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BEST PRANKERS! (continued) :3

"PROOOOOWWWWWWLLLIIIIIEEEEEEE !" Sunstreakers high-pitched call echoes throughout the base. "WHERE ARE YOOOOOUUUU!?" Sunny pokes his helm into the tactician's office and sees Prowl leaning back in his chair, peds comfortably propped up on his desk and his optics scanning a datapad.

Prowl breathes out heavily and he slowly looks up at the golden Corvette. "What is it now?"

Sunny has always had trouble figuring out what Prowl's optics ware doing behind that blue visor of his, but he assumes that the tactician is glaring fiercely. "Well I was wondering if you have seen Shadow Stalker anywhere."

Prowl sighs again and massages his helm and adjusts his visor. "No…I have not seen the femme…" Prowl's voice trails off as he notices the round ball that the aforementioned femme had actually given him sometime earlier. "Although," he picks up the small metallic ball and holds it out to Sunny. "I did find this earlier as I was making my rounds."

Sunny snatches it eagerly and inspects it with hungry optics. "What is it?" He pokes the side and accidentally presses a button on it and a small chip flies out onto his chest plate. "What?!"

Prowl fights back a satisfied smirk and just shrugs and goes back to his datapad without another word.

Meanwhile…in the lab! :D

Shadow Stalker watches as Sunny is finally chipped and an evil smirk lines her faceplate. "Time to activate the chips," She cackles softly to herself and presses a large red button on the middle console of the computer. "Time to eat your words TWINS!"



The silver corvette turns his helm towards the direction of the call. "WHAT?!"

"WOULD YOU PLEASE COME HERE?" The voice calls again.

Sideswipe sighs and slams his data pad furiously on the table and grumbles to himself. "This better be good…"

"What do you want, Sun- WHAT THE?!" Sideswipe jumps back at the sight of his golden twin brother stuck to Ratchet's back.

"I have no idea what happened!" Sunny wheezes, his small frame being bent in all directions from having to support the CMO's heavy weight. (Don't tell Ratchet I said that please, my dearest reader…I would prefer to not have his wrench lodged in my cranium. O.o)

Ratchet lets out an irritated sigh and crosses his arms over his chest plate. "It feels like I'm being drawn to you by some magnetic force."

"Magnetic?" Sides raises an optic ridge. "How could Sunny be giving off a magnetic field?"

The medic shrugs as best he can in this awkward position and groans when he feels Sunny wiggle spastically for the tenth time. "Beats me..." The CMO strokes his chin in thought and his optics widen. "Could this possibly have something to do with that 'prank-off' you and Prime's mate are having?"

The twins look at each other blankly for about a second before their optics widen and they both shout in unison. "THE CHIPS!"

Ratchet sighs again. "This isn't time for talking about human snack foods…"

"NO NO!" Sides shakes his helm. "Prowl and Jazz gave us little silver balls and they both had buttons on the side."

"When we pressed them, a small chip flew out onto our chests!" Sunny lets out a heavy breath and whimpers.

"Wait…" Sideswipe stares confused at his brother. "If this has something to do with those little chips…then how come I am not pulling all metal objects towards me?"

As soon as he says that Sides is pulled into the pile with Ratchet and Sunny at a very awkward angle. Ratchet's interface panel right in Sides' optics and Sunny's chin resting awkwardly on his stomach. "I spoke too soon…" Sides sighs and glares at the floor.

"Come on guys! We can't give up just yet!" Sunny mumbles from a mouthful of Ratchet's arm. "We just need to formulate a plan to turn these chips off."

"HOW?! I can barely think being stuck to you two! I can feel my processor melting from just listening to you ramble!" Ratchet snarls uncomfortably.

"Well…I was just thinking maybe we could have Wheeljack help us. He is a scientist after all." Sunny says with a slight bounce that sends an awkward sensation up Ratchet's side.

"Would you quit moving," Ratchet hisses, "you're causing me internal pains!"

"My bad!"

Sideswipe stares at the door with grim determination and starts to waddle in its direction. "We need to find Wheeljack."

"Why?" Ratchet tries to gain control and he doesn't realize he is walking on air.

"Because as Sunny said, Wheeljack is a scientist, so I'm sure he can pull us apart long enough to turn off these stupid chips!" Sides growls frustratingly as his helm smacks against the doorframe.

After about an hour of rolling, tumbling, and waddling through the base the three original Autobots, along with a few other mechs that were just unlucky enough to be pulled into their ball of "fun," finally make it to Wheeljack's lab. Unfortunately, Wheeljack is sucked into the ball between Jazz and Prowl, the latter mech seething in annoyed rage.

"So…would anyone care to explain why we are all jumbled up together like this?" Prowl growls from in between Jazz and Wheeljack.

"Well…you remember the Prank War that my brother and I engaged in with Shadow Stalker?" Sideswipe mumbles from under Prowl's chest plate.

"Yeah, I remember that pretty clearly!" Jazz pips up from under Optimus –the leader was added on about five seconds after Jazz and Prowl.-

"Well…this is Shadow's prank to us, magnetic chips that were given to us in small silver balls." Sunstreaker sighs and feels an uncomfortable itch on his face plate and whines when he can't move his arms to scratch it.

Wheeljack stares at Ratchet's chassis in thought. "Well, then I guess the only way for you to be able to deactivate the chips is for you to admit defeat to Shadow."

"NEVER!" Sunny shouts defiantly.

"Alright…" Sides gives his brother a cold glare. "We will tell Shadow she won."

"WHAT?! You can't be serious?!" Sunny's expression twists in amazement.

"We didn't even have a prank planned!" Sides shouts, growing quite annoyed with his brother.

Sunny drops his helm in defeat, well, he dropped it as much as the awkward angle he was in would allow. "You're right…Shadow wins…"

And with those words, the ball of mechs suddenly falls apart and Prowl is the first to run from the room shouting all kinds of Cybertronian obscenities.

"Whoa, was that all we had to do? Say Shodow won and we would've deactivated the chips?" Sides brushes himself off and watches Optimus casually walk out as if nothing even happened.

"Yes." Shadow says from the doorway, her arms crossed and an evil smirk etched across her faceplate. "That was all you had to do to deactivate them."

"You have got to be kidding me." Sunny glares at the floor and clenches his fists.

"Nope, I'm not the type to be frivolous." Shadow's smirk grows wider as the twins grow more annoyed.

And with that, the twins storm out of the room mumbling angrily to themselves. Of course they are sore losers. They wouldn't be the way they are if they weren't. ;3

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