Side-by-side they sat in the sun, in her lap was a baguette overfilled with chicken, tomato, cheese and lettuce. In his lap was a packet of sushi, chopsticks and a napkin.

Silence between them they each ate their snacks, occasionally glancing to each other with smiles and polite nods, watching the world go by.

She got to a large and ungainly piece of chicken with a tomato slice stuck to it and paused, looking at him.

His eyes focused on the tomato slice like he would regard a section of diseased liver...subtle disapproval creasing his eyes as he chewed on his hosomaki.

Her eyes widened a little. She slowly put the baguette in her lap, gesturing to the plastic lid of the sushi lying on the bench next to him with a slight eyebrow raise.

He gave her a quizzical look and nodded.

She opened her baguette up and carefully placed every piece of badly-cut tomato on the plastic lid, his eyebrows lifted as he watched her rise and teeter over to the rubbish bin - dropping the whole ungodly mess into the receptacle.

Behind her back, he gave her a look of silent respect and appreciation.

As she sat back down, she gave him a sunny, breezy grin and sucked bits of grated cheese off her finger.

Straightening his face into a headmasterly-expression, he nodded approvingly and continued to savour his rice-filled seaweed with the faintest of smiles.