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~ M A Z E S ~

Yuzuki Oshiro had been defeated.

Her exhausted head was resting limply in her hands, which were coated in smudges of blue ink. In great annoyance and determination, she had gripped her pen with unnecessary force, resulting in its shiny blue blood to leak all over her fingers. Page 127 of 'Higher Level Mathematics: Unit Two' was spread out in from of her, engulfing the small, one person desk. The scarce areas that had not been taken up by the huge book were littered with scraps of squared paper that were filled with crossed-out, complicated calculations.

Yuzuki weakly lifted her head and glanced at the clock in desperation, to see with joy that only a few minutes of the school day remained. She groaned as the teacher (whose name had escaped Yuzuki) declared that he would be collecting in their answers to mark in their next lesson. How on earth was she going to work out the questions when she had already seemed to try every solution possible?

The bell rang, interrupting the teacher and he gave up trying to be heard over the commotion of scraping chairs and end-of-lesson chatter, after all, it was him against 25 restless 15 and 16 year olds. Yuzuki bent down to collect her possessions that's places on the desk had been replaced by the mammoth textbook. She gathered her pens and pencil case and shoved them in her new leather schoolbag, along with the book (which made a significant difference to the usual weight she had to carry) and followed the rest of her classmates out the door.

She paused for a moment, standing on her tip toes to look over the heads searching for a familiar route, whilst trying not to get swept away by the flood of blue blazers and yellow dresses that was flowing in all directions. In a usual school, two weeks would be more than enough time to have memorised where all the classrooms were, and find your way around, but at Ouran, where each of the four wings was bigger than a whole normal high school, Yuzuki was still asking for directions to various classrooms and getting lost in endless mazes of corridors.

She sighed before standing up tall and taking a confident step into the corridor, to give an idea to her still stranger schoolmates, that she actually knew where she was going. She racked her brain and mentally shook herself for not being able to remember where the South Courtyard was. She took a right, and then left, then left again followed by one more right, before admitting to herself that she was lost. She stood in an empty corridor, massaging her right shoulder as the pressure inflicted on it due to her heavy schoolbag had began to hurt, and wondered where she should go next. What if she wondered so deep into the school that no one found her – until it was too late and they only found a pile of bones? She laughed to herself at the ridiculous thought, and her desperation to find her way found the extravagant school.

Yuzuki turned around, ready to retrace her steps, but heard another set of footsteps echoing down the corridor, accompanying her. A pretty, blonde girl, wearing a replica of the same yellow dress that Yuzuki was, was gracefully carrying a large of unnecessarily fancy dictionaries, with thick, burgundy leather covers and gold engraved writing. Her smooth blonde hair was tied up by a pink ribbon, into an elegant bun, that to Yuzuki, wouldn't have been out of place under a white veil.

"Excuse me" Yuzuki proclaimed, spur of the moment, as she suddenly decided that she wasn't going to get anywhere without a little bit of direction.

The girl turned to Yuzuki, a light smile on her face.

"Could you tell me how to get to the South Courtyard please?"

"Oh – yes, of course." The blonde girl replied politely, before reciting a speech of directions to Yuzuki, who simply nodded her head and tried to keep up with her.

"Is that okay?" She asked when she had finished.

"Yes, that's great, thanks very much." Yuzuki smiled to show her appreciation, and the blonde girl formally returned the gesture before continuing her delivery of dictionaries.

Yuzuki started walking the opposite way, repeating the long list of directions in her head, and after a few wrong turns and having to retrace her steps, she had eventually found her way to the South Courtyard.

The gentle evening sun shone through the gaps in the crisp golden leaves, welcoming her as she sat on the edge of the large stone fountain in the middle of the courtyard. More leaves were littering the cobbled floor, creating a patchwork carpet of reds, yellows and browns. Stone archways with intricate details carved into them surrounded the courtyard, accompanied by long plant pots that were still bearing the last of the drooping summer flowers.

"Finally! What took you?" A smiling face, with a mop of messy brown hair hanging over the eyes, suddenly appeared at her shoulder. Yuzuki grabbed onto the stone to stop herself from falling backwards into the fountain with surprise.

"If you haven't noticed already, this school is huge" Yuzuki glared back.

The boy straightened up and laughed. "That means you got lost!" Yuzuki continued to glare at him, until she decided she was fed up.

"If all you're going to do is insult me I'm going." She stood up and heaved her bag onto her shoulder and started walking back towards the archways that lead of to various corridors, the paths of which she wasn't sure.

"Oh really? Where are you going to go? You haven't got a clue where you are!" The boy laughed again at his own clever comment.

"Away from you" Yuzuki called over her shoulder.

"Well let's play hide and seek then!" The boy suggested and shrugged his shoulders, a grin still plastered on his face. "That's what I was going to say in the first place before you got all moody, and besides, maybe it'll help you find your bearings!"

Yuzuki turned around and was about to argue back but the boy had already covered his eyes and started counting. She sighed and walked back towards the corridors. Hiding in a room would at least mean getting away from him. She wondered how it was possible for him to always seemed to find away to twist every situation into a game.

No matter how confidently Yuzuki held her head, there was no doubt that the boy was correct. She was lost. She trotted down a corridor, confident to retain her pride, and up the main flight of stairs in the South Wing, carpeted in a velvet brilliant red carpet like trail of thick strawberry jam. Tall intimidating windows loomed over her down what seemed like a never ending corridor, and she felt herself looking down nervously as she walked, feeling over exposed.

Her heartbeat quickened with her footsteps as she heard doors close behind her. How did he know where she was in this huge building? Yuzuki herself didn't even know where she was.

She started to run lightly, trying to land each foot softly and noiselessly, and opened the first, overly decorated pink double doors she got to. Even the door handles had intricate engravings in the polished brass. The catch on the door closed with a soft click and Yuzuki leant against it, catching her breath. The adrenaline flowing through her veins spread a slight smile across her face.

Once her breathing rate had returned to normal, Yuzuki decided to explore her surroundings. Like most rooms after school, it was empty - but it seemed more than that. It wasn't just uninhabited, it was deserted. The beams of light reached through the huge glass windows, and across the entire width of the room, illuminating every speck of dust as it slowly danced mid air. White cotton sheets had been placed over the few pieces of furniture in the room. The pink tiles stretched on and on and it seemed unusual to Yuzuki that such a bright, large room would go unused.

She walked forwards, each step echoing in the vast emptiness. A few smaller doors followed the side wall, and Yuzuki wondered where they went.

She didn't need to wonder long as voices and loud, angry footsteps suddenly sounded from the opposite side of the entrance doors. Yuzuki grabbed the first door handle she saw, and dived in side.