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"You're so drunk."

Slumping into the passenger seat and slamming his door, Gilbert gave his girlfriend a look that wasn't quite as sarcastic as he would have liked and a quite a bit more drunken than he would have liked, but all the same it clearly said one thing: "No shit."

"Don't talk to me like that," she quipped, her eyes only leaving her rear view mirror to glare at him as she set her car in reverse. "Be grateful that I'm even willing to come all the way here and pick you up. I have better things to be doing at three in the morning."

"Like what?"


He laughed tiredly, body sluggishly jerking with the swerves the car made. "Good thing you love me, huh?"

"Yeah, good thing."

For a few minutes there was silence, just the hum of traffic and the almost inaudible music of the radio. Gilbert's eyes fell in and out of focus as Elizabeta's paid rapt attention to the road, flipping her turn signal so she could merge into the lane over.

There was no conversation, so concentrated she was on the road. So concentrated, in fact, that she nearly swerved off of it when she felt a warm puff of air against her neck. Reflexes honed from centuries of warfare got her back into the center of the lane, but there was nothing she could do for the drunken boyfriend currently placing kisses along the column of her neck.

"Gilbert," she began, "what are you doing?"

Despite the awkward angle, Gilbert was able to lazily nuzzle her neck's junction, breathing hotly on her skin and provoking a wave of goosebumps. "Resting a little. I'm tired as hell."

Elizabeta wasn't the type of woman that got aroused at the slightest touch, but it was still distracting, and in turn impairing her driving. "You're not 'resting', don't give me that. Now detach yourself from my neck before we run into something."

"I'm not stopping you from driving."

"Well you're making it difficult, so cut it out."

"Don't wanna. Just keep driving."

Sighing in both exhaustion and exasperation, Elizabeta slowed to a stop at the red light, too tired to argue with Gilbert. Thankfully, he was rather harmless when drunk, but he was insolent and far too clingy for her tastes. He was also incredibly stupid, she noted, because as soon as she began driving again she felt a slight suction on her neck. "Don't leave a mark," she warned him, an irritated glare meant for him directed on the road.

Almost a minute too slow, Gilbert pulled away a tad, unfocused eyes trying to focus on where his mouth had been. "Oh. Too late."

She grumbled. "Great. I'm going to have to wear a sweater tomorrow and it's almost 26 degrees. Thanks."

"Mhmm. Anytime."

With another grumble she roughly shoved him into his seat, ignoring the groan of discomfort he let out in response.

"Geez, Lizzy, you're getting all pissy over a hickey… haha, that kind of rhymed."

She resisted the almost overwhelming urge to rest her head against the steering wheel.

The drive home was far too long.