Title: Meaningless Words

Fandom: I Luv Halloween

Pairing: Finch/DL

Summary: When you're with the one who completely understands you, words are meaningless.

Word Count: 671

Disclaimer: I do not own Halloween. Wish I did though...


"Yeah," DL said, looking down to gaze at the shorter teen. It wasn't a question on his part. More like an answer to the question inside Finch's head.

And Finch treats it as such. "You'll never show me what's under there." Not a question. Just a simple fact that- even though it pisses Mr. Kitty off to hell- is just fine with the redheaded teen. He runs his fingers through his fiery hair.

"Would it matter if I did?" Finch turned to find two fake yellow orbs staring him down. To him, they tell him more about the other than anyone else's eyes. They told him all he needed to know about the boy, about the subject they were currently discussing. It was something that needed to end now.

"Just a peek wouldn't hurt." He whispers, but he knows it was the wrong thing to say.

He could almost see the boy's eyes narrow into slits. Anger is circling around him like an evil phantom, but he manages to hold his anger in. Barely.

"Drop it, Finchy."

But Finch doesn't. He doesn't say a word, but Devil Lad knows what his thinking, what he wants to say. He just didn't know what the other would do. With a violent tug, Finch rips his skull mask off.

Gold looks into fake yellow as the shorter of the two stares Devil Lad down. He knows DL is shocked, that their unspoken, sacred rule of Halloween was broken. But he didn't care. He wanted Devil Lad to look into his eyes, with no barriers between them. If only he could get the other take off his, then it would be perfect.

"You broke the rule," was the simple response that didn't need to be said.

"Fuck the rule." Finch growled. He went to remove that fimialar red faced masked, surprised when the other didn't move to stop him.

Raven black hair framed a long tanned face. A black eyebrow was raised, as full lips were pulled back into a smile.

"You happy now." Again, not a question, but a simple fact that they both knew was true.

Staring deeply into eyes slited like a snake, surrounded by a burnt orange color, Finch sighed.

"If I wasn't happy, you would've know."

Devil Lad chuckled, his hand kneading through soft red hair. They were quiet, as the first rays of November light began to crawl its way up to the sky. Finch leaned into the other, inwardly admiting to himself how nice it felt. DL knew of course, because he leaned back even further, a arm wrapped lazily over Finch's waist.

Just as the morning rays hit the tree trunk, Finch knew DL was going to say something he hated to hear every year.

"I have to head home now."

Finch sighed. DL didn't really need to say it. They both knew that it was time. It happens every year.

Moving to get up, Finch was surprised when he was pulled closer to the taller boy. A brush of lips against his and he was let go. Golden eyes narrowed at slitted orbs, as there owner put his mask back on.

"Are you from hell?" Finch finally asks, though they knew that it was nessicary.

"Would it really matter?" The devil mask looking straight at him-into him.

They both knew what he would say, but he took his time and said it anyway.

"Don't know. Don't care." And Finch could see the smile behind the mask.

Me: I have no idea where the idea came from, but I had to write it. Good thing my class got out early so I could start it. I love Finch/DL ^^

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