Sunshyne Rayes

Dear Storm Skyes,

Hello, I'm Sunshyne Rayes as you may already know but I'll allow you to call me either Sun or Sunshyne unless you can think of something else to call me then that would be fine, anything works. As you also know, I'm your assigned pen friend but you don't have to call it that, and I'm from Hollywood and not that totally amazing place I have been to but I'll tell you about that another time and there are no celebrities here well if you count an English model as a celebrity then that's me. But no, Hollywood is a rather huge town on the outside of England so It's basically a country that you cannot find on a map, Only on a very special map that we use in our geography lesson's in my private school, I go to private school, well I did, now I'm in public but that's good because all the children their are overly friendly and I have a few friends, my truest one's being Shaylor, Dare, Lyric, Melody, Piano and Faith we all have unique names so we made our own club about it. As for my family, I have a mum that used to work as a model when she were sixteen, she even featured in some adverts, movies and made an appearance in Blue peter. Her name is Vanessa-Rose-Rayes, I work as my mums model, modelling all her

designs for popular magazine, I once did a underwear photo-shoot but I am only Fourteen and I got the wrong attention from people.

Jerry Joseph Rayes is my father that I adore, I've always been a Daddy's girl but not one of those 'Get me this now Daddy' type of girls.

He's named after his great grandpa. I also have two siblings, Harmony, who by the way is only five and already popular with the boys in her school even the one's in a few years above as she is pretty for her age and looks at least ten. Then last but not least there's my three year old brother Logan who thinks he's hard but would not harm a fly well, he does harm spiders but you know what I mean. I haven't got much else to say except that I have two swimming pools one of them inside and the other out, hey if we get on maybe you could come round one day? I hope we do get on and I'll enjoy hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Sunshyne Rayes:)

~Storm Skyes~

That Sunshyne girl wrote to me today, this morning as I went out to collect the mail seeing as it was my turn and there it was in a bright yellow envelope and'Storm Skyes'was written in swirly writing on it. I've never had a letter addressed to me ever since...Mum died. I don't want to remember any of that but this Sunshyne girl obviously wants to know and I might as well tell her, she seems nice and maybe I can trust her? Well at least I hope so. So right now I'm writing back.

Dear Sunshyne Rayes

Hiya, first of all thank you for your letter it actually meant a lot to me and you sound like a nice person not a bit like I thought this stupid assignment would be like. I enjoyed hearing about your lifestyles and wow you like have an awesome life, I wish I did. I'm not awesome and my life sucks compared to yours. Sunshyne is a very beautiful name and I'm sure your beautiful too, I'm not a bit beautiful but I'll send you a picture with this letter so you can see that for yourself and maybe you could send me yours? Private school! apparently they are overly posh and only rich children can attend I read up on one called Sea cove Private school. As for friends, this feels terrible to admit but I hardly have any, well only Christina but she moved two weeks ago so I'm independent,alone. Can I trust you? I don't have a proper family you see, when I was Ten my father walked out on Mum and me for his new girlfriend, Lauren. I suppose I liked Lauren she used to always be nice to me and I rather wanted her to be my sister, We were fine without him, Mum and me but shortly after Mum got seriously ill and died in front of me, In my arms, and I cannot stand the thought of it. So we burnt her on our local beach and I have her ashes in a special box under my bed with a few photographs and some of her special things.

I now live with my annoying, snobby but OK at times, Uncle Bob and Auntie Rose. And the three terrible children that I've been forced to call my siblings, Rosalie, she's a super cute three year old with a soft lock of blond and blue eyes that persuade you to wait on her. Jasper's my oldest brother, He's two years older then I am and treats me like I'm one of the babies like Rosalie. The only attention he gives is to his girlfriend Jasmine, I do not like her but she's OK I guess.

Lastly, Bliss is her favourite and she's mature for a ten year old, I share her bedroom and It's actually quite fun.

Here's a picture of me;