Time titans

Chapter 25

2011, A theme park in Southampton

The theme park was full of people that had no idea what had just happened only a few miles away. Warp, Becks, Liam and Abzobitra where waiting in line for a rollercoster. Abzobitra and Liam where holding hands because Liam was feeling nervous about going on the ride.

"Well this is much better than my idea,"said Warp trying to start a conversation to pass the time. 5 minutes had pased and they had only got half way through the line given the fact that some people had let them skip ahead because afterall they where superheros.

"I thought so," said Abzobitra smileing. They where getting closer now only three people where infront of them. Liam felt a lot better here then he did at the night club. A rollercoster cart pulled up and the three people got in now they where at the front.

"Oh wait," said Abzobitra reaching into her pocket and pulled out a camra. They gathered up and Abzobitra cliked a button with took a picture of the four of them. Another cart pulled up it was there turn. They got in Liam watched as they all clicked their seat belt together, Liam tryed to do the same but failed. Abzobitra helped him out. A man came and pulled down a metal bar and checked it was stable. He walked away and pressed a button. The cart started to move. First it slowly went up and as they got to the top Liam felt the erge to look down. He wished he didn't they where at least 1000 feet off the gorund.

"I feel sick," said Liam.

"Just don't throw up," said Warp who was sat in the seat behind him. The ride started to slow down Liam thought it was broken. Then without warning it suddenly went down at great speed going up and down. swerving left and right. Liam thought it was over at least two times but instead continued to go round seeming to never end, but it did. They spent most of the day there. they went on a lot of rides the ghost train, House of mirrors, Bumper cars, Helter skelter, afew more roller coasters and a ride called the waltser wich Liam wasn't expecting to be what it was and aftewards his neck started to ache. Abzobitra said that the candy floss would make up for it and it did. Liam had never tasted something so sweet. Near 9:34 Becks had said that it was time for Liam and herself to return home. Abzobitra and Warp agreed the said that they would miss them. Warp and Beck walked ahead while Liam and Abzobitra walked slower.

"You know I'm going to miss you,"said Abzobitra. Liam felt himself feel sad he had to say something to her or else he would regret it.

"Abzobitra," he began. Abzobitra looked at him and saw he was blushing. "I've spent a long time here with you and the others and well I sort of like you." Abzobitra began to blush herslef.

"You mean like a crush?" She asked him. Liam went evan redder and hoped that the other two didn't hear them. He slowly nodded.

"Ur.. Liam thats sweet but... ur I have a boyfriend," she said trying to make him feel to rejected.

"Oh," said Liam feeling very dissapointed.

"Don't feel sad Liam if half the boys where like you i would be married," She joked trying to make him feel better but it didn't seem to work. So she did the only thing she could think of. She kissed him on the lips. Afterwars liam was stunned. Becks and Warp didn't see it.

"Can I have your communicator?" Asked Warp. Abzobitra had to get it because Liam was still stunned. Warp opened up the back and pricked his finger on something and rubbed the blood on something.

"Hear now you can comunicate with us no matter what time your in," he said giving it back to Liam who was only just coming to terms with the kiss. Warp then did the same thing to becks comunicator. It took about 10 seconds befor Warp had flashed off with Liam and Becks leaving Abzobitra completly alone and then flashed back but on his own. Abzobitra and Warp then walked home to get a good night rest.

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