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Lil' holding hands

Yuina was used to get what she wanted which is the reason why she hated to wait.

Minko, or Minchi, as she called the girl in her head, didn't flinch away anymore every time their hands "accidentally" touched. The cook was too dense to notice the looks Yuina gave her. Didn't she even notice her not-so-innocent hugs and gentle whispers in the ear?

- Good morning. Today Yuina decided to throw her Osaka accent away and purred instead gently in the girl's ear.

- Morning, Minko replied indifferently. She didn't even react to Yuina's hug. She didn't return it nor flinch away so Yuina decided to push a little harder.

- What? Minko shrieked and blushed brightly when Yuina took her hand carefully in hers.

- Just a lil' holding hands, Yuina answered happily. She hated waiting, but for Minko she was ready to make an exception to the rule.