I fussed at Kishan again for the hundredth time. He was still attempting to rub sun lotion over my body as I argued with him. Of course, he just ended up becoming amused again. I batted him away with the 300 paged novel in my hand as he laughed.

"Bilauta, when will i see you in a bikini?" he asked huskily. I slapped the sun lotion over my legs as i muttered, "Never."

He laughed. "Why not, bilauta?"

I chose not to reply.

I leaned back into my chair and pulled open the romance novel. Kishan dove into the pool and began doing laps back and forth. I wasn't very far into the novel when I noticed Ren joining Kishan.

'Don't stare, Kelsey. Ignore him. Ignore him. Don't look,' I told myself. I wasn't going to torture myself. I immersed myself back into the novel.

Just when the book was getting good, I heard an urgent yell from the patio.

"Miss Kelsey, you have, an, uh, unexpected phone call from someone," the voice yelled. I put down my book and began to stand, happy for a distraction from the two hot tigers that were now getting out of the pool.

"Is it Sarah? Or Mike?" I asked toward Mr. Kadam.

"Uh...no," he said. I chewed my lips.

"Is it Lokesh?" I whispered.

Before the name even rolled off my lips, Kishan and Ren were by my side, though Ren was more distanced. I tried not to flinch or cry.

"The female proclaims that you should fear her more than Lokesh," Mr. Kadam said worriedly.

"Damn right!" a little voice yelled from the phone that Mr. Kadam held.

Ren growled lightly.

"Who is it?" Kishan asked Mr. Kadam. He shrugged.

"She won't say. The female says that Kelsey should know her," Mr. Kadam said.

Kishan looked at me and my nervous expression.

Who could be worse than Lokesh and say that she herself should be more feared than him. Mr. Kadam stuck the phone to me as Kishan stuck out his palm as if to receive the phone.

"Let me speak to her," Kishan growled. Man, Kishan was so defensive when it came to me. I hated it. I mean, i loved it when it was Ren, but...

Mr. Kadam shook his head no.

"The lady has no intention to speak to you, Kishan. Or Ren for that matter-"

"Damn right! Put Kelly on the fucking phone!" the voice yelled again through the device. I could sense that the lady on the other side of the phone could hear our conversation and was becoming agitated. Kishan withdrew his hand. He frowned at hearing the vile word the lady said. He stared at me, knowing I would never say such things. He was, along with Ren, surprised with the lady's language. I stuck my hand out to get the phone as Mr. Kadam gave it to me. I pressed the phone to my ear and swallowed lightly.

"Hello? This is Kelsey Hayes," I said steadily.

"Hello? That's all you can say after four fucking years? Kelsey Hayes, you better have a good fucking reason for ignoring me for the last four years! Is that how you treat your family after all these years? Not bothering to email, or call, or mail a fucking, stupid, postcard from India! Do you know how hard it was to track you down? All the people I've had to call and contact and yell at for hours?" the voice screamed from the other line. Confusion flittered in my mind as the three men surrounding me paled from the girl's language and her admirable ability to track me down when Lokesh struggled to.

"Autumn?" I asked slowly.

"DUH! Seriously, that's all you can say? I know you're in India! You can't hide anything from me, remember? We're COUSINS in case you may have forgotten! I know your mom and dad died but that's still no fucking reason not to contact me at all!" she yelled.

A slow smile crept at the corner of my lips as the two tigers frowned at me. I tried to wave them away but they crept closer to the phone.

"Autumn! I can't believe it's you! This is such a surprise! How did you find me?" I asked.

"Well, i can say that it all started out with Google. Google is a very good tool. C'mon, Kelsey, this is not about how I found you, it's about why I had to! Why didn't you ever call me or say anything?" Autumn's voice sobered. Kishan and Ren sniffed at the air and turned to each other with confused looks.

"I'm so sorry," I began.

"I'm sorry, too. For being so rude and breaking into old habits. Listen, I promise everything's going to get better for you," Autumn said.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Everything's going to get better for me? What did she know?

"Oops. Sorry. Uh, on my tracking of you, I spent a lot of money on plane tickets. I went to Oregon and found a few of your boyfriends who were kind enough to tell me something worth listening too. And, uh, if you get a call from Juvenile about me beating some fat nerd senseless, don't be surprised. The guy threatened to turn me in. BUT IT WAS HIS ENTIRE FAULT! He said some pretty rude things about you and this guy and he called me some words that didn't suit him. I would say it was self defensive, but actually, I threw the first punch, or in my case, a kick to his wobbly bits," she confessed. Kishan snickered. I managed a refreshing laugh. She was talking about Artie. I wonder if Ren remembered him.

Of course not.

"Wow. Ok. Autumn, how did you manage to get this number though? This number changes all the time," I said.



"Uh, because, the guy who owns the number is, uh, paranoid." I mouthed a sorry to Mr. Kadam who laughed it off.

"Uhh, oookkk. Well, actually, the number came to me. I was contacted first by this old guy," she said.


"Yeah, the guy said he knew I was trying to find you and that he knew where I was and where you were and he asked me a huge favor that I'm happily going to do...so, your surprise should be there any time now," she said.

"What? I repeated.

"Oh, for goodness sake, Kelsey! You can't ignore everyone you love from entering the door step of your life! Sometime you just have to open the fucking door to possibilities and surprises," she laughed. Ren and Kishan jerked and sniffed at the air again.

"Do you smell that?" Ren asked Kishan.

"Yeah, like coconuts and..."

"Vanilla ice cream?" Ren completed. Kishan nodded.

"Are your boy toys discussing food? They're making me ravenous in this heat. Oh! Can I talk to you later?" Autumn asked.

"Sure, when?" I asked.

"Like, in one minute?"



"Bye!" I said. We hung up and I turned to Mr. Kadam. He gave an innocent look.

"What?" he asked.

"Were you the one who found her?" I smiled. He returned it.

"Miss Autumn is a very persuasive person and quite intelligent. One day I would like to meet her," Mr. Kadam said.

"Yeah, she's the best. She was, like, my best friend, until we stopped talking to each other after my parents passed away, her aunt and uncle. Maybe you could meet her one day," I said, cheery now. Autumn always made my day back then. It wouldn't be so bad if she came here to India, for a visit, or a vacation.

"Mr. Kadam, what would you say if I asked if she could visit?" I asked, just letting my mind wander.

"I bet you he would already say that he was ten steps ahead," Ren said as they both jerked as we heard someone scream very loudly, "DINGGGG DOOONG!" from the front of the mansion. Harsh pounding followed the yell. The three of us hastily dried ourselves off as we followed Mr. Kadam into the house to the front door. Kadam opened the door and we were face to face with a sandy-blonde girl with conspicuous dyed red streaks of hair my age. Her eyes were silver blue as she showed off a lustrous tan.

"Kelsey?" she inquired with astonish.


"Holy Crap."

"Oh my god."

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