Clutching her salad and a paper bag containing a chicken roll, Chantelle teetered across the grass to the area in the hospital grounds where she knew there was a bench under a large shady tree. The sun was beating down and it was a beautiful, breezy summer day.

As she approached the bench she was surpised to see it was already occupied by a solitary figure, her nerves started slightly as she realised it was Henrik Hanssen. The lanky Director of Surgery was sitting quietly with his jacket off, something was in a container beside him on the bench - probably his lunch, she guessed.

"Nurse Lane..." He said warily as she grinned at him.

"Mr Hanssen! Hello! Looks like someone had the same idea as me!"

"Quite." Hanssen looked faintly uneasy but polite as she sat down on the bench near him. He broke off a piece of something dark from the container and chewed it thoughtfully as his gaze turned back to the bright, sunny vista in front of them.

Chantelle opened her salad and picked at it, Hanssen's gaze swivelled back to her as she bit into a tomato, she did not notice his look of distaste until she glanced at him. "Something wrong?" She said with her mouth full.

Hanssen shook his head. "I have a hatred of tomatoes...but you clearly do not, please continue."

Chantelle quirked a brow and continued to munch. "So what are you having?"

"Kladdkaka" Hanssen said, Chantelle's eyes widened.


"Kladdkaka" Hanssen said again only in a slower tone as if he were patiently explaining something to a child. "It is a type of Swedish cake. Rather sticky, dark and similar to the American brownie...would you care to try it?"

"Oh sure!" Chantelle's face lit up as be broke off a piece and handed it to her in a fragment of napkin. Chantelle took a bite and shut her eyes in bliss as the cake stuck to her tongue in a sticky, chocolate explosion. "Oh my god...this is SO good...s'very gooey..."

"Indeed." Hanssen sighed contentedly, for a silent moment the two of them sat unified by their love of chocolate.

"So..." Chantelle dabbed her mouth with the napkin piece. " that like, where the Vikings came from?"

".."Like," Some of them" Hanssen said, gently mocking her.

"Ohh, so that's why they call you Henrik the Viking..."

Hanssen eyed her for a moment, looking mildly amused. "One of my many nicknames."

"Oh I know.." Chantelle continued, blithely reeling them off. "Angel of Death, Dr Doom, Henrik The Horrible-"

Hanssen's face turned stony.

Chantelle gulped at his expression and decided to focus on her chicken roll instead. "Um, but you know people only seem to give nicknames when they're mean, I mean the people are mean..not you.."

Hanssen's eyebrow lifted."Hmm."

Chantelle blushed in embarassment and chewed on her roll. "I think, if I were in charge of nicknames, I'd give out nice ones too."

"Like what?"

Chantelle caught sight of her watch and gasped. "Oh my god is that the right time?" Hanssen leaned over and checked her watch against his. "I'm afraid it is, Nurse Lane."

"I better get going!" Chantelle stood up and collected the remains of her lunch. "Oh, you know what?" She stood for a moment and regarded him with a sunny smile. "I'd call you, Henrik the Hospitable...for the cake...or Handsome Hanssen..cos Handsome is like Hanssen isn't it?"

Hanssen's eyes widened slightly behind his glasses.

"Oh but don't get the wrong idea cos you're like, a nice way.." Chantelle added, waggling the salad container at him enthusiastically.

Hanssen struggled to keep his expression straight."I promise I won't" He said firmly, nodding to her. "Don't be late, Nurse Lane."

"OK! See you later and thanks for the tasty Klad-a-ka!" Chantelle beamed and hurried away like a blonde tornado.

Hanssen watched her go, shaking his head slightly. He finished the last of the gooey cake and rose to stride back towards the hospital with a rare smile on his face.