-1A/N: the first time I've ever done a werewolf fic. Please, if it's terrible, I'm sorry.
This story is kind of like the price of happiness because once again, Elena
's parents make a deal involving her.

The man and the woman stood close together, huddled from the cold. The woman had a baby in her arm. The other members of the founders council stood slightly apart from them.

"Are you sure this is necessary?" whispered the woman to the man, looking down at her child. A second man looked up sharply.

"Miranda, you agreed. You are not the only one who must make sacrifices" he glanced over at his wife who refused to meet his eye. She also held a baby in her arms, cradling him as if she feared he would disappear.

"Richard…why must we condemn our children because of our cowardice?" she asked. Miranda's husband wrapped his arm tighter around her, silencing her.

"We have to. We swore an oath" he told her.

"I know Grayson but it hurts" she opened her mouth to speak again but she was interrupted by a blonde woman.

"They're here" Instantly, everyone gathered together, eyes fixed on the trees. Shapes separated themselves from the shadows. There were five of them, three men and two women. Richard moved forward to greet them. One of the men also stepped forward

"Richard" he smiled, amused.

"Mason" he said, coldly.

"Did you bring the offerings?" he asked. Richard nodded.

"Yes" he turned and went to his wife. He offered her a hand but she ignored it, rising unaided and approaching the man. He held out his arms for the baby. She didn't relinquish her hold.

"Mason, look after him" she said, sternly.

"With my life, Carol. I promise" he said. He took the baby from her and turned to one of the women.

"Jules" she took the baby. Mason turned back to the gathering. "And…?"

"Miranda, Grayson" said Richard. Miranda stepped forward, her hands shaking as she held her baby. Mason took the baby and held her, looking at her tenderly.

"What's her name?" he asked.


"It's a beautiful name" he said. He turned to Richard again "Your debt is cleared for the next ten years"

"Good" he indicated to his companions to leave. Slowly they did so, all except Miranda who hesitated.

"Yes, Miranda?" Mason asked.

"Can I say goodbye to her?" she said, tentatively. Mason sighed but nodded. Miranda scooped the baby out of his arms and hugged her tightly.

"I love you Elena. We all love you" she whispered. Grayson, who was hovering nearby, sighed and came over.

"Miranda, it's time to go" he said. She nodded and reluctantly handed the baby back to Mason. She turned away, tears forming in her eyes. She knew when she turned back they would be gone, taking her daughter with them.

"It'll be okay Miranda, we'll see her again. Ten years remember? Just ten years" he told her. She nodded.

"I know"

A/N: hoped we liked the preface! For those who are confused as to what is happening, the founders council made a deal with the werewolf pack to keep their town free of vampires.