Though we may be Apart 1

Author Note: Yellow! Notanormalpie here, ready to make my first Jia…wait for it…wait for it…IN MULTI CHAPTER! :D Enjoy!

Mia felt her heart racing as she trained with Jayden. He was better than her in almost everything they did, but she wanted to at least be him in training. Their swords clashed, and she kicked his gut. He bent over, and she struck his back with her sword. He went down with a thud.

"Ouch," he shook his coco blonde hair with his head, "you win."

"Game set: Match," she grinned, reaching out to help him up. When he touched her hand, she felt electric sparks dance across her spine.

The Samurai were soon cooling down inside, talking and throwing out tips. Suddenly, the GAP sensor buzzed out.

"Just when I get comfortable," Mike grumbled as Ji told them of their location.

The six dashed downtown to see a Nilock who had sticky fingers. Like, whatever he touched, he'd put it in his enchanted pouch. He was white, covered in red dots and blue eyes, two, glowing in sockets. When he noticed the rangers, his glowing eyes fixed on the girls.

"You rangers are no match for me," he laughed, "now, let's see who'll come me."

"Go, go Samurai!"

"Gold Power!"

"Hm…let's see," he gazed at the girls as they battled.

Suddenly, he grabbed Mia's shoulders.

"I can't decide," he wrapped his other arm around Emily's waist, "I'll take you both."

"Antonio!" Emily screamed.

"Jayden!" Mia fought against the beast.

The Red and Gold Rangers dove for their loves, but the Nilock disappeared into a gap.

"No!" Antonio screamed, slashing at the pole, "Emily!"

"Mia," Jayden whispered, his suit vanishing.

"Dude," Mike and Kevin grabbed Antonio's wrists, "she's gone."

"You alright?" Kevin looked at his leader.

"I'll be fine," the Red Ranger turned his back, "let's go." He stormed in lead, and Antonio was sullen, whispering, "Poor chica, poor chica…"

That night, it was quiet in the Shiba House. Mike played his games, his heart hurting for his little sister to come back, and Kevin trained, letting the anger for his partner, Mia, being gone out onto the dummies. Antonio held Emily's flute in his hands, stroking the keys. The Red Ranger soon came up to him in the garden where he was.

"We're going to get her back," he told his friend.

"And Emily too," Antonio nodded.

"I was talking about…"

"You are grieving for Mia," his best friend looked at him, "we all know you love her, Jay."

"Is it that apparent?" Jayden turned his color in his cheeks.

"The only one who doesn't see it is Mia herself," Antonio shrugged, "kind of like you don't know she digs you."

"She does not," Jayden shook his head.

"She most certainly does!" he cried, and Jayden sighed.

"Okay, she might," he told his friend, "you know that Emily's in love with you, right?"

"Nah," Antonio sighed, "nobody loves a fish boy."

"Except for a country girl," he countered, "face the facts: If Mia loves me, Emily loves you."

"Then it must be true."

The two boys were silent, gazing at the stars. Mia was on Jayden's mind, and she wasn't getting off it. Same with for Antonio, only with Emily.

"You're right, amigo," Antonio finally spoke, "we will save them. Give them their fairy tale." He got up to leave his friend to think.

Jayden remembered how Mia was in love with the Cinderella stuff.

"That's right," he spoke, stroking Mia's training sword, "and I'll be her prince charming."

"That's the Jayden I know," Antonio smiled weakly before going to bed…in Emily's bed.


"Whoa!" Mia and Emily were pushed forward, right into their cell. The form of Dayu stood in front of them.

"Dayu," Mia snarled, grabbing the bars, "what are you up to this time?"

"With you away from your loves," she smirked, "their grieve will flood the river as well as your tears. Now, cry, little Samurai. It's music to my ears."

"Never," Mia denied.

"Right," Emily fought the urge to cry and got beside her friend.

"Oh, you will," Dayu took one of Emily's curls, twirling it around her finger, while making her other claws take a stroll on Mia's shoulder, "one way or another."