Alright, this I'm planning on making the best parody of a Children's hospital/ Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (UK). It's based around Darkplace but has a cast similar to the cast of Children's hospital so, here's the cast:

Dr. Chuck Gavel (OC, not me) - The handsome new cosmetic surgeon that always has a breadknife with him.

Dr. Dale Gribble (King of the Hill) -The nutty mental health/anger management psychiatrist and pharmacist since the last one, Dr. Phil, began beating the poor people with folding chairs. Always carries a Kanata sword.

Mr. Phil (formerly Dr. Phil) – A psychopathic patient under treatment of Dr. Gribble and Dr. Bean.

Dr. Bean (Mr. Bean) –The new mental health surgeon and British chef from England. Always carries pepper spray and blinds old ladies with it.

Dr. Margaret Robinson Quinoa (Regular show) - One of the only 2 female doctors and barista that lives at the hospital. Has a half robin, half human son.

Dr. Mordecai Featherstone (also Regular show) –The only certified doctor that can do aroma therapy on patients and always carries a .44 Magnum. Also has a crush on Margaret.

Dr. Edd Eddwardsone (Ed, Edd, and Eddy) – Dr. Bean's associate, handles Dale's pet dinosaur that's also the hospital's mascot, Dr. Barney. Always has a hedge trimmer that can cut down trees and sometimes uses to scare Dr. Chioggia.

Dr. Barney – Dale's stupid pet dinosaur that always carries a fire poker with him that usually scares the crap out of everyone.

Dr. Gibby Chioggia (iCarly) – The fat doctor that's the youngest person in the hospital and has a great phobia of hedges and hedge trimmers.

Dr. Benson Stankenstein (Regular show) – The vice president of the hospital and is also Jewish but most people call him a Muslim that keeps him out of fast food restaurants and Bob Evan's.

Mr. Warden (Superjail!) –The unseen president of the hospital that has earned himself the name Mr. Elton Wonka due to his appearance and is believed to be causing the weird commotion at the hospital.

Dr. Freddy Benson (iCarly) –The only male nurse that's soon to be a doctor. Always carries a shotgun.

Dr. Carly Shay (iCarly) –The other female doctor. Has a crush on Dr. Benson.

So that's the cast, there will be more patients and doctors along with nurses and wait to see the stuff they get into, I'm only breaking my promise because of my lack of comments so tell me some of your ideas, if you're from England or any other country in Europe and you have an account and Bio you'll get your idea in the story if I don't discontinue it and for me to keep on writing I need 5 comments that's not a lot considering some and even most stories.