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.: Kingdom Key :.
~ The Key's Successor ~

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Sora was never meant to carry a Keyblade from the beginning. His becoming a Keyblade wielder was nothing but an accident.

When the shadows appeared and tore his world – his island – asunder, a key-shaped weapon appeared in a flash of light and pulled Sora from out the darkness. Where it came from and why it appeared, the brunet didn't know. What he did know and learn throughout his journey to find his childhood friends was that it was an important weapon designated to protect all worlds.

The Keyblade…

It was a heavy burden, but Sora carried it without complaint…until he learned truth from Riku upon his first steps in Hollow Bastion.

Riku was the Keyblade's true master while Sora…was nothing more than a "delivery boy."

The Keyblade was taken back and Sora slowly lost his resolve to fight…

But then he remembered everything he had experienced up until now. On his journey, the brunet met and befriended many people. Through those connections did his heart become stronger. Friends were his source of power and that beckoned for the Keyblade to return to him; marking him as a true Keyblade wielder.

The Kingdom Key had chosen Sora as its rightful owner.