Summary: When Misaki wants to have blindfold sex, Akihiko remembers the unforgivable act with Hiroki and pushes him away.


When Misaki got older, he still pushed away the one he loved. He didn't intend to, it just seemed to happen. Misaki had to do something or he would lose him one day. Even though Misaki protested through all of Usagi's sexual advances towards him, he never really hated any of it. He loved his Usagi-san with all of his heart. Above all things, he was afraid that Usagi would get bored with him and find someone else. And if not that, he was afraid that Usagi would leave him one day, for giving so little effort into their relationship. He was still too weak to do anything...he knew he had to do something if he wanted anything to change, if he wanted Usagi to stay with him, only him, forever.

It was now Usagi's birthday, Misaki decided to pluck up all courage he possessed to do something special for his lover.

"U-Um, Usagi-san... are you busy tonight?"

"No. Why do you ask?"

"N-No reason... Just...just keep tonight open, ok?" Misaki said, blushing.

Usagi looked up from their traditional Japanese breakfast and stared straight at the boy with a surprised look on his face, " want to do something with me A date?"

Misaki quickly stared down, his blush increasing, "A-And if I do?"

Hmmm... Is he planning something? , Usagi wondered, a smile playing across his lips. The thought of Misaki actually wanting to go out on a date with him...made the author so unbelievably happy!

"Misaki...if that is the case, then of course I won't be late. You can have me all to yourself" Usagi smirked and put his hand over Misaki's, shooting a lustful look towards him, "And do anything to me, anything you want-"

"G-Good that's all I needed to know, you can go back to eating your breakfast now!" Misaki cut in, knowing that the conversation was leading to a very perverted place.

When they were finished breakfast, Misaki announced "Well, I'm going shopping!"

Usagi smiled, "Ok. Be back soon."

Misaki blushed. When he was about to leave the penthouse, he stopped and hesitated, then quickly ran up to his lover. ", close your eyes..." he told the older man, blushing madly.

Surprised, Usagi did what he was told; his heart thumping wildly against his chest, Misaki got on his tip-toes and, wrapping his arms around his lover, kissed him gently on the lips. His tongue slid awkwardly into the other's mouth...but before Usagi could do anything to repay this loving gesture, Misaki pulled away again and said, "I...I love you!" then ran quickly out of the penthouse.

Usagi blinked in surprise, then smiled gently, "I love you too, Misaki"

"I hope Usagi-san appreciates all of this...I hope it makes him happy..." Misaki said hopefully as he waited for the tall handsome man with the dazzling smile.


"I hope Usagi-san appreciates all of this...I hope it makes him happy..." Misaki said hopefully as he waited for the tall handsome man with the dazzling smile.

"Hello, can I help you?"

Misaki stared up at the man, as always captivated by his gigantic height. Damn, what did he have to do to be that tall? So not fair...

"Um, yes...a bouquet of red roses, please!" Misaki answered.

"Of course, I'll be right back" Nowaki said and soon came back, giving Misaki the roses. Misaki gave him some money. "That's a lovely choice, your girlfriend will love them~"

Misaki blushed and laughed nervously, "Y-Yes...I hope so too!"

Then he left the shop and went home. As soon he got home, he put the roses aside and started making dinner, unaware that the guest of honor would not be able to keep the words they made that morning.