A Crash in Time: Prologue

Dr. Neo Cortex was standing by a rather peculiar machine that had a large chamber in it, and was connected to a generator with six oval pockmarks in it. This was his new lab that he had built in Antarctica due to its isolation from the world. N. Gin was standing just feet away, twiddling his thumbs in anxiety.

"N. Gin, this plan cannot fail. All I need are the six discs, and I will be able to travel through time efficiently," the aging doctor said upon clearing his throat. N. Gin nodded, and placed his hands behind his back.

"Doctor, what exactly are you planning to do once that the machine is fully operable?"

Cortex sighed, and averted his red irises to the glass chamber. "I will send someone back in time, the day that I had created Crash Bandicoot, and I will order them to kill him while he is still locked within his confinement. Then, I will transmit them to when Kate Clark was born, and have them dispose of her as well."

N. Gin blinked, and inhaled. "Yes, doctor, but how are we to get the six discs?"

Cortex creased his brow, and tightened his fists. Who was he to send? He couldn't send any of his minions; knowing their liability, they wouldn't survive a few mere minutes back in time. Perhaps, he could hire professional treasure hunters, but they might not be able to withstand the dangers that lie in store.

He needed someone with luck when it came to surviving… Someone like…

"The Bandicoots."

N. Gin cocked his head slightly in confusion. "But, they surely won't believe that you are doing great things, and they won't comply."

"They might if I use the threat of force… There are plenty of them to send on this mission, and all I have to do to get them to do what I want is to threaten them." Cortex felt a smile creep on his twisted features. "Send word to N. Tropy. We will need him for temporary transportation through the timeline in order to retrieve the discs."

N. Gin pursed his lips, and made way to the door of the lab. "As you wish, Doctor." Cortex heard the metal clang of the doors swinging shut soon after, and he was alone in the room with the machine.

"The only way to get rid of you is to kill you while you were created. Crash Bandicoot, prepare to meet your doom once and for all."