iWould Have Pounded Him Silly

By OneHorseShay

Disclaimer: Don't Own, don't Sue, for God sakes, don't sue.

Summary: Carly nor Freddie could realize how one stray comment and misjudgment from her towards Freddie would change both their lives. Now Freddie strives for a better life while Carly fights for their friendship and maybe his love again. Cat/Freddie vs. Creddie. Post iPwV, before and leading to iOMG and Prome Wrecker and beyond.

Author's note: I'm sticking as close to Season 1 incarnation of Cat Valentine's character throughout the story. Sorry, but her Season 2 interpretation has lost a lot of IQ points for no apparent reason.

Chapter 1

Kenan Thompson's Residence

Los Angeles, CA

"You were wrong," Freddie whispered with a determined look on his face. Carly turned around as she was packing her stuff from the same room where they had first met Tori.

She sighed without looking back, but down at her bag. "I know, everyone told me so, I don't want to hear it from you too."

"No, not about him cheating on you, but about him pounding me silly. I would have pounded his scrawny tail silly."

Carly laughed and turned around to meet his gaze, "But you're all nerdy."

"So is your dad, Steven, and he's in Special Forces and that was after he was a fighter pilot. Don't underestimate nerds especially those that went through rehab after being hit by a truck," he replied with his boyish smirk then lifted his right arm and flexed.

Carly swallowed a lump that formed in her throat and blushed for a moment looking at his arm muscle. Where has he been hiding those? She found her voice a moment later to answer, "I stand corrected."

Freddie snorted out and shook his head at the fact that he could get her to blush. He relaxed and lowered his arm before taking a step forward. "If he was still around I'd still teach him what happens when you make Carly Shay cry."

She nodded hesitantly, "Yeah… well I guess that happens when you're in love with a guy and he—"

"You weren't in love with him," Freddie snorted out and shook his head. He didn't know where that came from, but he quickly realized that it felt true and right.

Carly's brow furled and asked hotly, "How can you say I wasn't in love with him? You know I was!"

Freddie frowned in response as he replied indignantly, "Because you didn't act any different with him than when we were together and we agreed you weren't in love with me, so you weren't in love with him. You only thought you were in love with him, just like me."

Carly reeled back from the accusation then looked down at the floor for a moment. "That's not fair."

"You're right, it's not fair that you can be 'in love' and be with someone, but if I have the nerve to look at another girl you get to hit me with a fruit," he replied sternly.

Her head shot up and looked at his stern face.

He felt the same anger he felt for Steven earlier boiling up, but he didn't feel it towards Steven but for the girl standing in front of him. "You hit me and it hurt. I'd never lay a hand on you, I would never lay a hand on you, but you hit me for looking at Tori. And so what if I drooled, how is that any different than when you make eyes at Adam, Cort or Steven? And you know I would treat her right and she wouldn't just be some pretty girl on my arm because I treated you right. Heck, I'm the only guy that's ever treated you right, but you keep going for loser after loser. Cat's right, I'm not the problem, you are."

Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. "I'm the problem?"

"Yes, you're the problem: you think because a cute boy smiles at you and can kiss you that you're in love then go on about practicing changing your last name to his or think he's your future husband. I on the other hand am just as good looking, you know I can kiss you just as well or better because you never complained about my kissing and I would stick by your side even if it brings me nothing but pain and no appreciation on your part. You still look at me just as Freddie again and put them before me even after all we've been through. Face it Carly, you're so superficial and shallow you could be mistaken for a kiddy pool."

The next thing he heard and felt was the palm of Carly's hand slapping his face. His head only turned slightly as he kept a stern face. He looked back at her and she blinked in shock and took a step back. Whether it was the fact that she hit him or the look he was giving her didn't matter to him for a moment. He replied in a slow and deliberate voice, "You wouldn't hit Steven or let Sam hit him for cheating on you or hit Tori for being the other girl, but you'd hit me and have hit me… and I'm the guy whose only crime was loving you since I was a child, nearly died for my love for you… and let you go for that love."

Freddie shook his head. The next words that he spoke felt like a knife twisting in his gut, but he spoke them anyway as he looked her straight in the eyes, "That just proved you're not worth that pain anymore and you're not worth one more moment of my time. I'm finally going to do something I should have done a long time ago, put myself first instead of you. Goodbye Carly." He reached over and picked up his bag and turned around leaving Carly standing as pale as a ghost and as silent as a tomb.