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Title: The Anatomy of Spencer Reid

Author: Chess Keeper

Pairing: Hotch/Reid

Summary: Aaron Hotchner enjoys Spencer Reid's anatomy.

Warnings: Slash and sex.


The Anatomy of Spencer Reid

Aaron Hotchner was a complicated man. Simple things didn't hold his attention. It wasn't that Aaron was A.D.D, it was just that he tried to avoid simple thing in favor of more complex things. His new complex puzzle was Spencer Reid, his lover.

At first, Spencer was just Aaron's co-worker, but then over night Spencer became Aaron's cure for everything. He was a godsend.

They would go to bed and originally start back to back. Aaron was not a touchy feely person and he didn't really like snuggling when he was trying to sleep. After sex was a completely different story…

Late at night, after a long case and a hard day's work, when the edge of sleep evaded him Aaron would burry his hands in Spencer's brown slightly curly hair and forget himself.

Spencer's hair was unusually soft and when Aaron was trailing his fingers through it, in his mind he could only compare it to petting a kitten. Spencer would even purr in his sleep when Aaron got the right tempo. It was utterly adorable and eventually Aaron would be lulled into sleep with a smile on his face and one hand tangled in Spencer's hair.

The day Spencer cut his hair Aaron had to cover up his disappointment with a witty comment. "What did you join a boy band?"

They boarded the plane and Aaron couldn't help but feel frustrated. Spencer sat across from him, pen firmly in his mouth pondering over a crossword puzzle that he would have done in 5 minutes, while Aaron was racking his brain with ideas of how he was ever going to get to sleep again.

Feeling Aaron's unrelenting stare Spencer looked up. Their eyes met, and Aaron noticed that with Spencer new hair cut you could clearly see into his perfect eyes.

The old hair cut left pieces of hair dangling in front of Spencer's face, and Aaron was almost sure that this was the first time he had ever seen clearly into his eyes. Spencer smiled coyly and Aaron smiled slightly- New obsession found.

He briefly wondered if Spencer could learn to sleep with his eyes open… but that would probably be asking too much.

(Hair and Eyes…Wc- 366)

Chapter Note: Poor Aaron.