"…I feel like we should say something to him."

"What's there to say? I mean, look at him."

He felt his ears twitch ever-so-slightly from the sound of the overheard conversation. Part of him was tempted to tell them that he could hear every word they were saying, but he resisted. After all, talking to them would initiate a conversation, the last thing he wanted at the moment.

Maybe if he was lucky, he could make them believe that his vocals had ended up like his eyes. Then again, the medics would probably end up informing them about his whole condition; what had happened to him and what could be fixed.

He tightened his hand into a fist. Right now he wanted so badly to just hit something, but he had to remember that he didn't know his own strength anymore. Taking his anger out on anything besides training dummies and the bastards that had done this to him would cause some serious damage.

Some might try to look on the bright side. He now had power unlike anything he had before. He had tons of untapped potential; all he had to do was unleash it. He could become one of the highest ranking officials in the army with all this new strength.

The only problem was that he didn't want any of it.

If he could find a way to fix all this; to turn back time and save himself, he would without a second thought. If he could make himself normal again, human again, he would leap at the chance. But until then, if then ever actually came…this was who he was. This was his nightmare.

"Squad 8-94, report to the Commander for mission debriefing and dispatch, stat."

He gave a long, breathy sigh. Debriefing, great. A mission was just what he needed right now. Tearing a few heads off was sure to put him in a better mood.

"Hey, Brad…you sure you're up this? You know with your…condition and all…"

His Gatling gun clicked as it automatically loaded itself and he flexed his stiff fingers. His lip curled up into a snarl, revealing sharp canine-like fangs, and milky, light blue eyes narrowed behind his dark tinted glasses.


"…It's payback time."

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