Percy hated his life sometimes. Everyone assumed that being the adopted son of royalty meant no worries. In fact, it meant more worries. Especially since Percy had just been informed of impending doom.

Also known as marriage with Annabeth Chase.

Don't take it the wrong way, Annabeth was…pretty. But she was terrifying, critical, serious, and too perfect.

Thalia on the other hand…that girl was someone who you could have fun with.

But Nico got her.

And Luke got Rachel, which frankly, he was glad for.

Annabeth scared him on one level—his rational side—while Rachel just plain freaked him out. The girl reminded him of an octopus. Everywhere he went, it seemed as through Rachel was there already there trying to get her tentacles on him.

Maybe that was an exaggeration, but still.

Percy slashed with Riptide, practicing in the arena.

"You taking the anger out on the practice field too?"

Percy turned and watched as Luke and Nico came toward him both swinging their weapons of choice.

Great minds think alike.

"Yeah, you guys too?"

"'Course. When you're paired with the artsy freak known as Rachel, anyone would want to kill something."

Nico glared, hearing the slander against the girl he thought he loved. Percy, however, grinned.

"You don't know her, Luke. Don't talk about her that way." Nico growled.

"And you do, Nico? We all are paired with our mortal enemies, allow us some unbiased complaining. Please!" Luke begged.

"As long as you don't get on your soap box about Annabeth when I get going." I reasoned, knowing how Luke got about her

Luke glared, but eventually agreed.

Throughout practicing, the boys took turns venting their feelings about each other's betrothed.

"I mean, sure she's pretty, but have you seen her eyes? They're grey, for Hades sake! And all calculating, and analytical. They aren't natural, I'm telling you. And whenever I try to have a normal conversation with her, she yells at me, or tells me how stupid I am. I can't marry that kind of…thing!" Percy yelled as he brutally whipped through exercises.

"And Thalia. Okay as a person, I suppose, but as a wife? Our similarities are too close, eventually we are going to find one issue that is unsolvable between the two of us, and the whole world will spontaneously combust. Wives aren't supposed to be your best friend. It's more a political alliance than anything, but with Thalia, it just feels like fire and fire equals more fire!"

"Rachel. Scares the living daylights out of me. Dramatic, and artistic—artistic isn't bad, but she's like a creepy possessed artistic—that clashes with my pragmatism. Physically, I prefer blondes over red heads, so that kinda puts the last nail on the coffin. This whole issue is dumb. Can we all just trade fiancés?"


A similar conversation was going on in the garden of the gods.

"Annabeth, don't you see how lucky you are to get Percy? Handsome, brave, loyal, intelligent-"

"Ha. Percy Jackson? Handsome, I guess I can see that. Brave? More like stupid. Loyal? Like won't leave you alone. Intelligent? As if!" Annabeth spat.

"Don't say that about him! Especially when I'm stuck with icy Luke!"

"Luke is NOT icy. He's just controlled." Thalia defended.

"Coming from the girl who's engaged with the boy who never smiles." Rachel shot back.

"Nico smiles!" Annabeth said. "Just only when it's necessary."

All of them looked at each other.

"This is pointless." Annabeth whispered.

"You two are my best friends, and I'm yelling at you for something you couldn't control" Rachel said.

"So what do we do?" Thalia asked.

Annabeth smiled.

"We make a plan."

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