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Tyler rested his head against the car window, watching the town flash past. The town he'd been born in but never see. Finally, he was getting out. Caroline was driving, glancing occasionally at him. His thoughts were elsewhere.

They'd left the wolf pack until the next night. Then Tyler had come, with Caroline. He'd started with Tammy. He had walked over to her, tenderly freed her leg. She looked at him with such hope. Then he'd pulled out the gun and shot her in the stomach. He'd got up, and moved away, leaving her to die slowly.

Jules he turned too next. He freed her. She was only semi conscious at this point. The blood loss and pain had pushed her to the brink. He stroked her hair.

"I told you to leave" he whispered. Jules wondered if he'd let her go but she knew deep down he wouldn't. When he picked up the gun, he pressed it to her forehead. She felt tears in her eyes. Tyler, the boy she'd help raise, a killer. Mason had made him that. And she hadn't stopped it.

"I'll make it quick" he promised "A mercy, for your kindness" she managed to nod. He shot. It was over in seconds.

Mason and Brady where not allowed the same luxury. Tyler knocked them out and got the Salvatore brothers to carry them back to the wolf pack house. There, he chained them in the basement and let Caroline do as she pleased. By the end, they were begging for mercy.

Brady received it. Damon tore his heart out.

Mason didn't.

Tyler wanted to continue his torture. He wanted to beat him with the belt, make him count each strike as she'd had to. Wanted to see the same pain in his eyes that he'd seen in Elena's. But when the time came...he couldn't. Mason had managed a laugh, called him weak and pathetic.

"Not weak. Just not you"

Then he'd set fire to the basement and locked Mason in.

Revenge hadn't made him feel better. He hadn't expected it to. That wasn't why he'd done it.

"Are you thinking about her?" asked Caroline.

"Yes" his voice was cold, expressionless. He wondered if he'd ever feel again. Elena was dead. The pack, his family, was dead at his own hand. Caroline pulled over.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I have to Caroline. I can't stay here...not like this. I have to say goodbye" He got out of the car and walked into the graveyard. They'd got Elena buried next to the graves of her real parents. Tyler knelt beside it. He remembered the conversation they'd had when they were fifteen, heard it as if it were happening.

I'm yours and you're mine. And that's the way it'll always be.


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