The Dare Game

Chapter 3

Usagi's family was away for the weekend, leaving Usagi to look after herself.

Usagi was sitting on the toilet when the doorbell rang.

Without flushing the toilet, Usagi whipped her ass, pulled her knickers up, went downstairs and ran to the door.

Usagi answered the door and let her friends in and led them to the living room.

Just then, Luna yelled down the stairs


Usagi's heart sank and she went upstairs and found Luna in the bathroom.


Usagi sweat-dropped, she had left a brown log in the toilet and it smelled relay bad.

Usagi then went upstairs and flushed the toilet and went back downstairs.

"Can we order Pizza now?" Ami asked.

Before Usagi could answer…her stomach then let out a huge hunger rumble


Usagi clutched her stomach and giggled while she blushed.

"I don't see why not..."

"You did bring the alcohol right?" Usagi asked.

Makoto opened her bag and pulled out her bottle of vodka.

Usagi went into the kitchen and got some bottle of her father's bottles of beers.

They all decided on a pizza they were all going to have.

The girls agreed to have a seafood pizza.

So Usagi rang the pizza shop and ordered a seafood pizza.

Just then as Usagi put the phone down, her stomach rumbled again even louder.


Then Minako's stomach let out a huge gurgle


This was then followed by Ami's loud hunger growl.


Hino's stomach then roared loudly.


And Matoko's stomach made a loud hunger growl.


Soon the room was filled with the sound of empty, rumbling stomachs.

Afterwards the girls all laughed.

About 10 minutes later, the pizza arrived.

Usagi collected it, took it into the living room and the girls sat round to eat it while drinking beer.

After the girls had consumed the pizza, they all burped loudly and Usagi let rip with a loud smelly fart which made everybody gag and laugh.

"Now who wants to play dares now?" Usagi asked.

Makoto then opened the bottle of vodka

"Ready when you are!" Makoto then announced

And the Dare Game had started.