A Week later, all traumas were dealt with successfully and Usagi was back to his perverted, romantic, childish, procrastinating self...

Misaki came home from school and tripped over a stack of pink books. "Stupid pervert, he has to stop leaving his books everywhere...!" he said and picked himself off the floor. Sitting there, he looked at the book he had tripped over; on the cover was Misaki on top of Usagi, who was blindfolded. Misaki blushed furiously from head to toe and immediately ripped the book in half.

"When are you going to get used to me putting you in my books?"Usagi asked, walking into the room.

Misaki shot up onto his feet again, glaring angrily, "S-Shut up! When are you going to stop invading the privacy of everyone you know? This is sexual harassment and-... W-Why are you looking at me like that? Stop looking at me like that!"

Usagi was smirking, a lusty look in his lavender eyes, already and inches from Misaki's face, "Let's have blindfold sex again. And this time, it's going to be you that will be blindfolded"

"W-W-WHAT?NO WAY, I AM NOT-" Usagi pressed his lips against Misaki in a heated kiss. Misaki struggled and gasped into the kiss; Usagi slipped his tongue into Misaki's mouth, playing with the boy's tongue. One of his arms encircled Misaki's waist, the other digging possessively into Misaki's chocolate locks. Misaki moaned into the kiss and clung desperately to the back of Usagi's shirt. Usagi smirked and put one of his long legs between Misaki's, pressing his arousal against the boy's, which was already hard.

When they finally let go of the kiss, Misaki was breathing heavily, his face all flustered, a glazed look in his eyes, "U...U-Usagi-san..."

"Hmm, you're already hard just from a're so cute"

"S-Shut up...aaahhhhh!" Misaki moaned as Usagi licked his neck and planted small kisses there.

"You want me, don't you?" Usagi said huskily.

"N-No,'re wrong!" Misaki denied.

"Am I?" Usagi chuckled softly and moved one of his hands down, palming the boy's clothed erection; Misaki cried in pleasure and tightened his grip on the older man, "No, I don't think so. This here is so hard for me, Misaki." He nipped affectionately at Misaki's neck, sucking and biting it until a hickey appeared there. He whispered into Misaki's ear, "I believe it is your turn to be subjected to some blindfold sex... I can't have all the fun"

Misaki laughed nervously, "W-Why not? Go ahead..."

Usagi smirked, "So generous...but I will have to pass, I don't think you can handle being the seme again quite so soon"

"W-WHAT?" Misaki said angrily, blushing furiously with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. Usagi laughed again and suddenly picked up Misaki into his arms and quickly made his way to the bedroom, ignoring all of his lover's protests.

He threw the boy onto the bed and straddled the boy; lying there, Misaki stared at him wide eyed, blushing like mad, and his heart racing with anticipation as Usagi took off his tie. There was a smile on Usagi's face, a loving, lustful look in his lavender eyes. "Ready, my adorable Misaki?"

"J-Just shut up and do it" Misaki said impatiently.

"Of course" Usagi purred and he leaned down and put the tie over Misaki's eyes, enveloping Misaki in complete darkness. Misaki whimpered and Usagi chuckled softly, caressing Misaki's cheek gently, "You want to see my handsome face, don't you?"

Misaki's face heated up, "O-Of course not! Whoever said you were handsome? Idiot, don't be full of you!"

"You said it, you said I'm handsome" Usagi reminded and he added, "Don't be ashamed; I am Handsome"

Misaki gasped, "See? You're so full of yourself! That's why I never-" Usagi kissed the boy's lips and licked Misaki's neck. Misaki moaned softly, "U-Usagi-san..."

"And you are beautiful and adorable. And soooo sexy" Usagi said huskily into Misaki's ear.

"S-So what You say that stuff to me all the time"

"I know. I say it because it's true" Usagi then started taking Misaki's shirt off and also his pants. "Although it is a waste for your eyes not to see me, you can still feel me. Think of me, only of me, let all your other senses guide you and concentrate on how sooooo good I make you feel"

"Taste my lips on your soft, pink, wonderful lips" Usagi kissed him on the lips.

"Feel my hands on your sinful body" Usagi started pumping his cock, making Misaki's cries of pleasure louder.

"Hear my voice whisper sooo sexily into your adorable ear" he whispered into his ear and nibbled at it affectionately.

"You're having way too much fun with this" Misaki groaned.

"That I am" Usagi chuckled softly and sped up the pace on Misaki's cock, "But so are you"

"Y-Your fault..."

"Maybe it is" Usagi admitted and he attacked Misaki's neck with kisses, and touched his nipples, rubbing them and pinching them between his fingers.

"Ahhhhhh! U-Usagi-san!"

"You're beautiful. I want you so much... and I will never get enough of you, no matter how many times we do it" he licked down Misaki's body, his hands roaming everywhere.

Everything Usagi was doing was driving the boy crazy. Misaki suddenly felt Usagi's hot mouth on his cock, sucking him. Misaki's hands dove into the man's hair, gripping onto him and pushing him deeper down, encouraging Usagi to suck him harder. "U-Usagi-san...Oh g-god! Ahhhh! AHHHHHH!"

It wasn't long before he was releasing his seed into Usagi's mouth. Usagi drank every last drop, "Delicious."

Misaki was glad he was blindfolded; he'd probably die of embarrassment if he had to look at Usagi's face right now...

Usagi licked up Misaki's body then bit Misaki's ear, sucking on it gently before saying, "Misaki, I know I have already said this...but thank you for confessing all that about me; you were the first one to fall in love. You love me more than I ever thought possible. That makes me so happy"

Then Usagi continued fucking him.


As Misaki Takahashi, college student of M University, was spooned by his lover, he thought in embarrassment,

I can no longer look at a tie the same way ever again. Usagi-san is growing too fond of anything that can be used as a blindfold, he having too much fun and I don't like it. Any piece of discarded fabric is now the enemy...Nii-chan; can I visit you for a while? It's not safe here.

But despite those thoughts, he found himself unwilling to leave the man's arms. Because he really did love this pervert, with all of his heart and soul. And nothing will ever change that.