This is my third wrestling fiction that's been lingering in my mind for quite some time now. My inspiration for this story comes from my current addiction to the TV show True Blood, even though these characters don't really reflect the characters from the show. The setting of this story is in a fictional, rural town and yes...there are vampires and lycans and what not. I wrote it in the eyes of Erika for the most part, but there will be several chapters told by the main superstars in the story for the effect. Summaries are welcome. Enjoy. Warning: Don't read if you can't handle the sick and twisted creativity.

Disclaimer: I own no one in the WWE. I only own Erika and Isaac Proctor.

Summary: Erika Proctor was only hoping to reunite with the only living member of her family, her older brother Isaac Proctor, but she is not prepared for the estranged, supernatural living conditions of Sweetwater.

Chapter 1

I had one of those awkward moments when I found myself smiling without mental consent and couldn't stop it before it was too late as my red Chevy pulled up into the driveway of my new home. It was a one story home, surrounded by several acres of pretty, green land. I was rather surprised to see the sunshine setting on the horizon behind the peaceful structure. Seeing as though I had just moved from the city of Miami, I'd never seen the sun expell such beautiful purplish-pink colors and especially not where I could actually prop up a chair and just watch it set. I made a mental note to do that in just a few hours because night was approaching. Just me and my precious cat, Casper. Speaking of the spoiled little demon, as soon as the truck's engine died, the fullgrown body of black fur leaped from the front seat to my lap in one almost invisible motion, nuzzling his tiny, warm head against my chest. I laughed softly because I always thought he was only attracted to the lime green sundress I was wearing, decorated in large, white polkadots. But soon made the assumption that he was just as excited as I was to have finally arrived at our new home in the town of Sweetwater.

I held Casper beneath my arm as I pushed open my door, the old hinges letting out a whine as I swung my legs out to disembark. The air in Sweetwater was warm and a bit humid, but all the more welcoming. I took a moment to look about the unfamiliar rural area. Towering oaks and pines swayed in harmony in the breeze and I realized that my neighbors were atleast more than half of a football field away from me. And, of course I had found that strange, being used to the studio apartment where I resided in the city. I knew I would miss Miami, but it was my decision to leave after all, to start over and live life the way I was intended. When I called my brother, Isaac, and told him about my plans, he was both surprised and overjoyed to hear about the reunion. We hadn't seen each other for five years after graduating from college which was a bit tough on the both of us. Our parents died when we were both in high school, leaving us to our Grandmother who had a difficult time herself trying to tame "The Devil's Syndicates" as she used to call us. It was practically Isaac and I against the world and having been mere children when we were officially just that, we vowed to each other that we'd stick together forever. He's the only person I have left in the family to make long story short and quite frankly, I wasn't enjoying my life in Miami. The noise, the crime, my job as a receptionist at a mental institution. I shook my head at the very thought of that horrid place and that rank stench of sweaty, dirty patients like prisoners of war. That was exactly what they looked like, helpless vessels trapped in a concentration camp with thick, pillowed walls and sometimes glass boxes the size of my old apartment.

Not too long after I shut the door to my truck and walked around toward the U-Haul hooked to the bumper, I noticed two male figures walking up the long, rocky driveway leading to my house. I squinted to see who they were, preparing for the greetings of both enemies and friends. They actually seemed quite harmless since they were both smiling, but that wasn't the main factor that caught my attention and made my eyes almost water. The man who was the most handsome and stood at about six-foot-five with shortcut black hair had taken off running toward me. And instinctively I took off runnning right back at him. Both of our arms were open for an embrace and pretty soon my feet were no longer touching the ground and his arms were wrapped tightly around me, spinning me around and around until I had to close my eyes to keep from getting dizzy. "Isaac!" I exclaimed with joyous laughter.

"Took ya long enough, Rika Darlin'." My older brother returned the laughter and excitement as he stopped spinning and allowed me to slide back to earth. "I can't believe you're actually here. I mean, after five years, I thought you would've forgotten about me by now."

I shook my head and hugged him again, laying my head against his chest. He smelled strongly of pine and ginger, a famous combination apparently in these parts. "How could I? Its you and me against the world, remember?"

He chuckled at that, obviously recalling when we made that vow. He was 13-years-old and I had just turned 10 at that point in time. "I'm surprised you remember, actually." He took a step back and held me by my shoulders, a sincere look crossing his face that I hadn't seen since his college graduation. "You have no idea how happy I am to see you. How was Miami? Gran told me you found yourself a nice lil' city beau out there."

I glanced from his rich, cornflower blue eyes to the grass beneath our feet, then back at his gaze, shaking my head slowly with a smile. "It wasn't what I dreamed of when I was a little girl, I can tell you that." I replied, then remembered the man I had met while I was in Miami. He was a filthy rich hispanic guy named Alberto. A total overly possessive, arrogant, cocky, ass hole actually. He managed to cheat on me four times in two years without me knowing until late then had the nerve to accuse me of being devious and sneaky and dumped me like a sack of dead meat, as if I was the one who had done wrong. "And I'd rather not get into that subject of uh-"I cleared my throat a bit. "My past love life."

"Erika, just let me know if I have to march my ass on up to Miami and blow a hole in the mother fucker's head for hurting my little sis. Just give me the word and I won't hesitate."

"No, no, no. It's okay." I put my hands up to settle him down. He always hated the boys I dated, eversince I picked up that abusive jerk in high school, Alex. The son of a jock bitch... "I'm so over him now."

"Well look at you!" Isaac suddenly exploded into laughter, looking at the shorter man standing next to him who returned the smile just because he could. "She got herself a cute, little city girl accent, too, Johnny boy!"

I blushed a little, then frowned when I heard the unfamiliar name. He stopped laughing the second he saw the confusion on my face. "Oh, I almost forgot. Shame on me." He reached out and layed a hand on the unknown man's shoulder. "This here is my boy, John Cena. Come on, don't be shy. My sister only bit people when she was a wee little cub."

My eyes widened at him before I sent a polite smile toward the man called John Cena and reached out to shake his hand. "I'm Erika. Erika Proctor." I introduced myself as he gripped my hand...and just about crushed it. I noticed he was built like a goddamn Marine beneath his white T-shirt and jean shorts and had the cutest dimples I had ever seen on a grown man.

"Nice to meet you, Ma'am." He replied warmly. "This house you just bought used to be mine. It's a pretty nice living space."

"Oh?" I raised my brows at him and nodded slowly. "Where are you now?"

John turned and pointed down the dirt road at the end of my driveway. "You drive down a couple miles and I'm in the red brick house. You should be able to see my John Deere parked out in the front lawn. Or my boyfriend fixing up the vegetable garden atleast."

"Oh, so you're not single." I reiterated, hiding disappointment behind a friendly laugh.

"No. Sorry." John shook his head at me and laughed as well. "I'm not into women anyway."

At that, Isaac cleared his throat and rolled his eyes. "You used to be before you met that big bad wolf." He stated humorously.

"Shut up, Isaac." John playfully punched him in the arm. "Wade's more like a gentle Pomeranian."

Isaac shot John a glance that was highly doubtful as if to say, "Yeah, when pigs fly, bitch."

"So, can you guys help me get settled in?" I asked cheerfully, clapping my hands together. "Casper and I would like to rest before nightfall."

"A bit late now, don't ya think?" Isaac pointed out, looking past my house at the setting sun. I turned to follow his gaze and could no longer see it. The darkness was rolling in quickly. "Don't worry though." Isaac gently touched my arm. "You can stay at my place while John and the crew unpacks your furniture and what not."

I gasped. "That would be great. I've always wanted to see how you live down here in the bayou anyway."


A few others I didn't know arrived at my new house after Isaac, Casper and I left in the pickup. It didn't take us long to get to the ranch, I'd say the drive was only about ten minutes. Knowing that he lived that close to me was reassuring. His house was nicer than I expected. It was built to look like one of those fancy log cabin resort places out in the mountains of Tennessee and the inside resembled just as much. Animal-skin rugs, antlers and shotguns hanging from the polished, wooden walls. He even had a fireplace right in the family room made of granite.

"Well, I'm officially impressed." I stated, smiling as I stood in the foyer with my luggage, lingering just to inhale the rich, lemony scent of the house. He must've used a hell of a lot of Pledge to polish all the wood he had in the house, inside and out.

"I try." Isaac shrugged, walking toward the kitchen. "I already have a room ready for you upstairs. You hungry?"

"Just a little." I nodded, pinning my fiery red curls behind my ear only to have Isaac turn and look at me with that same unconvinced look he gave John when he mentioned someone named Wade being a gentle Pomeranian. I sighed and playfully rolled my eyes. "Alright, I'm starving." I corrected myself and Isaac simply laughed and continued toward the kitchen.

"I know ya way too well, sis." He stated with a chuckle. "You used to love to eat when you were in middle school. They didn't call you Pie Face for no reason, y'know."

"Ugh." I followed him into the kitchen. "I wasn't fat! Just a little...thickish."

Isaac chortled as he opened his refrigerator and pulled out a large, glass container. "I got prime rib here. I know you love you some ribs. Especially when they're home-cooked."

I licked my lips at the sight of the container, remembering how well Gran used to cook pork ribs for us before we were living with her. I had atleast an entire slab every night before bed and about two slices of her million-dollar sweet potato pie. Which was probably why I was so thick in middle school. Thank God I had slimmed up by the time high school came around. "You made them?"

"With Granny's recipe." Isaac just about sang the words as he unlidded the container and stuck it in the oven, turning it up to about 400 degrees.

It was ready within minutes and we ate as if we hadn't eaten in days. Especially me. I literrally hadn't eaten all damn day. After dinner, Isaac helped me carry my luggage up to my well-prepared guest room. The walls were painted a pretty ocean green and the furniture was mahogony to match it. By that time, there was no sunshine left in the sky and the little critters outside had begun to greet the night with their constant screeching and chirping. I unpacked my belongings like I was in a hotel room, even setting up my curling irons in the bathroom connected to my bedroom. My excitement continued to grow even after I had settled down, showered, and changed into my favorite silk white nightgown.

The night would more than likely be sleepless.