggles and smacked at Jay's arm. "Dude, they're taking too long to get to the good stuff. I'm just holding out for the blow job. There had better be a blow job."

There was. A long, drawn out one during which both boys were completely silent. Jay looked at the huge cock, not really thinking about the fact that he was putting himself in the chick's place, imagining what that hard dick tasted like, how it felt hitting the back of his throat.

Adam glanced over at Jay's lap, feeling a bit better about himself when he saw the bulge in his jeans. At least Adam wasn't alone in his discomfort. Jay had his empty beer bottle between his legs, fingers unconsciously gliding up and down the neck. He wet his lips, and Adam had a flashing vision of those plush pink lips on his own cock, that tongue lapping over the head. His dick throbbed and he blinked back at the screen. Where did that come from?

The title of the video didn't lie, and when the man bent her over and nailed her ass with that big cock, both boys exclaimed aloud.

"Holy shit, doesn't that hurt?" Adam cried, peeking at the TV through his fingers.

"At least she seems to be enjoying it," Jay pointed out. With her bent over, he could hardly tell she was a woman, except for the slight narrowing of her waist and long, blond wavy hair. Hair that looked much like Adam's. Was he actually putting Adam in that girl's place? Imagining Adam getting penetrated, pounded by that man? It was one thing to watch the guy's ass as he fucked, wanting to run his tongue over his muscles and feel him move under his hands, but quite another to think about his best friend having sex. His straight best friend. With a girlfriend (even if Adam was prettier than Cindy). He was thinking about his friend having sex with a man. Maybe with Jay himself. Jay feeling Adam's cute little ass tight around his dick, listening to him moan and cum beneath him.

He watched the man pull out and imagined himself grabbing a handful of blond, kinky hair and pulling Adam around, stroking his own cock. As the guy jizzed all over the girl's face, Jay glanced over to see Adam's parted, plump lips, swollen with arousal. He saw his own cum shooting out to coat those sweet lips, to drip down his chin and cheeks. Entranced with his vision, he didn't realize his hand was on his crotch, rubbing himself through the tight denim. His hips thrust forward and he felt his cock surge. He shuddered as his load filled his boxers, forming a warm, gooey puddle around his cock. A strangled groan escaped his throat and he gasped as he finished, blinking his eyes back into focus.


Jay had just cum in his pants. Right next to Adam. He felt heat rise in his face, turning his head to see if his friend had noticed. Adam was staring, open mouthed, at the spreading wet patch on his jeans. Hazel eyes traveled up to meet Jay's. Hot tears of humiliation pricked Jay's eyes and he bolted for the bathroom, grabbing his bag and grateful that he'd remembered to pack a change of underwear.

Adam jumped when Jay slammed the door. He clicked off the video before the next scene began. What had just happened in this room was fifty times hotter than anything in the video. He'd turned to gauge Jay's reaction to the money shot and seen him with his head thrown back on the couch cushion, blond lashes fluttering against flushed cheeks, lips slack. Jay's hand moved between his legs and his chest rose and fell sharply. The noise he'd made when his hips bucked still rang in Adam's ears. Not like the moans they'd been hearing from the movie, this was unintentional and uncontrolled, and so very real.

Jay opened the bathroom door, clad in fresh boxers and a tee. He hadn't brought sleeping pants since the Copelands didn't have central air, and Adam's room was usually hot in the summer. He'd rinsed his jeans and soiled undies and planned to hang them to dry on a hanger from Adam's closet. He definitely didn't want to leave them in the bathroom for his mom to speculate on, and he couldn't ball them up in his backpack. He had to wear those jeans home tomorrow. He'd seriously considered staying in the bathroom all night, and if it had been anyone other than Adam, he would have. But he'd reminded himself that Adam was a good guy. He didn't embarrass people for the fuck of it, and he didn't have a mean bone in his body. Jay might have to take a little ribbing, but Adam would be playful about it, and wouldn't tell anyone.

He crept across the hall and pushed open Adam's door, stopping short when he saw the long-haired boy on his bed. Jay almost said something until he realized what Adam was doing. He knelt on the bed with his knees spread, back to the door, jeans riding down to show the top of his ass crack. His shoulders were hunched and his right arm moved frantically. Jay stepped back just as Adam grunted something under his breath. Did he just say...? No, couldn't be. He quietly shut the door.

When Adam came back into the living room, Jay was sitting on the couch, knees to his chest and nibbling on a thumbnail. He glanced up, but didn't meet Adam's eyes. An awkward silence settled over the two until Adam cleared his throat.

"Wanna watch a horror movie?"

"That would be excellent."