After Ninomiya left that night, Nakatsu Shuichi sighed heavily and sat at his desk and opens his laptop, checking his incoming mails. He ignored most of his mails, but one caught his attention, from Ashiya Mizuki who currently in America.

Nakatsu clicked read mail, and his heart beating fast non-stop and his palm start sweating;

'Nakatsu! It's been a long time ne~

How are you right now? I'm wondering why you did not reply my last email, I thought I clicked delete instead of send. Please reply my email next time ne, you know I miss talking to you, it's different here now without you around, and I can't see your foolish smile nowadays and having you by my side whenever I'm sad or in trouble. How's your sister doing? I hope Saga treat her well, send them my regards. Its winter holiday already, it will be fun if I got to spend it with you and the other guys as we spent it during the summer. Honestly I really miss you, Nakatsu! I will send lots and lots emails after this, so you will get annoyed and come to America to say 'STOP WITH YOUR ANNOYING EMAILS 'right at my face. That's if you did not reply this email, I will for sure do that. I really want to hear from you soon.'

Nakatsu gulped as he continued reading the last bit of Mizuki's email;

'P/s: Sano and I decide to give it a break, we'll be following our own ways from now. Don't worry, Im fine because I know someone always looking after me.

Love Mizuki '

Nakatsu smiled as he re-read Mizuki's mail , "I miss you too…" and then he decide to clicked on the 'reply' button and start typing away .


Gomen ne, I decided to make the story short as I run out of ideas and really caught up in busy second year university life! I hope you have enjoyed the story up til this. Once again sorry sorry and sorry. I hope I could make Arashi fanfic , love Ohno,Sho and Nino!