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Chapter 13: Waking up

"Are you certain of this?"

He paused before answering. "No. Not at all."

"Do you still want to proceed with it, boy?"

Lavi smirked. "Sure. It's all or nothing now."

She looked at him with a fond and disbelieving smile, like he was the noblest, bravest, yet also the most foolish person she had met. And he was. Considering what he was getting himself into, he really was. And she liked the boy all the more.

She thought of the Kanda family and her lady, how everything was turned upside down by the coming of this stubborn youth. She wished with all her heart that he succeed all the way.

"Then embrace my aura and feel it run through your veins," she said and he immediately felt it. His initial instinct to resist it died down with some struggle and he felt the warmth course through his body more intensely like little fires eating up his veins. He surrendered to it. This was what he wanted, no more turning back.

"Through time and space, and life and death," she chanted lowly, "and dark and light, and pain and blood; I curse you, Lavi."

The warm feeling was replaced suddenly by twisting pain across his body. He gasped, losing strength and orientation. He found himself lying on his back, writhing and moaning as each fiber of muscle beneath his skin rang in agony..

"By the strength of your will this curse is cast, if the wish is shared then it will be fulfilled; For this curse is binding it shall last, if it is not your love's wish then your life is forfeit."

Lavi breathed heavily in relief as the pain left him. She stared down at him, panting heavily on the grass. "Do you offer your life willingly?"


He stared at the bloody face of the young woman he had been wearing for years and smirked. He kicked her leg aside as he walked by, making his way to the mirror of the doctor's room. Changing shells was not always an option but when the oppurtunity presented itself, it was as easy as shedding a coat for another. The mirror was cracked but it showed his new face perfectly. His smile grew wider at what he saw.

The doctor's face was beautiful, his body younger and more powerful than the previous one. He could feel the energy in this new shell just surging inside that he felt restless, like he wanted to run and jump and sing at top of his lungs. He felt alive and that thrilled him. He ran a finger on his forehead down to the lone green eye and the smooth cheeks. The eyepatch was hastily removed and he frowned a little. The doctor must have been in pain for it before, a long time ago. It certainly didn't look well. But no matter. It was nothing his magic could not fix.

The kitchen was a mess and so was certain parts of the mansion. He had to take care of those. He walked around, cleaning up the debris and putting things in order. The bodies should be quickly disposed later.

Now what was the kind of life his new shell had been living? A doctor, yes, but that was too boring. He would never understand how humans settle for such repetetive and menial ways of existence when their time in this plane was so short. Do they not realize how quickly time flew for them?

Humans were weak and simple. They eat and sleep and raise families and die. It was a dull cycle he had watched time after time. Now this new body won't last but it shall entertain him for several years. He had to make the most of it, unlike those simple-minded creatures. He had lived for centuries, more than old enough to know what he wanted for those years he had just grabbed for himself.

He stared at the face again, examining every angle while giving the red locks a light tousle. The color reminded him of blood, the fierce and warm energy of life. Everything about this body was just so alive! He wouldn't live a simple docor's life. That was out of the question. He could start off with that but having lived as a servant for years made him yearn for some drastic changes.

The pit of his stomach and fingertips tingle with excitement at the many things he could do with this new body of his. Oh he would certainly make everything worthwhile.

Kanda's breaths were even now. It took him an eternity to calm himself after the last encounter but the memories were as fresh as if his ordeal had just ended. Ended? An ending was a sweet dream now, and cruelly unattainable. Nothing in this place ever ended. He was plunged in a perpetual state of darkness and terror, an infinite nightmare that he just couldn't wake up from.

He was trapped in his dreams, that much he knew. All those times he thought he had some forgotten past, he had been living in this nightmare every night instead. His insomnia seemed a blessing now, even though when he thought about it, he was doomed eitherway. Neither route ended with him alive or well. It made him smirk at the cruelty of it. After all those years of fighting, keeping his will to live strong, he ended up in this hell. Was it all for nought? He felt as if everything had conspired against him, to kill him or make his life as miserable as possible.

"You are not going to die," Lavi had told him.

Out of all the things that happened, that man had been the only thing that brought any sort of relief in the most unexpected way. Pushing his way into Kanda's life and snatching him away from that sleepless spell.

Kanda shook his head vigorously. It wouldn't do to think of the idiot. It gave him anger and somehow, it made him want to hold on. But he didn't. He really didn't. Kanda wanted nothing more than to lose all shred of hope, to embrace his fate, and just end it all. Hoping was a way to get hurt. He wanted it to die away and leave him be. He just wanted everything to end even if the only way was to be numb.

And how could he not? He might identify this place as his dream but every single fucking thing was real. The darkness, the cold, the pain, the touches, the smells, even his tears. And Kanda Yu never cried.

Damn that idiot for making him like this. He'd put all the blame on him. He had met a lot of disappointments in his short life but none of them was so hard to accept. Why the hell was losing that idiot so difficult?!

"Tch," he muttered aloud. His voice cracked from all the screaming.

Kanda didn't know how long he had before the creature came back so he quickly got up, ignoring the aches and pains on his entire body. The thought of just lying there, waiting for the nightmare to continue had been appealing but he found disgusted with himself that he had even considered such a thing. So what if there was no escaping? So what if he will never be able to defend himself no matter how hard he tried? If he was some sort of prey, he'd make the bastard work hard for every fucking bite.

And as though his thoughts were the cue, Kanda heard the familiar echoing of footsteps. He cursed as his heart raced in familiar fear and anxiety, limping as fast as he could to the open door and half ran, half hopped down the halls.


He quickened his pace, bumping his shoulders and legs against everything in the dark but he went on. It was as if an old rusty engine was fed with fresh fuel. He could not stop no matter how tired and painful it was to go on.

He finally reached the end of the hall and quickly turned to the direction of the staircase. He was almost there when suddenly, his feet left the ground. Out of nowhere, strong arms grabbed him from behind and a soft breath blew at his cheek. It nuzzled the side of his neck, making him cringe at the contact.

"Why are you running?" the other asked against his skin.

"Get your dirty hands off me, bas-," he started but then a finger had made his way into his mouth.

"I was under the impression that you understand the situation," the other said, digging his fingers deeper to the back and making his eyes water. "Surely you know fighting me off is in vain?"

No words came out of his mouth, only pathetic choking sounds of his attempt to answer back. The fingers lingered in his mouth much longer than usual that saliva started pooling and dripping the sides of his mouth in small streams. When he tried to push the hand away, another grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back. He coughed voilently at his own saliva for an eternity before he was suddenly released and found himself spitting at the floor on all fours trying to breathe.

The creature crouched down beside him and rubbed his back. He glared at the mocking gesture and he was returned with a slow gentle kiss on the lips.

"I was ready to do things more gently," he said, tucking black locks behind his ear and softly touching his cheek. "It would... Make things much easier."

Kanda felt nothing but disgust with this new facade. Was it meant to coax him into embracing defeat? It was what he wanted yet... There was comfort. It reeked of deceit and perverted desire to make him submit. The mere suggestionof it was mocking face was so human and beautiful but that form mocked him too. And he knew, he was sure, that absolutely nothing can make this easier. He pulled away when the creature attempted to wrap his arms around him.

A smile. "But I guess you'd rather be screaming in agony, huh?"

Kanda's eyes were gleaming defiantly but as his feet suddenly left the floor and his wind pipe constricted, fear quickly ran through his body. Pain was coming, he knew as the creature watched him float up beyond the staircase railings and a three-floor drop loomed below him, but his resolve remained firm. He'd rather hurt.

He closed his eyes tightly, bracing himself. There was no warning before gravity was pulling him down. As he plunged, images of his last few days awake ran in his head. It fixed on a certain face with the annoying smirk and he held on to it. Strong arms broke his fall.

"Well this is a bit unexpected," the creature said.

Kanda could not breathe when he opened his eyes. Just inches from his own was Lavi's face, looking down at him. He blinked once. Twice... then thrice.


His chest clenched painfully. Eyes wide and disbelieving, Kanda reached out to the familiar face that was staring at him. He froze halfway, withdrawing his hand like it was burned. Was this another one of the creature's deception? But he looked so real, and he called him... Please be real. Please be real. Please be real. Please be here.

He was suddenly engaged in a bone-crushing hug. He could hear Lavi's voice somewhere but he was too shocked to listen to the words. It can't be... It was too good to be true. Please be real. Please be real. Please be real. Please be here.


Kanda's eyes snapped back into focus and saw Lavi's face clearly for the first time. Red hair, green eye, eyepatch, those features...

"It's me," Lavi said with a sad smile, holding his hand tightly as if he would slip away if he didn't. "I'm here. It's over. I won't let him touch you again."

Something painful and warm was stirring up inside him but he still couldn't say a word. It was sureal... Like watching it happen to someone else. So he remained silent, just watching his doctor's face. He was here. It was the most impossible thing yet here he was...

"It's over?" the creature spoke. "Those are pretty big words, human."

Kanda watched as Lavi slowly turned to acknowledge the presence of it. His eye was determined and brave but in the green depths, there was something looming darkly that he could not tell.

"I've come to take Yu back with me," Lavi announced.

"Oh?" the other said, voice dripping with amusement and threat. "And you believe that you will succeed?"

He felt Lavi's hold around him grew tighter before he said, "No. Magic is not my strong suit... But I won't let you lay another finger on him. That, I am sure."

The other laughed loudly. "I suppose you are here because of another one of those old tricks of that hag... and that made you believe you can just waltz into this dimension and take my toy away."

In an instant, Kanda was on the floor again and Lavi was off the ground, clutching his throat in obvious pain, feet kicking wildly in the air.

"This is my place," the other said and there was a loud snap before Lavi's scream of pain rang followed by a dull thud of Lavi's ripped arm against the floor.

Kanda watched horrified as the scene unfolded. Lavi was screaming like he had been doing, hurting like he was hurting. His body shook and convulsed in the air. The doctor's blood slowly soaked the carpet beneath him as the creature walked to him disinterestedly. Kanda found himself screaming 'no' but his body was frozen. He couldn't will it to run to him. No, no, no, no! Not Lavi! Not him! Leave him alone!

"And the old witch has no power here," it said. "You think by letting me displace your soul and take over your body you would have the chance to find my prey?"

His insides sank. Idiot, he wanted to scream. How could he be so reckless... He shouldn't have come! He shouldn't have come!

"Well, you did find us," it said and reached out at one of the dangling legs. "Congratulations," was all it said before another snap was heard and Lavi's screams of agony were renewed with more intensity.

"Stop it! Stop!" Kanda screamed, finding himself suddenly groveling at the foot of the creature.

It paid him no heed. "Poor, naive human boy," it said mockingly instead. "I feast at your loved one's soul here, did you know? I've touched him, conquered him, defiled him, done things that you could only wish for."

Lavi's harsh breaths evened out briefly as he attempted to meet the creature's gaze, even at his state. Kanda wanted to smack his head so bad, silently pleading that he would just lose his consciousness or go back to their world somehow. He was so afraid, so frightened of what could happen...

"It's true. And back on the other side, a part of me has taken possession of your body. You are trapped here, accomplished nothing. In fact you've just lost everything. And for what?" the other muttered and stroked Kanda's cheek. "Yu is mine. You should have given him up. I thought you were diffrent from other humans but you are not. You are just as foolish as the rest of them! And with this stupid gamble you threw away everything. While you suffer, I claim all that you desire and live a life more happily than you could ever have."

"Happy?" Lavi croaked and Kanda wished he would just shut up. "Live? Don't make me laugh. What does someone like you know about emotions and living?"

The creature watched him silently.

"Emotions are not for monsters who knows only pleasure and boredom. When you hurt so much that you can barely take it, that's the only time you will know what happiness feels like. When you fear with all your heart for the safety of the one you care for the most, you learn to be brave. After seeing that person get hurt you'll feel hatred and only then can you learn kindness. These are what being human is. Feeling is what makes you alive."

Kanda clenched his fist, listening to the doctor.

"You have my body, yes. But you are never truly alive because you don't have anything to live for," Lavi went on. "You can never be alive unless you learn to love someone great enough for you to be willing to give that life up for that person... Or to keep it for that person. Humans, they don't live for the sake of living. They do not love life. They love the people who make life worthwhile... You don't get it, do you? You are not alive. You don't exist because you are empty. You are just a prisoner of life... Ensnared by a false version of it."

In a flash, all of Lavi's remaining limbs were torn and cast away in several directions.

"NOOOOOO!" Kanda screamed.

Lavi's body was thrown aside in rage. Kanda ran to him without thought, unaware and uncaring for anything else. He gently wrapped his arms around the doctor as he wept uncontrollably. "Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka!"

"I'm... okay, Yu. Don't... cry," Lavi told himbreathlessly after a barage of screams. "Man, that... hurts.."

"Shut up you fucking idiot! You just can't shut your mouth, do you?" he muttered but with no heat. "Just... shut up," he said holding him and stroking his face.

"I love you," Lavi said.

Kanda flinched, blinking back tears and put a finger against Lavi's lips. "I told you to shut up."

"Can't. It's almost... coming to an end. I want you to hear it as many times as possible... Even if you might not want to. I love you."

"No! Hold the fuck on you idiot!"

"Hehe," Lavi breathed out, "Dontcha... worry it's... all part of the plan..."

Kanda was weeping openly now. He didn't care anymore. "What kind of plan is this, shithead? You have no body to go back to..."

"Yeah... well... I have faith in you. You will... Save us both..."

Lavi's body began fading, like a weak light starting to go out and Kanda held him tighter in panic. "No! Don't you dare! Don't you fucking dare leave me!"

"It will be over soon. You'll be fine. Trust me, Yu," Lavi assured him.

There was a bright light, the creature screamed, and just like he said, it really was over.

Kanda breathed in deeply as his eyes abruptly opened. His eyes were wide, darting from side to side and sweeping the familiar scene of his room. He pushed the sheets off and examined his legs. He touched his chest and then stared at the palms of his hand. I am alive.

He got off his bed quickly and almost fell, feeling somewhat dizzy and weak but he stood firmly. He walked over to the door in short laborous steps and opened it. The corridors were empty and silent. He continued walking barefooted, almost as if he had stepped back in time, back when he was living alone in this mansion, suffering from lack of sleep.

But he wasn't alone anymore. Kanda remembered the past months clearly. He remembed his insomnia and how he had been saved from it. And although not as clearly, he remembered his long nightmare and how he was saved from that too. Lavi.

"Aa-" he tried but his voice failed him. His throat was dry.

He made his way to the library, half hoping to see a certain redhead lost in thought, buried under a mountain of books. There was no one.

"Tch," he muttered and continued to explore.

Where was everyone? What happened to them? What...

"Kanda Yu"

He turned in surprise and saw an ugly old woman standing by the hallway. The boils on her face looked like they were healing but her clothes strongly suggest that she had been bleeding recently. She walked to him in swift, harsh movements.

"Who are you?" he asked skeptically but found that he felt more at ease than he should be upon finding a stranger in his home."Where is the rest of my household?"

"I am afraid they are not here but worry not, young master. They are all as fine as they could be," she said. "And I am Alynna. I've been seeing to your health."

That sounded like his doctor had been gone for some time. "I have a doctor... and my godfather has to be consulted before any hiring. And what do you mean by as fine as they could be?"

"Do you remember what happened?" she asked in return which should have irritated him but left him feeling anxious instead.

"I do," he replied, which wasn't entirely true. He remembered being trapped in an endless night and being so very scared. He recalled feeling hopeless and wanting to just die... and wanting to give up. It made him shiver thinking about it... but he couldn't remember why.

But unlike he felt about this vague familiarity that kept escaping him, he did not feel bothered at all. No, in fact, there was some sort of comfort in it.

"Then you would know that you have been unconscious for quite some time. A month."

"A month?!" he repeated unbelievingly.

"Yes, and during the first week, certain events happened here while your soul was captured by an evil spirit. Your maid, my daughter, was possessed and was responsible for it. She attampted to keep you there, murder your godfather, and steal your doctor's body. She died the week after."

Kanda's mouth was hanging open. Alice...

"But as I've said, they are all doing fine considering what happened. The general was called back to the military camp more than a week ago after recovering from his wound. Doctor Bookman and his apprentice left shortly after that due to an urgent matter. They left me to care for you in their absence and left instructions to let them know immediately once you have regained consciousness."

He stared at the floor, both relieved and somewhat feeling down. Lavi.

Yes, his doctor was in his dream too. He could remember being in his arms and crying... for him? There was so much blood. And screaming.


He looked up at her breathing heavily. He blinked and a tear ran down his face. "Wha-"

She walked to him, eyes narrowing in concern. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he said quickly, wiping the tears with the back of his hand. "I just... Some things are coming back. I feel like I forgot most of them but, some horrible things are coming back to me."

She nodded understandingly and patted his shoulder. "I don't believe you will remember all of it and that's for the best," she said.

Kanda nodded vaguely. He agreed completely.

"Anyway, what's done is done." she said firmly. "Those are the most important things you should know but there is a great deal more you should hear. Please go back to your room. I shall bring you some food."

Kanda never felt so hungry in his life. He had downed everything Alynna brought him and finished two more servings she had brought after that. She chose not to elaborate on what she initially informed him while he was eating but immediately filled him in right after.

The reasons behind his ordeal was not very clear to him nor his mother's apparent powers. Hearing about spells and curses did not make him as skeptic as he should though. He blamed how he just sucked in the information to his exhaustion. And though more than half of what she told him was laughably unrealistic, they made sense and he believed her. There was something familiar and warm about her that made him calm, something he could only guess as what maternal care would feel like. Kanda listened to her silently, holding his questions in and wanting answers. Especially when she started explaining how Lavi ended his nightmare.

"It was a gamble that no sensible person would ever risk taking on," she said.

"I don't understand," Kanda said. "You said all curses are gambles."

"In a sense," she said. "That's one way of looking at it though it is so much more complicated than that. When you curse another, there has to be intent to fuel the curse. The stronger the intent, the more effective and powerful the curse. People who have been wrong, even those without magical abilities, can accidentally curse someone because of their desire for vengeance. Their hate gives birth to most curses but would do nothing but cause an unlucky afternoon or an upset stomach at best. There are a lot of ways to strengthen it that magical practitioners know about though and that's when curses can become lethal."

"But Lavi isn't one. How can his curse defeat the power of that creature?" he asked.

"Well technically, I was the one who cursed him. But the fuel I used for it came from his intent to save you," she explained.

Kanda blushed and shook his head. That sounded like the idiot's will to save him...

"That boy's desire to have you back was very strong but we needed something more to guarantee that our curse will be stonger than the demon's desire for life, and make no mistake, evil desires such as those are very very strong," she said seriously.

"So what did you do?" he asked.

"The gamble... But ultimately it was the willingness of that doctor to throw away everything to find you. I cursed him that his heart's desire will be his if the one he is saving feel just as willing to sacrifice himself in return."

Kanda's eyes widened. "Are you saying that he believed that I... had our places been reversed?"

She nodded with sly grin.

"He really is an idiot!" Kanda yelled. "What if I didn't care or... I'm just an asshole? Did he think about that?"

"The curse would still pull you out of the nighhtlands but it would consume his soul in return instead, basically," she explained.

Kanda stared at her.

"You don't believe me, Yu-kun?" she asked. Even thoug her tone didn't change and her face was still wrinkly blank, he could feel amusement leaking from her words.

"I'm not sure. I don't think there's anything to gain by lying to me but..." he trailed off.

Alynna smiled. "Quite right. You should hear this straight from him, I think."


She turned to the door with the tray of china and silverware. "You will be seeing them soon."

'Soon' turned out to be a week. 'Them' turned out to be everyone. Exactly seven days after he woke up, General Tiedoll and Marie were marching up the front doors with tons of food, wine, and just generally everything that they thought Kanda would want. The general's costumary hug was more easily dodged that day mainly because his shoulder was still healing from the stab wound.

"I'm very happy you are back, my Yu-kun!" he told him and attempted several times to engage him in his fatherly embrace. Though he was acting like nothing happened, Kanda could clearly see the slight change in posture and the barely noticeable winces whenever something accidentaly came in contact with his shoulder.

So Kanda let him hug him once.

The following the day, Bookman arrived in his house and immediately conducted a thorough check-up. Like the general, he wasn't aware of any of the supernatural events that took place and just thought that his old attendant, Alice, was a psychopath in disguise who tried to murder the general and his godson while he was away. He did't know if Lavi did any explaining but from the way they referred to the maid as a criminal and mentally challenged, he deduced not much.

"Where is your apprentice?" general Tiedoll questioned him curiously, voicing exactly what Kanda had been wanting to ask since he arrived.

"I left him in the town hospital to take care of some important cases in my absence since I have to make sure Kanda-kun is alright," Bookman said with a shrug.

Kanda forced himself to drink his tea and keep his face nonchalant.

"But I doubt he'll be there or much longer. He had been pleading to come here in my stead since we got the news of Kanda-kun waking up," he added.

He could feel eyes watching him as he continued drinking, making it harder to feign disinterest.

"Isn't that nice, Yu?" Tiedoll cooed. "I'm so glad you've finally made a friend!"

All eyes were on him when looked up from his cup and he felt obligated to say something. "Tch. Whatever."

"That boy has a lot to learn about responsibility. There is quite a few difficult cases back there that I left him that will hopefully teach him some," Bookman said.

So Kanda was completely surprised when afternoon passed by and everyone was eating dinner and suddenly, a knock was heard. Alynna went to answer it and after a few moments came walking back with Lavi trailing behind her.

"Please listen," Lavi said just as his mentor was rising with the beginnings of a long lecture. "I've treated Madison and Mrs. Cooper with water and salt. It was just contaminated water. The same thing for the five others. I've solved everything."

Bookman glared at him for a good minute before gesturing to the table and sending an apologetic look at Kanda. He nodded curtly at him and Lavi took a seat after he acknowledged him too. Their eyes met for a second before the young doctor looked away in favor of fixing his napkin.

"Salt and water?" Tiedoll asked interestedly.

"For diarrhea. We just let the petients let it all out but make them drink low-solute content salt solution to prevent dehydration," Lavi explained. "It's quite natural to do it that way, getting better I mean."

"Ah," the general nodded looking more confused.

"I can elaborate later after dinner," Bookman offered.

Kanda didn't care much about the topic but the sudden arrival of his doctor made him a bit nervous. Though everything Alynna made was absolutely delicious, he cold feel his appetite slowly fading. He became too conscious of himself, feeling like he was being watched. Once or twice he caught Lavi looking his way but his gaze never lingered and their eyes did not meet again.

After the meal, Marie politely announced that he will be retiring early while Tiedoll invited Bookman in the study to talk about some important matters. That left Kanda alone with Lavi all too quickly. While Alynna cleared the plates, Lavi was just there in his seat scribbling something in a small piece of paper.

Kanda did not know what to do. The other wasn't approaching him or giving him his usual antics. In fact, Lavi was being distant almost and that bothered him. He sat in his chair too, pretending to watch his new maid while his hands fidgetted under the table. Maybe he should just retire too, he thought. The other looked busy and-


Kanda looked up and his heart jumped. Lavi had made his way to him without him noticing. He was wearing a dark brown suit and tie that looked neater than the ones he saw his doctor wear. Other than that, he looked the same. "Hey," he greeted back.

"You want to walk outside with me?" Lavi asked with a smile, holding out his hand.

Kanda looked at it and then at the other's face.

"If you're not tired or anything," the other quickly added. "I mean, you might want to go to bed and sleep? I mean... Rest. Or sleep. If you... Um, can fall asleep by yourself now."

"I can walk fine by myself," he finally said with a smirk, pointedly ignoring the other's hand. He could hear Lavi following behind him as he walked to the gardens. He felt relieved.

Lavi was quite relieved and he let out a sigh. He had left for the mansion without much thought but that of meeting his patient again. After all the things he said to him, he wasn't sure how Kanda would react now that he was awake or how he should act around him.

Will anything even change? He pondered the question as he followed his patient into the night and smiled when he saw a full moon. Well I'll be damned.

Alynna told him right after she opened the door that Kanda remembered everything. That ought to change things, right? But then again, there wasn't anything he said in that nightmare that Kanda didn't already know. Kanda was hopeless like that, and he was sure everything was going to stay the same unless he did something about it.

So Lavi quickened his steps until he caught up with him and they were walking side by side. His heart was pounding like he just ran a mile as he thought of anything to say, something to start a new... something. "How are you feeling?" he asked, inwardly flinching at how lame it sounded even to his own ears.

Out of the millions of questions he wanted to ask, he went with that one. How medically obligatory... And ambiguous.

Kanda didn't answer for a moment before shaking his head slightly. "Fine. And yes, I can sleep on my own now on good nights."

"That's... That's good," he answered. "I mean, you have been suffering from insomnia for very long and it may take some time to get a normal sleeping pattern but I'm sure you'll be fine."

"Yeah," the other answered quietly. He was staring at the ground, blue eyes narrowing. His black hair shone smoothly under the moonlight that Lavi couldn't help but stare.

How could he have missed it? Right from the moment he met Kanda, he was doomed to fall.


Lavi's eyes were wide in surprise. He stared at Kanda in utter shock. "Wha..."

But what surprised him more was the sudden hands on his nape that pulled him down, crashing his mouth against the swordsman's lips.

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