The Hogwarts grounds were empty, with the exception of a lone couple emerging from the courtyard and walking slowly toward the outside horizon.

Harry Potter had never imagined that he would be doing this – walking alone with Ginny Weasley, his best friend's sister, around the deserted Hogwarts grounds at such a late hour.

They were both silent, their faces still rather flustered as a result of the passionate kiss that had just shared moments ago. Ginny was still dressed in her Gryffindor quidditch uniform; Harry in his school robes, as he had just served detention with Snape.

For a long period of time, the pair just walked around, observing the horizon, the trees, avoiding each other's eyes. Harry pondered over whether or not he should slip his hand into hers, he wanted to feel the warmth of her skin so badly, but ended up deciding against it.

Finally, as the daytime sun slowly faded to dusk, Ginny stopped walking, faced Harry, and spoke.

"Harry," she said, looking into his green eyes, her voice cracking. "Why me?"

He gave her a confused look. "What do you mean?"

She turned her head, eyeing Hagrid's hut. Smoke was emanating from the chimney.

"I was just wondering," she spoke softly. "Why choose me? You're the Chosen One, Harry. So many girls would kill to be me right now, all of them loads prettier than me anyway…"

He was a heartthrob to every girl in the school, including Ginny, because of his label as The Chosen One. Every girl wanted to date him because he was the most famous young wizard of all time.

But what set Ginny apart from the rest of the lot was that she knew the boy beneath the fame. She knew about is unfortunate habit of breaking his glasses much too often, she knew about his ambition to become an auror, and she knew about his Potions book that they had hidden in the Room of Requirement. Harry knew exactly how he felt about Ginny.

"Well, Ginny," Harry said, this time looking into her soft eyes. "I don't care about all those other girls. When I look at them, all I think about, all I see, is you. And I've figured out that all I really want, is you. It's been happening for quite a while now, actually."

She tweaked a smile. It's been happening for a while for her too. She had dated all those other boys, Michael and Dean, because she believed she was better suited for them than Harry; there was no way that she would ever be able to date Harry Potter. He was far too well-known and far too famous to even notice her as anything else but Ron's sister.

All that, of course, had changed.

She slipped her hand into Harry's and gave him a soft peck on the cheek. They continued walking on, toward the horizon, away from Hogwarts and into a world of their own.