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Edward changed Bella in Italy when she rescued him so there is no Renesmee.

Chapter 1: The unheard of JPOV

A piercing howl woke me from my peaceful slumber. I groaned as I got up and cracked my muscles, preparing myself for another day of patrol and trying not to think about her. Bella Swan, it was the name that haunted me. Unfortunately her bloodsucker Edward had changed her into a leech because of the entire Italy fiasco. If you are wondering what the entire Italy Fiasco well basically pixie leech comes to check on Bella since she "sees" her jumping of the La Push cliff (honestly haven't the leeches heard of cliff diving) well I would admit that the sea had gotten rough. So apparently pixie vamp can't see wolfs (at least we have that to our advantage against all the other gifted vamps) so then pixie thinks Bella is dead and tells Blondie vamp and she goes and tells mind reader that Bella is dead. The mind reader loved her and just left Bella because he thought it would be safer. He could not have been more wrong.

When Edward had left Bella things had just became much worse. There were two psycho vamps after her wanting revenge. For a human she attracted a lot of danger that I often wondered if she was part of some supernatural creature that attracted danger to themselves. The pack managed to kill the dreadlock leech. The redhead was very tricky. She had brought 2 other vamps with her, thinking we were weak so she was eventually killed.

But getting back to Italy the mind reader went all suicidal on everyone and so just cutting the story short Bella goes to Italy and saves Edward and they all came back to Forks. I can't believe that I honestly thought she was coming back for me. Oh was I so wrong she came back just to say goodbye and it felt like a slap in the face I still remember her exact words "I have chosen my life and I want to start living it" Bella had said that to me. I hadn't seen her for a week and when I eventually did she was a bloodsucker. I don't know why but I felt as if my destiny had been destroyed.

Now I'm not one to really believe in destiny but I just couldn't shake that feeling. It is said that life is a journey and there are many paths to choose from. I knew that Bella was part of my destiny I always felt this pull when I was around her, it was not imprinting but then again what was it. That path of my destiny is destroyed. Now I will just have to find another but would I still find the same happiness?

Another howl echoed in the distance which effectively shook me out my thoughts. I sped towards the forest taking of my cut of jeans before phasing. As my mind connected to everyone else there was instant chaos. I reached everyone and I made my way over to Sam.

'Silence everyone so we can figure out what's happening.' Sam thought but never commanded

'What's going on here?' I thought to Sam

'Oh guess what Sam just found out from Harry Clearwater apparently his children are getting the signs to become wolfs' Quil thought to me before Sam could say anything. Sam had this weird dark look on his face.

'Hey wait what's with the plural Harry only has one son and that's Seth so why the plural?'

'Urm yeah well see that's what's wrong Leah is also showing the signs' thought Embry with pity

'LEAH but she can't show the signs she's a girl' I thought helplessly

'Leah hardly looks like a girl anymore. I mean she was a totally hot and the greatest person before Sam went and brokeā€¦' Jared quickly trailed of as he heard Sam growl.

'If this is really happening and she does phase you are in total shit man oh well good luck' Paul thought with a bit of humor.

'THIS IS NO HUMOROUS MATTER PAUL' Sam thundered and there was utter silence. 'Now can everyone phase so we can talk properly without everyone's unwanted opinions.

Everyone phased back quickly. Leah was a forbidden topic to everyone. Everyone remembered what happened between Sam and Leah. Sam had imprinted on Leah's cousin Emily while they were engaged. Everyone knows that you can't control or stop an imprint, but Leah didn't. Sure she knows about some of the legends, but it's not like she actually believes them. Leah was absolutely heartbroken when Sam had left her without knowing why. Of course no one could even tell her. Then she saw Sam with her own cousin Emily. No one could ever forget the look one Leah's face and I could see that it still haunted Sam.

Leah had changed a lot since then. Her once beautiful and charming smile had changed into a permanent grimace etched on her face. Her once soulful eyes had now taken on a look of pure suffering and heartbreak. She was once the life of the party and could just walk into a room and bring life into it, and now she avoided everyone and her only company was the silence of her bedroom walls. Yes Leah Clearwater had changed.

In a way Leah had reminded me of Bella after her leech left her only Bella was the complete opposite of Leah but they had suffered the same heartbreak. It was as if their soul had been ripped away from them. Bella had become a complete zombie while Leah just took out her anger on everyone else. Leah had hated those looks of pity thrown in her direction. She completely loathed Sam for what he did to her. And as for Emily, Leah never spoke to her again. Yet the biggest difference between Bella and Leah was that Bella's leech still loved her and now they are living their happy leech lives.

I absently shook my head I had to get over her completely. She chose him and his bloodsucking family. That's what hurt me the most. She chose to be a vampire, a blood sucker, if not me why couldn't she just find a normal guy and remain human. But since life seemed to hate me, my best friend had become my mortal enemy.