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Ace's POV:

The battle had been going on for what seemed like hours already, although I had no real way to know exactly how much time had passed. It could have been minutes. It could have been hours. I had no way to know how much time had passed, but now wasn't the time to care. I had to achieve what I had been ordered. I had to be exactly in that place after taking down specific people out of the battle. It was important, essential to the success of this attack. It was, in fact, so important that almost the whole outcome of the battle depended on it. It was my responsibility, and I would ensure that I would achieve victory. After our defeat we couldn't afford to lose again. Dragon and the rebels were strong, no matter how many commanders liked to deny this by saying that we had a huge advantage over them. They were strong, and they shouldn't be underestimated if you valued your live or victory. How many people had fallen to them? I had no way of knowing, no one really did, and yet this war continued to go on and on in a cruel, merciless and sadistic manner, seeming unstoppable.

All around me were many different people that were fighting against each other with a passion and energy that could only be seen in battles. This battle was important, and they knew it. We knew it, and they knew too. The air was heavy with the smell of blood and death, reaching everything and reminding me and everyone else of the possible outcome of this if we committed an error. Sand and dust was all around me, hindering my vision and making things even more difficult. Kizaru had already issued the signal that I had been waiting for since the battle had commenced, the red flare that told all of us what had to be done now. What would have to be converted from mere plans into reality.

"Forwards!" I shouted as I went through what we had planned for the millionth time in what could have been seconds "We have to get to Dragon! Blackbeard and Kizaru will take care of the rest! The first part of the plan has been completed!" I then shouted again.

I smirked. Everything would soon be over if we completed this. The rebels would suffer a harsh blow, one which would make them weaker than they had ever been before.

"But sir, we could be surrounded if we do that!" I heard a soldier beside me shout, evidently worried.

"Blackbeard will take care of the rest! He will cover us and prevent that from happening! We have to charge now!" I just repeated.

The soldier besides me just nodded with newly found confidence. "Yes sir" He just said as he immediately started running forwards.

I quickly started going forwards too, taking down all of the enemies that tried to prevent me from advancing. Kizaru would surely have dealt with most of the rebel commanders by now, and had to be near Dragon. Now was the time. We had to act as soon as possible to assure our victory… and Dragon's death. The man didn't seem to be an evil person, or one that would sacrifice anyone for his wellbeing. He definitely seemed to be a good man, and his son, that Luffy, probably meant the world for him, but that didn't matter now. Nothing like that mattered. We had to ensure that freedom and liberty continued to exist, that the citizens of this country could live in peace and happiness, and that wasn't something that the rebels would ever achieve. It didn't matter that Dragon was or wasn't a good man, or that he cared or didn't care for his son. Neither of these things mattered when it came to the future of the country, a future that, if it was to be good, had to start with his death. He would be at his weakest point right now, and we knew that. He certainly knew that by now too. This was why we had to exploit his weakness, a weakness that we had planned for and that we had to seize. There was only one fault to our plan: We would fail and most probably die if we were surrounded. That was why Kizaru had to carry out an essential part of the plan by taking down the enemy commanders and distracting Dragon, and it was also why Blackbeard's part was even more important. Neither of them managed to complete what they had agreed to do over one third of the army could be exterminated.

Soon, Dragon was in my eyesight, close and closer. He was fighting some soldiers, evidently knowing that everything could go wrong if he played badly his cards. I shook my head, forcing myself to concentrate again in the battle field. Seconds passed by, and soon I was right in front of Dragon.

"It is a good strategy, but quite a risky one, don't you think?" He said as he looked at me with a calm tone of voice.

"It's perfect for what we want to achieve" I just said "Risks don't matter when you have everything planned and accounted for" I then added as I quickly attempted to punch the man right in front of me.

He easily defended himself, and soon we were fighting each other with all the energy that we had and with all the weapons we came across. I would defeat him. I was determined to do so, and nothing would stop me. If I played my cards well he would be overpowered soon, and Blackbeard would come in just in time to defeat the rest of the rebel army. Victory was certain.

"Are you sure?" I heard the other man ask then with a glint of curiosity in his eyes. "Haven't you localised the traitor yet?" He then asked.

I almost growled at this. "It doesn't matter right now" I just said as my attack landed on the other man, suddenly disarming him and putting him in a position that ensured his defeat and death in a matter of seconds. I quickly continued to attack the other man, landing blow after blow on him and sensing the final moment coming nearer and nearer.

"But it does" The man then said quizzically then, as if he knew something that I didn't.

It was then when I finally managed to land a blow on the other man that made him fall to the ground. I opened my mouth, about to ask what was what he had meant by saying that, but it was just then when I realised that something was wrong. We were almost surrounded. No, we already were. Where was Blackbeard? This shouldn't be happening! Everything had changed. We could all die in a matter of minutes if nothing was done.

"I see" I just said as I looked at the man that was still lying on the floor with a grin on his face. I had him at my mercy now. I could kill him now if I wanted to, but…

"Sir! We are surrounded!" I suddenly heard that same soldier from before tell me with fear in his voice.

I gulped. This was bad, very bad. If we didn't get out of here now we would all be killed. I could kill the man that was right in front of me if I wanted, but that would only mean that we would all die. Victory would have to wait; I couldn't let any people die here. I just couldn't. I quickly scanned the battlefield with my eyes. Blackbeard was nowhere in sight, and neither was Kizaru. What had happened? This couldn't have been an accident. It was impossible.

"Charge to their left wing! We have to get out of here before we all die here!" I shouted as soon as I spotted their weakest point.

Seconds passed, and soon we had managed to break through them. Most of the soldiers were managing to retreat. Many were dying now, but I knew that the majority of them would manage to return safely to their loved ones.

"Sir! They are surrounding us again! We can't maintain this rhythm much more!" Someone beside me shouted.

I growled and quickly cursed Blackbeard and Dragon under my breath. What was going on here? "Ensure that the biggest amount of soldiers possible manage to get out of here" I quickly said.

"But sir…" The other man started saying.

"I will cover your retreat with the others! Now go! Do as I say!" I shouted at the man. I clenched my fist. I had to ensure that the biggest amount of people possible survived and got out of here. They had loved ones to return to, they couldn't die here. I had to ensure that the biggest amount of people possible survived, even if that meant that I would die.

I continued fighting with the men that decided to remain at my side. It would happen soon, and they knew it as well as I and the enemy did. Our lines were pure chaos, and I couldn't spot Blackbeard or the men under his command anywhere now. Seconds passed, and I suddenly became aware that the few of us that remained were surrounded. I took a deep breath in and cursed again under my breath. The rebels were all around us now, and one by one the ones that remained were being killed by them, innocent men and women that would never be able to return to their homes or loved ones. Soon, I was the only one that remained there, surrounded by rebels and with Dragon right in front of me.

"You are surrounded now, Portgas D. Ace. Surrender" The other man said with a confident voice.

I grinned and dropped my weapon, surrendering silently.


Hawkins' POV

There are many things I see and understand. There are some that I don't understand, however. One of these things is why we continue to fight. Humans are fragile creatures, doomed to die one day. By fighting we are quickening the road to death. Another thing I am unable to comprehend is that Lord Dragon is dying but refuses to see medical attention. The probability of the Commanders hearing of his sickness is 5.67%. Chaos ensuing should they find out is 97.03%. It is logical to not let them know. The person suffering physically from the sickness is Dragon himself. But Monkey D. Luffy is suffering the most mentally. I've envisioned Lord Dragon's death countless times, all in a different manner. I only had the repeat of his death in one way once. Only once. It never repeated again.

Dreams are the main way I can foresee events. They could be vague at times, but they can also be clear as well. I recalled the most reoccurring dream. An upcoming battle. Yes, this would be the one. The details of the dream were clear. Death was written all over this battle. So much death on our side. It was unavoidable this time. Unless we were not to go into battle to begin with, there is no changing this fate. But the chances of that are too low to consider.

I've envisioned the war finally ending, bringing peace to everyone, but no one I know was alive. Proving we are fighting for a peaceful future for others to live in. Why? Why must we suffer so that they do not know of war? I placed the factors and flipped them over. My cards tell me a capture is undergoing. Portgas D. Ace. I am not fond of that man. He is on the enemy side, and he is a main factor in Monkey D. Luffy's pain. He causes it. Yet he is smirking in defeat. Pitiful.

I felt a swift in the world. A chill. A drop of perspiration rolled down my forehead. My hand had involuntary movement, no longer under my control, twitching to the side. I recognized these signs. They were a warning for a vision. My eyesight became blurred and all around me felt hazy. Then, everything became clear.

A boy waited. Monkey D. Luffy. He stared softly into the distance. Hands embrace him from behind. Not an enemy, no. a friend, even more so.His expression lightened. Happiness."I'd knew you'd come!" he exclaimed.


The man's face was unseen."I'll always come." A smile. "I love you too much to keep you waiting." The boy giggled in response.

Who makes Monkey D. Luffy so happy?

"I love you, too!" he grinned a carefree grin in response.

How long has it been since I've witnessed a true smile from him?

"We should go, the others are waiting," the man informed. Monkey D. Luffy pouted in response.

"Just a little more time? I want us to be alone for a bit. Please?" he beseeched.

Who is able to make my comrade, my friend, smile so freely? I need to know. Who is it? I beg of you, turn around!

Then man did. The face was so clear. That man was-

"Hawkins!" I cry of my name drew me from my vision. A hand was cupping the curve between my neck and cranium. The fingers tangled in my locks. Such a simple gesture, yet so meaningful. I darted to who gave me comfort. Trafalgar Law. Another I would consider a friend. A bit dark and not normal. But who is? "What happened? You're-!" I understood what he meant. I felt pain in my side. Bleeding or bruising would be a normal reaction from my body. Whenever a vision is presented to me, I feel pain. Sometimes in large amounts. This is the price I must pay for my gift. He sighed in exasperation. "Can you move?" No, I could not. I could not speak, so I shook my head as an attempt to communicate. "I see." He felt the need to carry me like a bride. His strength was enticing. With just his arms, he could lift my whole body. I was not light, I knew so. "Luffy-ya! Open the door!" he commanded. My friend was conscious now… He hastily did as he was told and looked at me with worry.

Why am I affected so much just by being cared for by my friends? Before joining this war, I had nothing. It was new for people to care for me so. I didn't dislike it. It gave me an odd feeling in my stomach. "Hawkins! What happened?" I didn't answer not because I didn't want to, but I felt it too long to explain. Trafalgar Law set me on the bed and tended to my wound. I gazed up on the ceiling, lost in thought. Before I knew it, he was done, and decided to take over my position as the guard. "Neh, neh, Hawkins!" I heard my friend call me. Unable to do anything else, I darted my eyes to Monkey D. Luffy, showing that I had heard him. "I guess we're roommates now! Shishishishi!" his laugh filled the room, vibrations ricocheting off the objects so that the sound echoed in my ears. Another fake smile. I don't understand. Why does he smile so? I can see through it, had no one else? He is in pain. Unbearable pain. Yet he seeks no aid to comfort himself. But all that would change. The moment he meets with that man, he will truly smile. When he meets Portgas D. Ace.