Second Chances

Chapter 1

This is a challenge I got, and honestly, I am surprised NO ONE ever thought of this.

"You may have regained some trace of my power, but you are still no threat to me, little girl!" Trigon stated to a kid like Raven, who was wearing a white version of her usual attire. "I am your creator, your master! You exist only to serve me! You survive only because I allow it! What hope can a mere child have of defeating her all powerful father!"

"You may have created me." Raven said as her form shifted back to its teenage form in a bright flash of light. "But you are never my father!" She said in her usual tone of voice as she sent a white light at the tall red demon.

"Argh!" he shouted in pain, he was losing, to a kid! His own child! Somewhere, in the back of his mind, a voice shouted, Finally! Now give me back control! "Wretched insignificant-" His body froze in mid-sentence, something that Raven noticed and took advantage of and blasted him again.

"Fathers are kind!" stated Raven as he kept blasting him after each sentence. "Fathers protect you! Fathers raise you! I was protected by the monks of Azarath, I was raised by my friends! They are my family! This is my home and you are not welcome here!" Raven shouted as she flew up into the air.

"ARGH! NO! This is not how it is supposed to go!" Trigon shouted with two voices, which made raven raise an eyebrow at. "CONTROL IS MINE! NOT YOURS!"

Raven didn't know what was truly going on now with her father, but she also didn't care. Raven! Do it now! A voice said in her mind and she nodded, it never steered her wrong before. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" She chanted as she white energy enveloped everything, turning everything back to normal in this ruined city of Jump City and seeming destroying her father.

Once Raven had floated back down to the ground, Starfire floated over to her and said, "Raven that was…"

"Unbelievable." Cyborg finished in awe.

"No, it wasn't." Raven said with a smile before she hugged Robin. "Somebody believed!"

"Welcome back." Robin replied with a smile.

"Ok, your freaking me out here!" Beast Boy interrupted the tender moment. "The white robe and smile are weird enough, but HUGS!" He stared at the girl for a moment and asked, "Are you still…you?"

"Blue is still my favorite color and don't get used to this smile cause your still not funny." She replied.

"Huh?" Beast Boy replied intelligently before he smiled and lunged at the girl. "RAVEN!"

"Quit it." She replied.

They were about to leave when a red column of energy where Trigon used to be suddenly shot out of the ground. If they were freaked out, they didn't show it because they were more afraid than anything else because a giant red furred claw shot out towards them, only to stop a few inches from them.

Looking at what the claw was attached to, Raven's eyes widened in fear. It was something on par with her father! A giant fox known as the Kyuubi! However, before it could make its way toward them any further, it appeared to be sucked into a vortex that was getting smaller.

It giant claw racked the ground a desperate attempt to stay out in the open, but it was in vain because the vortex was to strong.

Once they got a good look at said vortex, they saw it transform in that of a human with blond hair. Once the fox was fully sucked in, they saw what he really looked like. In addition to his blond hair, he had crystal blue eyes that stared blankly at the sky, three whisker like marks on each cheek, no shirt that showed off his muscled chest with a strange spiral like seal on his stomach, baggy black pants, black shinobi sandals, and a white trench coat with black flames on the bottom. It also had the kanji for immortal on the back.

The titans just stared in shock at the boy as he slowly moved his head to look at them, or more specifically, Raven. He smiled weakly before saying, "Thank You, Raven." He then fell flat on his face, knocked out. What shocked Raven the most was his voice, it was the same voice that helped her no matter what and she had never really questioned it before as she also knew it was not one of her emotions.

Just who is this man who looked no older than 19?


Back at the tower, the mysterious blond stranger was resting in the infirmary while the titans where celebrating in their living room. "Alright ya'll! Four eyes is history, his goulies are gone and we just saved the whole dang universe!" Cyborg cheered as he then put on a chef's hat, "Who wants French Toast?"

"OH YES! Me please!" Starfire cut in cheerfully, "I shall consume them with gravy and the butter of peanuts!" she offered while Beast Boy made a sick face.

"And I have enough Tofu Bacon for anybody who wants it!" Beast Boy smiled.

"So…just enough for you?" Cyborg asked with a smirk.

"Exactly!" BB replied before Starfire took themtrying to be funny by pretending to be a some creature in the universe, making the two boy's laugh.

With Raven and Robin, by the window, Raven noticed the boy wonder was messing with an electronic device. "Slade got away?"

"If he ever shows his face again, we'll be ready." Robin stated seriously.

"How do you do it, Robin?"

"Do what?"

"Keep hoping. After everything that happened, everything I did, how did you still manage to hope it could all work out?" Raven asked.

"Because of you." Robin answered truthfully. "You don't realize it Raven, but you are the most hopeful person I have ever met. From the day you were born, they said you were evil, that you were created to do unspeakable things, but you wished for more. You dared to hope that you could be a hero."

"I thought it was all over and now suddenly…"

"You have your whole life ahead of you." Robin stated, "You can decide your own destiny."

"I guess, in the end, there really is no end." Raven said with a small smile. "Just new beginnings." She said, thinking on what had happened and the strange blond man. She then turned to her fellow Titans and said, "So what is the deal, are we having a party in here or not?"

The group smile and cheered before they partied for the fun of it.


A little while later, the group was eating on the couches, watching some television show when the door to the room opened, making them turn their attention to it.

It turned out to be the young man they found in Trigon's place. They were cautious because of that fact, but Raven wanted to trust this man for he had been there in spirit for her.

The blond man looked at the solemnly and gratefully at the same time. Robin saw then and said, "I see you're awake, now could you explain what happened back there and who you are?"

"Of course." The man said nervously. "I am Naruto Namikaze." At that, Raven's eyes widened, the monks spoke very highly of this man, she just thought he would be older. "This….time period is not mine….you see I am from the past. I am a ninja of great caliber."

"DUDE! You're a ninja! So badass!" Beast Boy Shouted with stars in his eyes.

"Yes." Naruto said, a little put off that the green shape shifter yelled so loud before he chuckled. "Man…you remind me of when I was a kid." That made the group blink in shock, none more so than Raven. "Anyway, there was a madman threatening my time, so I went and beat, but he used something that sent me to another world that is connected to this one."

"Azarath." Raven deduced, making the blond nod.

"Exactly. There I learned of Yin and Yang chakra, and pretty much all the odd powers that you now have." Naruto explained. "That got me curious on what I could do with my own power that I have not yet done. You see, I have three resources of chakra. My normal blue, Kyuubi's red, and my Sage Chakra."

"Three? Why would you have three?" Raven asked in extreme curiosity.

Naruto grimaced at that. "When, I was born, my old village was attacked by a being known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune." He said, referring to that giant fox they saw earlier, "My father, who was the leader of the village at the time, sealed the giant beast into me to save the village, but at the cost of his life. That pretty much made my life hell because the villagers thought I was the fox demon."

Raven saddened at that, this man could have possibly had the same childhood as her. "What about you mother?"

"Killed the day I was born by the man I mentioned earlier. Thank god I defeat him; he was such a pain in the ass to kill with all his time-space techniques." Naruto commented, "Anyway, that is the source of the Red Chakra, now my teacher, a man named Jiriaya the Toad Sage, who was my father's teacher as well. He taught me about the summoning toads and they taught me how to harness the natural energy in nature, referred as Sage Chakra."

"Whoa, wait, isn't that like magic?" Cyborg asked.

"In a way." Naruto said, but then shrugged. "Now, what I did to test out my abilities in new ways was to combine my chakra. At first, I combined all three chakras and it changed me into a a being known as Inari, the Fox God. In this form, my consciousness stayed dominate and the monks said I was a very good person in that form."

"Whoa dude!" Beast Boy commented. "You turning into a giant fox is awesome!"

"Yes, it was because it seemed in that form, I was in full control of all the Kyuubi's abilities. However, when I combined just the Kyuubi's and mine, things went to hell pretty quickly. We took on a new formt hat had neither mine or Kyuubi's dominance. It was because of a dark energy that was also tried to combine; that I guess was true magic energy. In that form, we became Trigon." Naruto said with tears in his eyes while the others gasped in fear, however, Raven noticed that tears and believe him. He was just not in control at the time.

"In that time, I was an evil person that wanted nothing but destruction. I was something that I am not! However, it was thanks to a woman named Arella that partially saved me. My consciousness surfaced for a time. It was because she looked so much like a former lover of mine and her personality that it brought me back, even if for a short time. Hinata and Arella were similar but different as well."

He paused as he smiled some, "You pretty much know what happened since you alive." Naruto replied, making the titans blush a bit. "The, something happened that I don't remember to much, someone angered me and I lost control. Those monks, who were once my friends, seale me away and made a prophecy about you. You were my Gem, a portal for my escape, but they didn't read too far into that Prophecy. There was more. I knew that if you were anything like me, you could save me and bring me back, which you did."

Raven was shocked, the voice in her head that had been helping her althrough out her life had been her father! Her true father, not that demon! "So you were the voice….how?"

"A little gift that Kyuubi helped me with. I knew I could not control my own body and I was losing myself. So I put a bit of myself into your mind so that I could regain my true self one day and be there for you in life in some way, like my parents did for me. But, at the moment, that does not matter!" He said shouted out a sob. He made his way to right in front of his daughter. He then fell to his knees and bowed lowly to her, shocking the girl and her friends. "I cannot ask for forgiveness. I know I have been a terrible father! My only wish is that you give me a second chance to be in your life. I want to make it up to you!" He begged of his daughter with tears running down his face.

Raven could not help but stare in shock at her father. Could she forgive him and give this man a chance?


I so hope you all like this. Not the best idea I have had but hey…

This will be a rather short story since I do not have a lot of inspiration for it, but it is better than nothing. He will prolly join the Justice League if that is cool with all of you.

Now, I need some help. I am not sure if Arella is alive at all. Should she be so rhat I could pair her back up with the blond?


If he is dead, who should he end up with?