Queen's Ascension

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Summary; What if when the Nine Demon Masks broke, instead of reviving the Nine generals, something different happened? What if Jade was given the chance to become the ShadowKhan Queen? Dark Jade! Alternate TimeFrame! Season 2, the Demon Portal Arc hasen't happened yet only episodes 3 and 6 have happened. Season 2 was replaced by season 4. Enjoy!


' Thoughts'

"Demon Speech"

'Demon thoughts'


That was the only emotion that could describe the looks on the Chan clans face at the moment, Absolute shock.

They had just finished recovering the last of the Oni General Masks, when they had suddenly started to glow, then they flashed throwing them and the stand holding the 12 Talismans of Shendu down, before shattered like glass. To see the objects that had been causing then so much trouble the last six months(1) break so easily was stunning.

Jade was the first to overcome her shock, " Um.. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?"

This snapped the others out of their surprise, Jackie stuttered out, " The masks are destroyed!"

Tohru just stood there surprised, yet happy that the things that have been haunting his nightmares where now gone.

Uncle exclaimed, " Aieya! Demon Masks are gone but how!"

Jade being the curios child she is stood up and walked over to the masks remains, " Who cares about how or why it happened, let's just be happy that these guys won't be summoning any of their Shadowkhan anytime soon."

Uncle, along with Jackie and Tohru were now on their feet, exclaimed, " Aieya! Jade demon artifacts do not just break! And one more thing! If the the masks are gone what happened to the Oni general spirits! Come Tohru! We must do research!"

Just then Captain Black walked in, " Jackie, what happened we saw the flash on the security cameras, before they shut down." Asked the leader of section 13.

Jackie turned around to explain, but was cut off by a scream.

Spinning around to the source he was horrified to see Jade being surrounded by a whirlpool of black shadows, that was slowly rising engulfing her.

"Jackie Help Me!" she screamed, obviously frightened.

This snapped him out of his daze along with Captain Blacks, sprinting to his niece with Black in pursuit crying out "Jade!"

Leaping for the young girl trying desperately to save he as she was now up to her nose in shadows only to be blacked by a black and blue blur that tackled both him and Black out of the way.

Rolling to his feet Jackie was shocked to see it was a shadowkhan, a ninja one at that! But how the masks were destroyed! The Shadowkhan should be gone!

But these thoughts were cut off as the ninja vanished into a shadow and disappeared, turning to help Jade he froze. It was too late the whirlpool that was covering her had completely engulfed her body

With Jade:

Jade Chan was a strong girl ever though she was only 8(2) she was an accomplished marshal artist, an intelligent and cunning individual. She always prided herself on being independent, and being able to take care of herself. But this new situation she was in, she for the first time felt like a frightened little girl. She may have a habit of getting into dangerous situations but this was a bit over her head.

When she and Jackie had finally captured the last oni mask she was somewhat disappointed that the new adventure she and her family were having was coming to an end, but she was also largely relieved. While she may love adventure the thought of the Shadowkhan always reminded her about the time she was their Queen.

She may have told Jackie and Uncle that she didn't remember anything the truth was that she remembered everything. But truly frightened her wasn't the fact that she had turned dark but the fact that she had enjoyed it.

Yes she had truly enjoyed what she had become the power she felt, the adrenalin rush she got by using the powers she had been granted. It was altogether intoxicating.

But that was what frightened her, after seeing the likes of Shendu, Drago and Daolon Wong, and seeing what power had done to them truly scared her with the thought of becoming like them. But after seeing the Shadowkhan and what their powers had done to the Oni generals it truly drove the thought of what she could have become if she had been completely corrupted by the Khan.

So truthfully she was glad to see the Oni Masks gone and the Khan with them, but now here she was being engulfed be darkness, and she heard the voices, the small whispering voices that she knew were that of the Khan, she could only whimper and think, ' No please not again, I don't want to become a monster.'

With Jackie:

Jackie along with Captain Black could only stare in shock or in Jackie's case horror, at what they were seeing. Jade had been completely engulfed by the shadows, takeing the form of a strange kind of black cocoon, preventing them from seeing her. They had tried to rescue her but everythime they got to close a Ninja Shadowkhan would appear and push them back.

Jackie looked to Black, " Captain Black we need to get jade out of there!" he said in a panicked voice.

Black looked to the archeologist, " How do you propose we do that these Khan won't let us anywhere near her much less help her, and I don't want to bring weapons into this because we might end up hurting Jade. Have you called you Uncle yet?" The captain of Section 13 asked.

Jackie nodded, " Yes he says that he is going to collect ingredients and books to see if he can find out what's happening, and find a way to reverse it. But he also said that to truly fix this he needs to know what is happening to Jade."

Black nodded, before he turned toward the cocoon, with a look of contemplation on his face. Jackie looked around the room hoping to see something, anything that could possible help his niece, he looked toward the floor when he found nothing, feeling for the first time helpless. Looking down he saw the floor that was usually bright with light and electricity, to keep out intruders was dark.

' Power must be out, because of what ever happened to Jade….. Of Course!' Jackie suddenly had an idea. Turning to Black he asked frantically, " Captain, did the Shadowkhan knockout all of the electricity in the vault?"

Jumping a little in surprise Captain Black replied, " Yes, in knocked out all of the cameras, security and everything else in the vault,… Why?"

Smileing Jackie replied, " I thing that I have an idea."

A Few Hours Later:

Jackie, Uncle, Tohru and Captain Black along with a mechanic who was currently working on the vault security systems stood outside the vault looking toward the still stationary black cocoon.

Uncle broke the silence by looking to Jackie asking, " What is this idea you have Jackie?"

The archeologist looked to his uncle and replied, " Well, the Shadowkhan have always appeared by the shadows surrounding us, and that…. Thing", he said, not knowing what to call the thing holding Jade," is also made out of shadow I thought perhaps if we could relight the floor and divert more power to the light we could eliminate the shadows holding Jade and free her, or at least see if she is alright."

Uncle nodded, but Tohru had one more concern on his mind, " But Jackie, what about the electrifying effect the floor also has, will that not also hurt Jade?"

It was Captain Black who answered, " No my technicians have shut that feature down for now, this will only give a very high dose of light instead of electricity."

The technician working on the door spoke, " Sir, were ready to begin."

Black spoke into his walky-talky, " Is everything ready down in the power section?"

A ' yes sir' was sent back, nodding Black looked to his employ and nodded. The man pushed the button.

With Jade:

Jade was finally beginning to calm down and think rationally about this situation, so far she had been standing? Floating? Or….Something! For the last few hours….or was it days?

'Urrrrrrrrrr…..this is getting me nowhere, I which that I had something or someone to explain what is going on with me!' Jade thought with anger bubbling inside her.

Suddenly the darkness that she was seeing swirled and took form the form that she was rather familiar with. A giant red floating mask with yellow eyes, white beard, eyebrows and mustache. It was Tarakudo, King of all Shadowkhan, Lord of All Oni and the Leader of the Nine Oni Generals.

Stumbling, or floating backward Jade gasped, "Tarakudo!"

Smirking the Oni floated toward the admittedly frightened girl. "Well, well, well if it isn't the former Queen of the Shadowkhan, back to claim her thrown. "

Glaring at the floating head she hissed, "That's not true, I didn't volunteer to come here, where ever here is, and I definitely don't want to become that person again. I won't be influenced by the likes of the Shadowkhan or you for that matter again!"

The Oni just chuckled, "Dear child you seem to overestimate the abilities of the Shadowkhan. Allow me to educate you about the origins of the Shadowkhan Queen. The Shadowkhan are warriors that my Generals created centuries ago to be our armies in our journey for conquest. Altogether they are nothing but shadows given form and a minor amount of intelligence. They can't do anything that they are not ordered to, other than come to aid their master in times of need. The physical, and mental changes that you underwent during your time as Queen were nothing more than a byproduct of your own desires for power, and recognition. Everything you did was of your choosing, not the ShadowKhan, it was all you."

Jade stood there looking stunned trying desperately to think of a way to prove the Oni wrong, she didn't desire power she didn't want to hurt anybody. It had to be the mark that made her do it…Right?

"Your…Your lying there is no way that I would do what I did of my own free will that was all of the influence of that tattoo I made!" The dark haired girl barked to the still smirking demon.

"Oh really, then tell me if it was the marks fault, why did you enjoy your experience? Why do you even now fell a desire to have those powers back? Why do you even now willingly except the shadows into your body and welcome them?" questioned the Oni.


That was all that came out of Jades mouth silence.

She couldn't say anything to counter those accusations.

Because they were true, it was all true. Despite how she wished to deny it she couldn't deny what Tarakudo was saying.

Seeing how the girl was silent Tarakudo pushed once more, " All of the things that you did as Queen, were nothing but your own desires brought to the surface. Everything that you try to bury inside of your heart. Everything that you try to deny about yourself. Your anger toward your classmates for thinking so little of you. Your resentment toward your Uncles for always trying to hold you back in both your Martial Art training and in your potential Chi magic. As well as your depression toward your parents for have so little love for you that they would send you to live with members of your family that you have never heard of, halfway across the world. It's all you. The Oni mark just brought out what was already there, neither it nor the ShadowKhan forced you to do anything."

Jade just stood there her mind reeling with this new information, granted she knew that the demon could be lying she also knew deep down that he was telling the truth.

She did feel anger toward classmates who seem to think that she was nothing but a liar. Granted her stories would sound like lies to anyone else, but still her classmates had known next to nothing about her and immediately dismissed her as nothing but a liar and wanted nothing to do with her without so much as a second thought.

She did feel resentment toward both her Uncles. Jackie because despite the fact he himself had said that she had talent as a martial artist, never allowed her to practice, or taught her anything but the basics. Most of what she new came from watching him during his frequent fights and practicing it in her free time. Uncle because he was willing to pass her over as a Chi user in favor of Tohru despite the fact that the man had tried to nearly kill both herself and Jackie multiple times!

She did feel depressed that her parents would be willing to sent her halfway across the world at the drop of a hat, to live with a pair of relatives that she had never met and judging by the way they had acted when she first arrived they didn't know about her either. Her parents spent next to no time with her and she rarely saw either of them. In fact, Jackie had treated her more like a daughter than her own father had, and Viper treats her more like a daughter than her own mother had.

Tarakudo watched the young and budding Queen of Darkness stew over his words and mentally smirked, 'yes she will make a fine Shadowkhan Queen, despite the fact that all of my Generals are now gone because of this, and the fact that I myself will soon have to leave before the Hana Fuda Cards reveal the location of my mask and that Chi Wizard seals me away to. But at least I will return to my slumber knowing that the forces of darkness will have a new leader for them to rally behind.'

Deciding to drive the final nail in the coffin, Tarakudo spoke, "Young one you yourself have seen the downfalls of several great evils, Drago and his plan to resurrect his father, Shendu and his plan to revive himself and unleash his minions to destroy all of China, Daolon Wong and his plan to gather the Talismans Powers and blanket the world in darkness, and most recently my Generals and our plan to cover the world in darkness. But for every evil that has stepped down a new evil has taken its place. And with each new evil that has come about, the earth has come closer, and closer to being covered in darkness. This is a never ending cycle that has been in circulation since the down of time itself. But what will happen when your Uncles pass on? Next to nobody practice's the Chi arts anymore and by the time the rest of the world finds out about the threat it will be far too late. What will happen when a threat that you family can't defeat comes about?" Tarakudo paused, to let this sink in.

Jade stood there with a look of contemplation on her face. Those were all good questions. What would happen if that accrued? She had seen the affects that evil could have on the world when Daolong Wong had unleashed the power of the Monkey Statues, and robed people of their Site, Hearing, and Voice. What would happen if some other evil in the far future appeared and the people of the world were powerless to stop it? She shuddered to even think about it.

Looking up at the Oni she asked with a quivering voice, "Wha… What has this got to do with me, or you for that matter? I thought you and your generals were still planning to take over everything?"

Smirking again The King answered, "My time is over, the window of opportunity that I used to resurrect my Generals has passed, and unless I wish to be sealed like them I must return to my ancient slumber. Then it will be time for a new darkness to rise, but who will it be some new evil that will attempt to conquer the world, and possible succeed and plunge the world in darkness or will it be you, Jade Chan, Queen of the Shadowkhan."

The dark-haired girl froze, looking at the Oni like it was crazy, "WHAT! Why the Hell would I Want to be the next evil to rise up? And what about your generals, aren't you still going to try to cover the world in shadows!"

Chuckling Tarakudo replied, "Why not you, after all, if not you then who will rise up and how close will they come to taking over. Wouldn't you rather it be you, then another dark Chi Wizard like Daolong or worse another demon like Shendu? As to why my Generals won't be taking over, it's simple, their spirits were freed from their masks, but before they could regain their bodies their dark magic was absorbed by the small amount of shadow magic that still exists within you. Therefore my Generals no longer exist, thus my retreat. But before you even begin to ask as to why I would want you to become the next evil, I don't truly care who rules or how they rule as long as darkness covers this world I don't care if it's Shendu, Daolong or You that rules."

Jade stood there dumbfounded. Could she even begin to thing about being a new agent of evil? But…but maybe…maybe she could. Tilting her head she remembered all the times that her family had nearly been killed by one force of evil or another. Jackie when he was nearly eaten by Shendu, or when Drago nearly fried Jackie if it wasn't for the quick thinking of both her and her future self.

Scrunching her nose she thought, 'If …if what this guy is saying is true, and everything that happened to me was all my doing then maybe I could be the next new evil, and if I absorbed the Dog and Horse Talismans I could be immortal and make sure that a new evil never rises or I could protect the world from evil in my own way.'

Taking a deep breath and letting it out shakily she said only one word that would forever change not only her destiny but the destiny of others. She said in a quiet voice,


XChapter EndX

1. I don't know how long season 4 actually lasted so i just made a guess.

2. Again i don't know how old Jade is so i made my best guess.