"I think pretty boy has had way too much to drink." Derek laughed pointing Penelope's attention to Spencer who was snoozing comfortably on Aaron's shoulder. His mouth was open and he was drooling slightly.

"D'awww." Penelope cooed snapping a picture with her Iphone. "For later." She explained giggling

"Alright I think it's now officially time for everyone to leave." Aaron said noticing the wet spot now rapidly forming on his shoulder.

"Yeah, It's getting pretty late." Emily said stretching. "Give me a ride J.J?"

"Of course." J.J said gathering up her stuff.

The team then got up and everyone when their different ways. Aaron, like the good party host, he walked them out and saw them out.

"Wake up Spencer." Aaron shook the man's shoulder. "Spencer."

"Mmmm." Spencer rolled over and turned his back to Aaron. He then preceded to burry his face into the couch with a frustrated moan.

Aaron couldn't help but chuckle. "Come on."

Spencer rubbed his eyes and glared at Aaron, it wasn't intimidating due to the sleepy expression on his face, but he tried his best before giving up with a huff.

"W'at ti'e is it?" Spencer hauled himself off the couch and collapsed against Aaron's side.

"Pretty late." Aaron helped the younger man stand straight. Then he escorted him to the bedroom and helped Spencer into his Pajamas.

Before Aaron could get Spencer into the bed, the sleepy man wrapped his arms around him and tightened his hold. "Sorry 'bout the drool." He yawned.

Aaron tenderly tucked Spencer's hair behind his ears. "I love everything about you, even your drool." Aaron returned the hug and gently kissed him on the forehead. "Just try not to slobber on me too much."

Spencer nodded sluggishly and allowed Aaron to tuck him into bed. "Can't promise anything," He sighed snuggling up to Aaron's warm body.

(Mouth. Wc -340 )

Story note- "One of the most common reason is sleeping with the mouth open."