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Chapter 9 : Wolf in question


I am normally a girl who sticks to the plan they make. Confessing my attraction to Jacob was not part of the plan. I have trust issues ever since Sam yet here I am with Jacob feeling as if nothing in the world could touch me. I felt safe, happy and content being with him. I trust him with my heart and life and yet I hardly know him which is what scares me the most.

I think that's the reason I didn't go running and screaming when he turned into a gigantic wolf before my eyes. His fur was red-brown in colour and had a rustic tone to it and he looked truly magnificent. He whined and took a slow stepromise p towards me. I instantly froze in alarm as he sat suddenly sat down just in front of me. I hesitated then finally edged my way towards the Jacob wolf. I stretched out my fingers and touched his fur which was rough yet silky under my hand. When I gained more courage I began to slowly pet him. A deep sound resonated from his throat.

"Are you purring?" I asked with a giggle as the wolf knocked me down lightly which resulted in me laughing. "I can't believe you a big hairy monster!" I whispered and Jacob snorted at that. "So the legends are actually true then?" I asked him and he nodded his head. "Oh thank goodness I was afraid that I imagined this and I would need to see a shrink." I said which Jacob let out a bark of laughter at.

"Can you change back? There is so many things I want to ask you." I said to him but he shook his head and turned towards the torn pieces of clothing on the floor. I blushed as Jacob let out a bark of laughter. "I'll get you clothes" I mumbled and rushed inside the house to look for clothes still hearing the barks of laughter at my embarrassment.

Jacob took the clothes from me and ran into the forest appearing again after 2 minutes. He walked up to me and engulfed me in a hug. I sighed happily in his embrace as I felt all my problems melt away.

"I'm surprised you haven't run away screaming yet." Jake said as he half pulled away to look at my face.

"Well you not the first person who I saw turned into a gigantic wolf so I already did the panicking earlier on." I said quietly, worrying about his reaction to that bit of news.

"Who? When?" Jake asked clearly shocked.

"I was at Billy's house visiting Rachel and we were talking. Jake I'm so sorry I told Rachel that you and Paul were in Sam's cult I didn't know what you were and then Paul came over and Rach started accusing him and he began shaking then he ran off and I saw him change into a wolf. I don't think Rach saw then Paul came back then I left them. Jake I'm so sorry I shouldn't off told anything to her." I mumbled ashamed, and I averted my gaze afraid to meet Jake's.

"Hey Lee it's alright look at me" He said as he lifted my face to meet his gaze. "I am not angry with you. I could never be and relax I'll deal with Rach she probably will find out today though Paul will tell her." He told me gently and pulled me back in his arms. I sighed in content and closed my eyes.

"Can you tell me what caused you to become a wolf? I mean how do you change into one? Did it hurt? Why did only you guys change into wolfs? Does the warm body temperature have anything to do with the wolves, because you really hot" I asked all at once not giving him a chance to answer. I blushed at the last sentence realizing what it sounded like. He chuckled at the verbal attack and the last sentence. Why couldn't I just shut up? Jake just made feel like confessing my every thought and feelings to him.

"How about we go inside and talk?" He said more like it was a command than a question. "Oh and by the way the hotness is a wolf thing but I'm the hottest of all." He said with a cocky grin on his face that left me wondering whether he was talking about his temperature or physical appearance. At 19 yeah the guy was pretty damn hot and he seemed to know that too. He linked our hands together and we quickly walked back to my house. We sat down on the couch and I began my questioning.

"So, where there signs that you were going to morph into a gigantic wolf?" I asked wondering how they became all so buff.

"Well during the year of my first phase I underwent a lot of growth spurts and started to become buff without even working out. I got angered very easily and I began noticing that my senses were becoming heightened. Sam and his cult as you called it all looked at me weirdly and then at the end of the year it just happened I turned into a wolf." He said solemnly as he reminisced about it leaving me confused.

"So what? You just changed or better yet what made you change?" I asked folding my legs onto the couch, getting comfy.

"Well my body temperature began to skyrocket that day, and I became really angry for no good reason." He chuckled darkly which scared me a bit wondering what got him angry. I put my hand over his and waited for him to continue and tell me what happened that day. He sighed softly then continued.

"I had fallen in love with a girl named Bella Swan. She was completely broken when her boyfriend left her. I tried my best to fix her and she was slowly healing. A couple of her friends and I decided to go to the movies. Most of them bailed though coz of her zombie phase I guess. So it was just me and her other guy friend. We both pulled moves on her trying to get her attention, then he had gotten sick and Bella and I waited outside the theatre for him. We got talking and I just couldn't understand how she could still be in love with her psycho ex boyfriend when he hurt her so much. I told her how I felt about her and before she could respond that idiot called Mike interrupted us and I don't know why but I had become so angry. I drove home fast that night. I was lying on the couch when every bone of my body started to pain." Jake said and started shivering.

So many thoughts were going through my head at this moment. There was a change of voice when he had talked about Bella which made me wonder just what had happened between them and who was her ex boyfriend. But I had to admit that I Leah Clearwater was jealous of Bella Swan. I am seriously not the same person anymore. Why do I like Jake so much? I however quickly banished that from my head when I heard the amount of pain in Jake's last sentence. "What happened Jake?" I asked afraid of him to answer.

"The pain was beyond anything I had ever felt I had run outside as my body felt like it was in a furnace. I had become angry thinking about Bella at that moment then I phased. I had felt the bones in my body shift it was so much pain. That was just the first time though otherwise it feels quite natural to phase doesn't hurt at all." He said with a yawn.

"Just so you know you are not going anywhere until I know everything about wolfs. I don't care if you're tired suck it up coz it's going to be a long night." I said raising my voice a little. I couldn't believe that the legends told to us were true. I could have always asked my brother to explain things to me but I just wanted to spend time with Jake.

"Alright, where do you want me to start?" He asked with a grin.

Before I could stop myself the words flew out my mouth.

"What happened with you and Bella?" I tried to ask in a nonchalant tone which I failed at. He laughed at that.

"Are you jealous Leah?" He asked with a smirk. I hit him on his arm when he said that but he just started laughing

"No I'm not. I'm just curious I guess…." I said trailing which caused him to laugh even louder

"Sure, sure I'll tell you anyway coz I'm awesome." He said

I glared at him and he began his story of Bella Swan.

I was fuming when I heard the story. She fell in love with a vampire. Which idiot falls in love with a thing that can kill you? I hated the way Bella had treated him so badly and just dumped him like dirt. In a way I was grateful for her but I quickly pushed that thought out of my head.

"So does that satisfy your curiosity Miss Clearwater?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

"Oh that was for personal gain" I said with a wink questioning what was wrong with me. "Now tell me how does it feel to become a wolf?" I asked

The questioning carried on into the night.

The soft snores of Seth broke me out of the bubble that I was in with Jake and I suddenly realized something.

"Jake I'm showing the symptoms." I said softly quite alarmed.

"You are going to phase." He said frowning.

I gasped in alarm. "What? No I can't phase. I mean not with HIM being there and controlling me. I won't listen to him at all!" I whisper-shouted at Jake. I was so angry with Sam being the leader and ruling over me that I began to shake violently.

Jake wrenched me into his arms holding onto me tightly. "Hey Leah calm down he isn't going to be the alpha in a while." He said

"What do you mean?" I asked trying to calm down

"I'm the real alpha but I let Sam be it because I wasn't ready to become a leader yet." He said gently and I slowly began to calm down.

"When will you become the Alpha?" I asked him, the wheels in my head already turning and planning.

"In 3 weeks' time." He replied slowly as if waiting for me to become angry again.

"Okay that won't be that bad. I just have to keep calm till you become the alpha and when you do then only will I phase." I said. I couldn't bear to have Sam leading me so I should just wait till Jake's the alpha. It couldn't be too hard to keep calm could it?

Jake gave me a calculating look as he stared at me. "You know you have to face him one time or another." He said still staring at me.

"Yeah I know. I want closure before I move on. Why did he just leave me like that? Was it because he turned into a wolf, and why Emily? That's what hurts the most if it was any other girl I wouldn't care less but it was my cousin. The amazing friendship and sisterhood we had was destroyed." I said teary eyed. It was the first time I ever confessed that to anyone.

He pulled me hard against his chest where I began to sob for what I had lost. "Sam asked me not to tell you why, he needs to explain that to you. He owes you that." He said softly in my ear.

"You know you never explained the connection between us." I mumbled in his chest half asleep.

"That's an explanation for another day, you need to sleep now." He whispered caring me up to my room. "Sweet dreams Lee." He said kissing my forehead as I sunk into oblivion fully exhausted.