19 August 2010

Dear Azar,

Hate mail is not something I would normally send, but in your case I'll make an

exception. As a person who considers themselves pretty tolerant and usually kind, you make me

sick! My name is Darkwood Princess, and after reading about you in The Things They Carried, by

Tim O'Brien, I can say that you are my least favorite soldier in all of Alpha Company.

What kind of guy blows up a puppy and blames it on being a boy? I know plenty of guys

and none of them would find that stunt cute or blame it on their gender. Men by nature do not

have to be destructive or vindictive. You unfortunately fit the bill on both counts. I'm sure a

psychologist would have a field day with you and your issues.

I don't understand how you can just make fun of the dead, finding irony where there is

none! A dead soldier and a dead comrade do not warrant stupid jokes. At least you had the

intelligence to realize that the ones made about Kiowa were wrong! Kiowa was a great soldier

and did not deserve to die or be made fun of. Neither did any of the other people you insulted.

Why is it that when you don't understand something Azar, you mock it? Is there some

part of you that just has to grab the spotlight and showcase your ignorance? I would think that

mocking a young girl who had lost everything was beneath even you. To make light of the pain

suffered by those around you proves how insensitive you are. If I were you I would think long

and hard about what kind of person I would want to be remembered as. I for sure would not want

to be remembered as the team jerk.

My advice to you, though I doubt you will take it, is to learn when to stop. Sometimes

enough is enough. For example, when you and O'Brien scared Bobby Jorgenson as part of

O'Brien's revenge scheme, you could have stopped when O'Brien told you to. It would have

been enough. Jorgenson had learned his lesson and O'Brien had taken his fill. There is such a

concept as flogging a dead horse, and whether or not you agree, that's all you were doing. It

takes a bigger man to know when to stop. If you could ever figure that out Azar, life would be a

heck of a lot easier.

Yours truly,

Darkwood Princess (a.k.a your mother)