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Yuzuki's shaking hands were on the door handle. Her fingers caressed the polished brass, which had been moulded into twirls and spirals. The door to which they belonged lead to the third music room. She had been here previously today, at lunchtime, doing a similar action and debating whether or not to enter. Eventually she had lost her nerve and returned to the library (she could also make the excuse of homework), and bought herself some more time.

The previous evening, Riku had been at a basketball practice, and so still had no idea how Yuzuki felt. She had also tried to avoid Yui as much as possible (which was difficult as they were in the same class for most subjects) but she could at least deter talking about sensitive topics by asking about her horses (a topic that Yui could babble on about forever). But there was no escaping it now. Hunny, Mori and also Tamaki were expecting her, and would understand her absence at lunchtime, but after school, where she was waiting for Riku anyway, there was no excuse.

Taking a deep breath, Yuzuki gently pushed open her door, with every cell in her body screaming "why am I doing this?!"

"For Hunny-senpai" she whispered to herself. "It's for Hunny-senpai."

Nobody noticed her entrance at first, and Yuzuki was incredibly tempted to slip back out the doors. She moved back slightly, overwhelmed by the sight of the club, but was stopped suddenly by a single voice that caught her attention.

"Yuzuki-chan!" Yui called.

Yuzuki turned to look at her and smiled feebly as she spotted Yui sitting on a sofa, very close to Riku. She waved for Yuzuki to come closer. Yuzuki stepped forward precariously.

"Your brother is so charming!" Yui giggled and Yuzuki fought hard to resist the urge to retch. "You should talk about him more!"

"Yuzuki-chan!" Hunny shouted and ran towards her. "Come and sit with us!" He took her hand a dragged her across the room. Yuzuki was grateful for the escape from her awkward conversation with Yui.

He pulled her over to a set of sofas, where Mori and two other girls were sipping cups of tea. They looked up at her presence and greeted her. She sat next to them self-consciously, not knowing how she was supposed to act. Thankfully, Hunny took control. He poured her a cup of tea and held it out to her. Taking the delicate china mug, and holding it with both hands, she scanned the room. Hikaru and Kaoru were sitting with their arms entwined, surrounding by squealing girls; Kyoya was showing a group of girls something on his laptop, and they seemed very intrigued and excited by whatever it was; but Tamaki's crowd of girls was by far the largest. He whispered something into one of their ears, which was followed by a chorus of love struck sighs.

"Yuzuki-chan?" Hunny's voice and the sound of her name brought her back into the conversation.


"I said would you like some cake" He giggled, presenting the diverse selection on the table before him.

"Er...no thanks, senpai."

"Are you sure? We have chocolate, and strawberry, and lemon, and this one has coffee in and chocolate, and there is carrot cake too, but that's my least favourite."

"I'm sure" She smiled back at him. "Which are you going to have?"

"Hmm..." Hunny jumped into action, studying each cake and weighing the benefits against each other. Yuzuki saw the indecision in his face. "Oh, it's so difficult to choose!"

"They do all look nice, don't they" Yuzuki agreed.

"Yes! Help me decide, Yuzuki-chan!"

"How about... this one?" She pointed at a cream cake, which was topped with strawberry jam and chocolate sauce. "Because you get chocolate on it and strawberry". She used Hunny's logic of the coffee and chocolate cake to decide which she thought would be the best choice for him.

Hunny's face lit up, and he grinned at her. "Of course!" He picked up the cake and bit into it, causing an eruption of cream.

"Mitskuni," Mori said. "You're making a mess".

"But Takashi, this cake is good? Want some?"

The two girls sitting with them squealed in delight at the little drama between Hunny and Mori, but Yuzuki felt out of place witnessing what should be an intimate moment. Instead it was played out for anyone to see.

Yuzuki shuffled awkwardly in her seat, desperately trying to plan an escape route. How could she get out of this?

At that moment, Yuzuki's desire to escape became even greater as she spotted Yui walking towards her.

"So I didn't know you liked the host club?" She said sweetly, batting her eyelids.

"I don't – I mean, I do – I, er, I've never been before" Yuzuki stumbled over her words trying to find the right ones that would express her caution without insulting any of the hosts.

"I know, silly". She giggled, "I would have seen you before!"

"Oh, of course. You're here a lot, right?"

"Yep! I come to talk to your wonderful brother!" Saying this, she turned and waved at Riku, who returned the gesture. "So." Yui's face turned serious, and she sat down, very closely (and somewhat intrusively) to Yuzuki. "When can I come over?"

Yuzuki tried to make her shock of Yui's bluntness, unapparent on her face. Although, Yui was probably used to getting what she wanted, probably without even asking at all. It didn't justify Yui's rudeness, but it explained it.

Again, Yuzuki shuffled awkwardly, not meeting Yui's gaze. "Er... I'm not sure; I'll have to speak to my parents first -"

"Of course" Yui interrupted. "I'll have to speak to mine as well. But you see, I have to attend a party for one of my father's clients on Saturday evening, and I have a horse riding lesson on Sunday. Maybe I could come over on Saturday before the party? You walk home from school, don't you? So it isn't far from here? In that case I'll definitely be able to get a limo there."

Yuzuki's eyes were wide and her mouth open in shock at Yui's unbelievably fast vocals, and at how quickly it had been decided when she was visiting.

"Er, let me go and discuss it with Riku..." Yuzuki told her, standing up, glad to be away from the compressing conversation.

Riku was talking to another girl, and after politely catching his attentions she implied for him that she wanted to speak to him, away from the rest. He excused himself very politely and flirtatiously, promising he'll be back soon, as he was unable to stray from her perfect face for too long.

"What's up?" He asked, impatiently. "I have customers, you know?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know, you want to get back to her face," Riku threw her an unimpressed look. "But listen, Yui wants to come over on Saturday!" She lowered her voice and stared right into his eyes, trying to convey to him that she did not want Yui to come over.

"Oh!" His face brightened. "That should be fine right, I mean, she's your friend and a regular guest! It would be a pleasure for her to come over!"

Yuzuki stiffened. How could he not have understood? She opened her mouth to disagree, politely, making some sort of excuse, but shut it as Yui skipped towards them.

"What was that? I can come over?" She covered her mouth with her hands in delight and hopped on the spot. "Oh, that's brilliant, senpai, thank you!"

Riku winked. "No problem."

Yui squealed. "See you then Yuzuki" she said, her eyes still on Riku.

Feeling disheartened, Yuzuki had one final plan, wishing hard that it would work.

"Kyoya-senpai..." she asked quietly. Kyoya looked up from shutting down his laptop. "I was wondering... is that allowed?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Are guests allowed to visit the host's houses, out of club time?"

Kyoya smirked and pushed up his glasses.

"Although we do keep some restrictions on the lives of the host's, to keep the club fair and dignified, I have no problem with one of your friends visiting your house."

Yuzuki groaned. "But surely -"

"Yuzuki" he said, placing his laptop carefully in his bag. "I can't control what each host does with their spare time outside of club activities. All the hosts and customers understand the hosts are not allowed girlfriends, and as long as their personal lives do not break that rule, I have no reason to interfere".

"But you know Riku! He could -"

"Yes, I do know Riku". Kyoya was starting to get impatient. "And I trust him."

And with that, Kyoya left, striding over towards Tamaki, and nodding his head to signal something, leaving Yuzuki with no choice but to accept the inevitable. She watched as Tamaki stood and held out his arms.

"Thank you so much, for gracing us with your presence, and although it pains me..." at this part of the speech, Tamaki's expression shifted to that of one in agony, "I must bid you farewell. But please, visit us tomorrow!"

The address finished with applause of "Oh, of course we will!" from the audience, and on their way out, Kyoya handed them order forms for the summer issue of the seasonal photo book. Once every girl had left (including Yui, who departed with a frantic wave and "see you on Saturday!", of which Yuzuki was unaware whether it was directed at herself or her brother), Yuzuki threw herself angrily onto the sofa, sitting with her arms folded and a scowl on her face.

Tamaki noticed her out of the corner of his eye. "What's wrong?" He asked, smirking slightly, which only infuriated "What's wrong?" He asked, smirking slightly, which only infuriated Yuzuki more.

"What's wrong, is my idiot of a brother." She replied matter-of-factly, loud enough for Riku to hear. All the nervousness she felt last time she spoke to Tamaki had been vanquished and replaced by anger. Riku overheard and before Tamaki could reply, Riku reacted defensively. "What have I done?!"

"You let Yui come over!" Yuzuki blurted, throwing out her arms and standing up to confront Riku.

"That's what you're mad about?" He snorted, "That's no big deal".

"Oh really? Then you won't mind entertaining her all day?"

"What? No – she's your friend".

"No, she isn't!" Yuzuki shouted, breathlessly, and upon saying it, noticed Tamaki glance her way. "Couldn't you tell? Why couldn't you just think for a minute?"

"Hey – this isn't my fault! I didn't know!"

"Well, you could have at least asked me if I wanted her to come over!"

"I thought you wanted her to!"

"If I wanted her to, why would I have been so hesitant?"

"I don't know! I thought you were just being shy! What is the problem with her coming over anyway?!"

"It's not that I don't want her to come over, well, it is. But it's because of why she wants to come over!"

"What? She wants to come over because she's your friend."

"No, she doesn't." Yuzuki lowered her voice. "Since I have known her, she has never once expressed a desire to come over... until, she found out that you were my brother." Yuzuki hung her head, feeling ashamed to admit that her friend liked her brother better than her. It wasn't that Yuzuki wanted everyone to like her, and not her brother, but Yui was supposed to be someone that like Yuzuki for who she was, rather than her family.

"What...?" Riku's voice had also lost its anger.

"Don't make me spell it out Riku" she groaned. "She wants to see you, not me."

"Oh...I had no idea" Riku was genuinely surprised.

Yuzuki sat back down and leant into the sofa in defeat. "Well, it should be okay. You seemed pretty pleased for her to come over. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time".

"W-what?" Riku panicked, "You have to be there too!"

"She won't want me there, Riku. She wants to see you."

"But I have no idea how to act!"

"What nonsense!" Tamaki said, striding into the conversation. "You're a host!" Yuzuki had no idea he had been listening. The rest of the hosts had occupied themselves in something else, feeling uncomfortable to be witnessing a private argument.

"Well – yes" Riku stammered. "But this is different! In the club, there are always a few girls, and I am supposed to act like a host. She will be expecting me to act like that all the time! I'm not a host when I'm at home!"

"Don't worry!" Tamaki placed a comforting and supportive hand on Riku's shoulder. "We'll all come! Yuzuki will have some more company, and we can help teach our newest host! Right, gentlemen?" He called out to the rest of the club.

"That's fine by me" Kyoya replied, not looking up from his notebook and similarly the twins agreed without looking up from their game. Honey responded chirpily that he and Mori would look to see his friends on the weekend. Yuzuki was touched by their friendliness. It wasn't much, but in her situation, it was everything.

"That is, if you want us to come over. I'd hate to force it on you." Tamaki winked, knowing how forceful Yui had been.

"Thank you, guys! That's great!" Riku gushed, relieved.

"Yeah, thanks" Yuzuki whispered, unable to keep the smile off her lips.

Due to anticipating, thinking and worrying about Saturday, the next few days past by Yuzuki in a blur. She listened to Yui prattle on about her upcoming visit, and what she was going to wear, and what they would be doing. She seemed slightly disappointed upon learning that Yuzuki and the rest of the club would be there, and that her and Riku wouldn't be alone, which worried Yuzuki slightly. However reminding herself of the 'no-girlfriends' rule kept her mind at ease.

On Friday night, she started to panic. Her parents were fine with friends coming over (her father was at work anyway so it made little difference to him), but Yuzuki couldn't help the growing feeling of anxiety making her feel slightly sick. After making sure the house was relatively tidy, she crawled into bed, and lay awake for 2 hours, conjuring different scenarios of the day that lead before her., until restless sleep finally overcame her. At 6 in the morning she was woken by the sound of her father leaving the house; the clatter of breakfast dishes and keys; and then again at 7:30, her mother woke and Yuzuki heard one of the showers running. An hour later, Yuzuki realised her attempts to sleep were in vain and she climbed out of bed, feeling even more worried now that she was out of the comforting sanctuary of her duvet.

By walking through an empty house, she deduced that Riku was still fast asleep. Since she had such a long amount of time at her disposal, due to getting up early, she decided on having a long shower to pass the time. Even after that, and drying her hair, and choosing what to wear, it was only half 9. The next half hour until the hosts and Yui planned to arrive would drag on ridiculously.

Finally, Yuzuki found that Riku had awoken and was sitting in the kitchen after having had a shower and dressed into pale jeans and a dark green polo shirt, with the buttons undone. He was flicking through a magazine with one hand and shovelling a forkful of bacon, beans and egg into his mouth. That was another thing Riku excelled at. Cooking. Holding a fork to his mouth, he looked up as Yuzuki walked in, and beans fell back onto his plate.

"Hey," he greeted.

"Hey" Yuzuki replied opening the cupboard for some cereal.

"Yuzuki..." he hesitated. "I'm sorry; I mean I don't know what for because it still isn't my fault, but... what you said about Yui coming over to see me rather than you. I'm sorry, I guess".

Yuzuki smiled, eyes wide, not expecting Riku to ever admit something like that. "Thanks, I mean, you're right, it's not your fault, but - thanks for the thought".

He nodded as Yuzuki pulled up a chair at the solid, old fashioned wooden table and started on her cereal. "Hopefully it will be alright with the other guys here, right?" He tried to cheer her up, and Yuzuki was moved slightly by the intent.

"Mm" she agreed with her mouth full.

While placing her bowl in the sink, the doorbell rang, and Yuzuki and her brother looked at each other immediately, sharing a look. Before one of them could respond, a voice echoed from upstairs.

"Is that your friends?" Their mother called from her office. "Could you get the door anyway?"

"I'll go." Yuzuki told Riku, who was still finished breakfast. She saw him finish quickly, barely swallowing as she walked. "Please don't be Yui" She pleaded. "The hosts, mail, anyone but her". She wished for a few more minutes of peace and happiness.

She opened the door to a hitch-squeal. "Oh, hi Yuzuki-chan! I was expecting somebody else to open the door. We have maids, you see. Your house is so cute! Can I come in?"

Yuzuki stepped to the side and held out her arm to greet Yui. She strolled in without a moment's hesitation, and Yuzuki noticed a black stretch limo drive away.

"Where's Riku?" She asked.

"Through here." Yuzuki guided her through to the kitchen, where Yuzuki had cleared the table, and was leaning on it, grinning. "Hey Yui" he welcomed, and Yui sighed blissfully. The notion caused Yuzuki to pray desperately for the others to arrive soon.

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