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Omniscent POV (I think...)

Annabeth couldn't believe it. Out of all the young men in the kingdom, she was stuck with the most irritating of them all. Percy Jackson. He never shut up, he had the stupidest ideas, and he couldn't think an idea through for the life of him. There was good reason she called him Seaweed Brain.

Still, she shouldn't be too harsh... Rachel was stuck with the too-perfect Luke, while Thalia got the tall, dark, and handsome Nico Di'Angelo. Nico just radiated a feeling of danger that Annabeth found alluring and attractive. As she thought about this perfection, a dreamy look came over her shifting grey eyes. Instead of looking analytically everywhere for weaknesses, and planning, they looked far-off. Annabeth sighed, knowing she and her friends were doomed for a boring, heartbreaking world.

Annabeth knew she didn't have a chance with the elusive Nico Di'Angelo. He was always gazing admiringly towards Rachel Elizabeth. Annabeth didn't exactly begrudge him his little crush, its just, didn't he see how much better he and Annabeth would suit? Annabeth had charted and created multiple arguments in her favor. The least of which being that their hair would looke better together or that Annabeth Di'Angelo sounded better than Rachel Elizabeth Di'Angelo. The most of them being that Annabeth understood Nico's serious attitude to a point where frivolous, artsy Rachel Elizabeth couldn't.

But it didn't hurt to hope? And thank the gods Rachel didn't encourage him. Or Thalia for that matter, his betrothed...

But Percy Jackson. Really? The Gods must truly hate her to stick her with HIM!

Shoving her hands into the folds of her blue day-dress, she walked outside, hoping to find Rachel and Thalia. She quickened her stride, practically running until she reached the garden of the gods. Taking deep breaths, she waited in the shadows. For her friends sake, she needed to be more rational when meeting them.

Thalia had nearly the same thoughts as Annabeth. Nico? Anyone but Nico. They were too similar. Both always wanted to be right, they both liked blending into the dark, and doing dangerous things. Thats why they would never work! She and Luke would be much better..Luke was safer, he would balance out her crazy parts, and she would help him be a little more spontaneous. The only thing that marred his perfect of blonde hair and blue eyes was the scar that ran down one side of his face. But that gave him character, and showed that he wouldn't be cowed by Thalia's daring.

She sighed. But he never noticed her. All he saw was perfect Annabeth.

Thalia loved Annabeth like a sister, best friend and confidant, but did she have to be so...perfect?

Yes. She did. It was only who she was, and Thalia knew it. She didn't mind Annabeth being herself, but couldn't she just be less when Luke was around? Compared to the sunny, shining, golden-blonde curly haired Annabeth, Thalia was like mud. Or so she told herself. Thalia's dark hair, dark blue eyes, and paler-tan complexion made her seem rather vampiric. She and Luke would compliment eachother perfectly.

But what if they didn't? She couldn't help but thinking...At least with Nico, she was comfortable. They were both cordial, and polite. Never yelling at eachother or insulting one another, like Percy or Annabeth. Thalia couldn't help but grin, and frown. Percy always looked at her rather strangely when they were around, and she never could figure out what was going on in his head...

But she didn't care. She needed to talk to her friends, to air out her opinions. They all did, considering they'd each been matched with the other's soulmate.

Sighing as she walked towards the garden of the gods, she looked down at her deep purple gown. It was probably more suitable for mourning, but who cared. She may as well be mourning considering she was now officially betrothed to Nico Di'Angelo, devil spawn.

Rachel savagely slashed paint across the canvas. Blue, green, light yellow, grey... Finally, she set her paintbrush down and wanted to cry. Her spurt of anger was over. Why, oh why? Standing up and walking to the window overlooking the garden of the gods, she knew she should find her friends, but couldn't bring herself to leave.

After the initial shock of finding oneself betrothed, the shock became anger and sadness.

While she wa stuck with the icy-perfection that was Luke Castellan, Annabeth got the fun, caring, lovable-perfection of Percy Jackson. But she didn't even care! All Annabeth would be able to talk about would be what a Seaweed Brain he was, how stupid, and moronic and impulsive. Thalia would moan about Nico being too similar to her, to quiet, just a little too serious, while Annabeth would defend him. And Rachel would have defended Percy. And when Rachel started griping about Luke, Thalia would bite her head off.

Rachel knew this, but also knew she needed to see them.

They had to have this out on the open.

Turning away from the window, she started to leave, until her picture caught her eye. Turning back, she signed it and named it.

"Anger's Sorrow."

Perhaps a moody name, but now it felt right.

Sighing in anticipation of the yelling and tears that were sure to come, Rachel descended to the garden of the gods.

Yes. She knew there would be yelling, defending, complaining and arguments.

Of course. Because each of them had just been informed of the betrothals.

And they were each betrothed to the other's embodiment of admiration and attraction.

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