Since this weekend, I have a serious case of ATSD fever and it's been inspiring fan fics but this one came to me today while listening to We Will Meet Again, remembering how Phineas didn't want to forget meeting Agent P which I agree.

Perry brings back the boy's memories of the best day all three of them have ever had, and they become stronger together but have to keep the fact that the boys remember a secret.

I hope prople enjoy.

It was the morning after what had happened in the 2nd Dimension, but Perry was in his lair, as it was right in the morning and he'd had a tough night thinking about something, especially as the notion to bring back the boy's memories of yesterday was bubbling up in his heart, looking at the photo of him and Phineas hugging, as he felt warm inside.

"Morning, Perry." he heard somebody say.

It was Platyborg, but the cybernetic platypus sometimes escaped from his dimension to hang out but knew Perry didn't want the boys to know, understanding that Perry could be sent away.

Platyborg saw that Perry was looking at the photos he'd taken yesterday but knew that Monogram had been harsh but an idea came into his mind.

"What if I could help you with your kids remembering?

About yesterday?" he said.

Perry turned around in his chair, curious, knowing he wanted the boys and him to be a team more than ever but knew Monogram would be mad.

But a voice in his head was telling him to do it, as he'd always wanted the boys to know about his double life, but had secretly been mad at Monogram, for erasing the boy's memories of the day.

"Let's do it, Platyborg." he said.

Platyborg smiled as he had something in his paws.

It was a ray gun...