Hello all! This is going to be my first multi-chapter Suits story! Whooo! This is for MegalegU who requested a bank hold-up story ^.- The story will probably only be about 4-5 chapters max so I should be able to update quickly! Hope you all like it! :D

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Mike knew something was wrong the minute they arrived at the building. Call it a hunch or a premonition or whatever else came to mind but something just didn't sit right with him. For starters, he'd seen at least three men on their walk over here who were dressed almost exactly the same: dark jackets, black jeans, and baseball caps. They weren't all together, one near the parking lot, one across the street, and another standing at the stoplight at the corner. In the bustle of people that were constantly wandering the street, it shouldn't have been an odd occurence to find a few people dressed alike but there was something about those three that made Mike put up a mental flag as they passed.

Another thing was that their newest client worked at a bank and seeing that many darkly dressed men on the same block as the bank they were heading toward was putting him on edge. He tried to ignore it, push the questions and concerns past his mind, but they lingered just on the edge of his consciousness, nagging at him with each step they took. He entertained the idea of bringing it up to Harvey but he knew the older man would probably just tell him he was overreacting and to focus on the client.

It was early and many of the shops and businesses on this block were just now opening. Their client had requested they come in early enough so that their meeting wouldn't interfere with business hours and Harvey had obliged. Mike had found it a bit odd that he didn't insist the man come to his office but he knew better than to ask. Harvey had his own ways about charming the clients and Mike figured this was probably one of his methods.

The bank was floor-to-ceiling windows in the front, polished and tinted blue. The hours were painted on the front door in bright white, blocky numbers and the brass door handles gleamed in the early morning sun. Mike took stock of the doors and made a mental note that there was one set of double doors in front and probably at least one in the back. He had enver been one to clearly mark exits in his head but today seemed to be an exception. He filed the information away silently and followed Harvey into the building.

The lobby was large and open with polished, black marble floors and large, unoccupied wooden desks pushed back in the corners. A row of teller windows sat toward the back of the lobby, a long hallway cutting further back into the building behind them. There were a few sleepy-looking tellers sitting behind the windows but aside from them and he and Harvey, the building looked empty.

A short, balding man appeared from a door back in the hall and came around to greet them. He had a nice smile and a kind face and he seemed genuinely pleased to meet them. Mike probably would have been much happier meeting him as well if he didn't feel so damn uneasy. He kept glancing back toward the large windows as the man and Harvey spoke, keeping an eye out for the darkly dressed men he'd seen earlier. He wanted to believe he was overreacting and that those men simply happened to pick out clothes that vaguely matched each other in the morning. He wanted to believe that they were just innocently passing by on the street that morning and were off to go on about their day. And he really, really wanted to believe that they hadn't just walked into a trap. When the man suggested they talk in his office to give them more privacy, Mike was reluctantly pulled away from his window vigil to follow Harvey.

Mike sat quietly, taking notes while Harvey and the man discussed his case. It was something about business loans not being paid on time and lawsuits being brought up in order to get payment and something else but Mike honestly wasn't paying attention. He was only half-listening to the case at hand, the rest of his attention was focused on listening to what was going on outside of the room. It was probably nothing, he told himself for the fifth time that morning. Probably his mind working overtime and making him paranoid, but he couldn't shake his uneasiness.

Harvey had just started into his part of the case when there was a noise from the lobby. Mike felt his back stiffen instantly. Their client looked both alarmed and puzzled at the same time and he and Harvey both looked toward the door that Mike had been staring at for the last thirty seconds. They all stood up and walked out into the hallway, getting a clear view of the lobby at the front. Mike felt like his heart stopped.

The same three men they'd passed on the way to the building were standing in the lobby, guns drawn and white masks covering their faces. The bank tellers were frozen behind their desks, hands tembling above their heads. Mike could have laughed at the irony of the situation had it not been so serious; they came to talk about money not being paid back on the day of a bank robbery. How could that get any better?

One of the men noticed them standing in the hall and turned his gun toward them. "Good morning gentlemen." he said, his voice muffled behind the mask. "This is a robbery."

More to come soon, I promise! :D