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Time it took us
To where the water was
That's what the water gave me
And time goes quicker
Between the two of us
Oh, my love, don't forsake me
Take what the water gave me
What the Water Gave Me by Florence + The Machine

Bella Epilogue

Six Years later . . .

"Graham, umm you may wanna . . ." It was too late, their five year old, Jack, had already poured the bright red cool aid down the crisp white shirt he was wearing.

I watched as Graham eyed their son and then looked to Leah speculatively. Leah just laughed and kissed him on the head as she took Jack's hand and led him back toward their home.

Things had changed so much in six short years.

Leah had become pregnant before I had even graduated high school; we'd managed to develop a friendship after she'd met Graham. We'd bonded over my healing, because she'd insisted on being the one to help me bathe while I was so incapacitated. I never minded Paul doing it, but having Leah help out had given Charlie a piece of mind.

Behind the brash exterior, Leah was actually fun to be around. She had a dry sense of humor and her sarcasm could have won awards. By the time the cast was removed, she and I were as close as two girls could be. Paul had always been on the line about our friendship, but once he saw us together, he relaxed and seemed happy that I had someone so close.

I'd learned she was pregnant before even Graham had the honor of knowing. She'd always thought that she'd been given the wolf genes because she couldn't have kids, especially considering how messed up her visits with Aunt Flo were. She'd confided in me that Graham seemed to get super horny around her just before it happened, and after a little research we realized that her body had adapted to the wolfs fertility cycle, meeting Graham had triggered it.

She freaked at first, but with time, adapted and grew excited. When Jack was born, I'd come home from college immediately to spend time with them.

That was just the start.

After that, Emily got pregnant, and then Kim, and eventually Jacob's imprint, Megan, found herself in the same situation. Paul had joked that we were next on more than one occasion, I could see the hunger to start a family with me, and I had the same drive, but I needed time. I wanted to graduate college and get a house on the reservation before I even thought about it, and Paul was more than willing to keep up with the practice.

College had definitely been an interesting affair. The pack had agreed to let Paul and I live off the reservation for the four years, as long as we checked in on the weekends. So I applied to UW in Seattle, and that's where I went.

Paul lived with me in a small one-bedroom apartment off campus and actually managed to get himself accepted as well. He mostly took trade courses, but he loved it. He didn't, however, love the attention he seemed to think I was getting from classmates.

Unfortunately, he didn't seem to see the adoration he was gaining from the female populace at the school, and walked around obliviously while growling at any guy that so much as looked at me. At the end of freshman year, it had become a game to point out exactly who was looking at whom.

Paul proposed to me at the end of freshman year, and I accepted, on the condition it was a long engagement. In true Paul fashion he'd told me he'd told me he'd wait for an eternity as long as I wore the ring that showed I was his. I should have seen that coming, but I knew it was only because he loved me, and it would give him piece of mind. He trusted me implicitly. It was just the "drove" of guys he said approached me constantly that bothered him.

By the end of sophomore year, I was arranging a wedding. Charlie had been hinting at seeing his baby making an honest man out of Paul, and I was tired of fighting off the female attention Paul seemed to get. I was hoping a ring on his finger would maybe make them think twice at throwing themselves at him. I finally realized exactly what he was talking about, because it wasn't him I was worried about, college girls can be very persistent.

I was pregnant when I walked at my graduation, but the gown hid it nicely, even when Paul became obsessed with rubbing my stomach and having conversations with my belly button. I hadn't thought much about my scars since it had happened, there was one scar that stood out and colder than the rest of my body, and that was where Victoria, then Edward had bitten me. As they stretched over the growing child in my womb, I became more and more self conscious about them, especially when everyone in the pack wanted to play with the bump Paul had named "Qahla." It meant sun in Quileute, because he said that the baby and I were the dawn of a long night for him.

Charlotte was born a healthy seven pounds and six ounces and was the most beautiful creature I'd ever laid eyes on. She had my hair and eyes, and Paul's skin tone and mouth. Her tiny features were utter perfection and Paul had been enamored ever since.

"Bella," Paul's voice pulled me from my ruminations, in his arms Charlotte, or Charley as we referred to her, was squirming with fits of giggles where he was tickling her. She was eighteen months old and still just as beautiful as the first time I'd held her. He mahogany hair sat in gentle curls barely touching her shoulders, and the little dress I'd put on her was scrunched up in her Daddy's arms.

"Hey! It's my two favorite people," I grinned as I pressed my lips to Paul's, and then Charley's cheek. I was still in love with my husband as much as I was from the moment I'd laid eyes on him, and dressed as he was right now in slacks, with a white shirt, and a black tie, I was having trouble keeping my hands off of him. Of course he'd be more inclined to blame it on my hormones. I was only three months pregnant but my sex drive was off the charts, we had yet to break the news to anyone.

"Hey beautiful, Faith's asking for you," Paul said, his eyes dipping down the very low neckline of the dress I was wearing. He was killing me, my whole body reacted to looks like that and he knew it.

"Must be that time," I replied pinching him on the arm as a warning. "Go find dad and get him where he needs to be."

Paul nodded and gave me a searing kiss before handing me Charley who immediately gravitated to the cubic zirconia necklace I was wearing. Her chubby little fingers tugged gentle as she mumbled momma over and over again.

"You look beautiful, pumpkin. Give momma some sugar."

Charley pushed her hands on either side of my cheeks and gave me a big sloppy kiss only a child her age could ever give. I made my way across the beach toward the house Dad and I had shared after the attack. He'd rented out the house in Forks, he'd wanted to sell it, but I couldn't let him do that. It had been in his family for generations and was a part of him. Whatever had happened in there, I couldn't let him give up such a huge part of his history.

"Knock, knock," I called out as I stepped into the house, smiling at Embry who was looking very uncomfortable in his suit. He was tugging at the neck of the shirt.

"Oh, Bella, thank goodness you're here. My son is useless."

"Still sat right here, ma." Embry grumbled, shaking his head in humor.

"That was the point, Bells, could you give me a hand?"

"Sure," I laughed as Charley reached out for Embry, her little fingers opening and closing like little lobster claws. Being the only pack member to not have imprinted, Embry still had the most time on his hands, and the kids seemed to love him. There were times I'd come home from running errands and Embry and Paul would be sat on the couch drinking beer, while Charley was fast asleep snuggled into Embry. He had a natural ability with kids.

"Do you mind?" I asked as he reached for her.

"Are you insane, it would be a pleasure, especially if it means . . . " he lowered his voice, " I don't have to deal with that mess."

I laughed and gave my little girl a showering of kisses before heading back to the master bedroom. Faith was stood in the middle of the room looking like she was attempting a contortionist act and failing.

"Let me help you," I laughed, heading toward her as she straightened up. The cream colored dress made her skin look beautiful in contrast, and her straight black hair was loaded on the back of her head in a complex twist.

"Why am I so nervous? Wait. Don't answer that, I already know the answer," she babbled, eyeing her reflection in the mirror. "Shit, the white orchid. I was supposed to have Sue put it in my hair I forgot, because I am a nervous wreck. Bella are you sure you're okay with this?"

I took Faith's hands and led her to the bed, patting it gently so she would sit. For a moment she looked like she would refuse, but she finally relented.

"Faith, my dad loves you, you love my dad. This is a perfectly normal progression. You make him happy, and that's all I've ever wanted for him. Stop panicking and think about him, don't think about anything else other than him and you'll be fine. It worked for me."

Faith cupped my cheek before pulling me into a hug. "Your definitely your father's daughter. It's exactly what he'd tell me."

"Let me get that orchid for you. You stay here and just take deep breaths. You've given me good advice over the years. You should really start listening to yourself."

I made my way to the refrigerator and picked up the orchid before watching Embry and Charley play chase around the coffee table. It was hilarious to watch a guy Embry's size trying to run slow enough for a child to catch him. The minute she stumbled, his hands stopped her from hitting the floor.

"You got your mom's balance kid," Embry laughed, lifting her over his head as she giggled.

"Oh man, don't say that," I laughed approaching them and reaching up to tickle Charley's belly. "You need balance like daddy and uncle Embry."

"Uncle Embry? Has a nice ring to it huh?"

"Well you're going to be my brother in about forty minutes. Get used to it," I teased, patting his shoulder as I headed back to the bedroom.

I helped Faith with the orchid and made sure everything was in place. When Leah popped her head in to tell us they were ready, Faith took a deep breath and linked her arm through Embry's, while I gave my little angel her basket of flower petals.

The ceremony was beautiful, amongst the bleached white trees and sand. As the summer sun set on the horizon it set a warm glow over us all. Charlie had never looked happier, Paul and Billy were both next to him, and I couldn't keep my eyes off Paul. The last time I'd seen him in a suit had been our wedding.

I mouthed I love you and he reciprocated with a smile that made my knees weak and my sex drive going into over time. By the time Mr. and Mrs. Swan were introduced I was ready to steal my husband and ravage him, but I knew I had to wait.

The bonfire on the beach licked the darkening sky as the party begun, and I waited as long as I could before giving Leah a pleading look. She was the only one other than Paul that knew about the pregnancy and I knew she understood the drive. She stole Charley from Paul and pushed him toward me with an enthusiastic smile. The moment our eyes met, I knew he was cluing himself in.

He didn't hesitate, and only made one detour to talk to Jacob before he jogged over the sand and picked my hand up. He pulled me toward our home that was, blessedly, only two down from Charlie's lining the beach.

"We have about an hour before the toasts and speeches. Jacob is going to knock once if we're needed."

"Man I love you," I laughed as he lifted me up the porch steps with ease and pushed the door out of his way.

The moment we were inside and the door was closed, he kneeled before me, his hands working their way up my legs under the floor length dress. The moment he hit panties, he tugged them down my legs and let them pool at my feet.

He kissed the inside of my thigh and I let out a moan of pure pleasure.

"We don't have time for that baby," I sighed as his fingers ran along my lips. "We'll get to that later. I need you!"

His teeth dug into my thigh before he stood up, still holding the edges of my dress in his hands. He handed them to me as he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and boxer briefs in one swift move.

His hands gripped my thighs and pulled my up his body, leaving my hands free to grasp his shoulders. We were getting good at this, and even quickies like this never lacked the passion we'd had the first time.

He pushed into me and we both gasped before our lips tangled into an intricate dance of give and take. Grabbing my ass he picked up his temps as the two of us grunted and groaned with the pleasure it afforded us. He moved us gracefully to the couch, him lowering himself to sit as I took over the tempo. He knew what I like and he knew how to make it beautiful.

Pulling my dress down with the strapless bra, he liberated my breasts and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking and nibbling until I felt the waves of euphoria rolling over me. His hand moved from my hip to between my legs as he worked the orgasm out of me.

"I love you," I moaned.

He didn't respond, but he didn't need to, his actions spoke volumes. He rolled me onto my back and made slow love to me until we both came. My orgasms were always more powerful when he was reverent like that.

Both of us had a sheen to our skin when he collapsed on me, his breath washing over my bare chest. My hands brushed through his hair as I lay in a reflective silence.

When I'd decided to move in with my dad almost seven years ago, I'd expected my life to change. It was an inevitability. I had uprooted myself and landed in a town I'd hated as a child. I'd never once expected to find myself, or the piece of me that had been missing here, but the moment I met Paul, my path had changed. He gave me a reason to breathe, he taught me so much and gave me a life I'd never been smart enough to dream up for myself.

Knowing I would have a lifetime with him still didn't seem like enough, but I knew I would cherish every moment of every day with him.


"Well, old man, looks like she finally made an honest man out of you!" I clapped Charlie on the back as we both looked at our wives.

"Looks that way." He took a swig of his beer. "So, when were you two gonna' tell us she's pregnant?"

I spit my beer out making my father-in-law laugh loudly.

"What makes you say that?"

"Oh, please, I'm her father, and far more observant than you give me credit for. Plus, Jake told me. You of all people should know that her scent would change to the pack. Really, when was the last time that you phased?"

It had admittedly been a while. We hadn't had any leech activity since the Cullens left. They called to check in occasionally. Alice was constantly sending things for Charley. Her room was filled with the most frilly, fru fru shit I had ever seen thanks to the little pixie. Her mate and I still talked regularly as well. One monster to another he really helped me when I would retreat into myself, or doubt my ability as a husband or father. This happened far more than I would have liked. Even though I had gone through years of therapy with Faith, and had my angel at my side, there were still days where I felt like I didn't deserve to be happy or so fucking in love. Jasper always talked me down telling me that he often felt the same way, but that I had to stop looking at it that way. He said to look at it like I'm a lucky son-of-a-bitch, and forget all the rest. Never thought I'd become friends with a leech, but apart from Bella he was the one being I felt closest to. Even if he did smell like shit.

Jasper even showed up at UDub once, claiming that Alice had a vision of Bella alone crying, telling Charlie I was arrested. Since I had stopped phasing she was able to catch glimpses of me in her visions. I hated it, but it had come in handy that time. It just so happened that was the same day that I caught some fucker checking out her ass. Jasper calmed me down and reminded me that Bella needed me and I would not be any use to her in jail. He was right, but I still wanted to kill the little fucker. Jasper made a compromise with me and photoshopped the guy into a very compromising position and posted the picture all over his dorm. Turns out, he was the school's peeping Tom and the pictures exposed him as a perv. It didn't stop me from wanting to kick his ass, but it made me feel a little better. And we had performed a public service while we were at it, so it was win-win for everyone!

Edward, unfortunately, stayed in contact as well. I didn't rest easy until we got an invitation to his wedding. He had met his mate in England while traveling. I never thought Bella would leave me, but the fear that I might screw up bad enough to cause her to was always there. Edward being single just rubbed me the wrong way, and I think I was as happy as he was on his wedding day. I still growled when Bella hugged him, but his mate growled back. She was a feisty little blonde with the strangest violet eyes and Bella adored her. I loved her just because she took away my tightest competition. She was a handful and nothing like what I pictured Edward's mate would be, but she kept him on his toes, and for that I was thankful.

"Jack!" Graham's voice cut through my reminiscing. Jack had Faith's garter around his head and had removed his pants. A boy after my own heart. I loved being naked.

"Wun, Daddy! Wun!" He squealed as Graham chased him.

"Jack!" Leah's voice cut through the air making them both freeze. "Don't you know that all the girls can see your willie? Look, even Charley is laughing at you."

Jack contemplated that for a moment.

"Don't she have one too?" He asked making me choke on my laughter.

Graham talked lowly to him, Jack shaking his head and looking very serious. My angel sidled up next to me and wrapped her arms around my waist.

"Is that what we have to look forward to?" She asked.

"Ah, you're still determined it's a little boy?" I asked. I would be happy with whatever, but girls had changed my life. I was just a tad partial to them.

"Oh, I know he's a he. And if he's anything like his daddy we're going to have our hands full."

"Ain't that the damn truth?" Charlie chuckled.

"Daddeeeeeeee!" Charley squealed as Embry spun her around.

"Toss her Embry!" I yelled. Bella hated it when we did that, but seriously, like we would let her get hurt.

"Eeeeeeeeeeee!" She squealed as she flew through the air and into my arms.

"What do you think, princess? You think Mommy is having a little brother or a little sister for you?" Bella smacked me and I gave her a look that told her everyone already knew.

"Bubba," she said, happy that she had learned a new word. "She clapped her chubby hands and said it over and over again. "Bubba, bubba, bubba."

"See, told ya'." My angel smirked and I kissed her soundly. Well, she was always right, even if I never admitted it. Had to keep her on her toes.

As I looked around and our family that seemed to get larger every day, I couldn't help but be in awe of what we had created together. Remembering what I once was didn't cause me pain anymore. In fact, I had even been to visit my father in prison. Faith said I needed closure or some shit. My angel insisted on going with me and when he looked at us, tears filled his eyes. He apologized and while it would never make up for what he did to me, I realized that once again my angel was right. He was just a sick, miserable man, and he would live the rest of his life with what he had done.

As for me? I lived an amazing life, with an angel and a beautiful daughter. Not to mention that I was surrounded by people who loved me. Nothing was perfect, but it came pretty damn close. That night when Bella and I lay in bed, after making love to her twice, I didn't hold back in telling her just how much I loved her before laying my head on her stomach and listening to the heartbeat of our son. As I did so I remembered a dream I had when I thought a life with Bella wasn't really even a possibility. A little game of Cowboys and Indians with my son. I fell asleep with a goofy smile plastered across my face and thanked God for all the good in my life, and for my own personal angel in Bella.

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