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Chapter 1 - Preperations and Excitement

"Ash! It's been too long! How've you been? I just wanted to tell you that I love you.."

The 14 year old coordinator sighed to herself.

"This is ridiculous.."

She watched herself at the mirror. She hadn't really changed so much since she was 10. The only things that had changed was her having a change of clothes, she wanted to try something else than her usual outfit. She didn't really change much about her clothes though. Her red t-shirt was replaced with a very similar one, but this one was cut down a little bit to show some cleavage. She had put away her black shorts, but instead lengthened her white skirt just a little bit. She had also bought a new bandana. It was the same bandana, but with green color instead. Also, she had tied it in a different way, so that her hair was now laying down free on her back instead of being like two ponytails. Of course, she had also gotten just a little bit taller, and her body had also grown, although some body parts had grown to the size of a 16 year old girl. All of this, made her an eye-magnet everywhere she went. She blushed at the thought of that.

"Maybe I have changed.. But just a little bit!" she said, giggling.

After that awkward moment, she once again sighed to herself.

"I wonder if Ash has changed?"

She didn't really know, they hadn't seen each other in 3 years, however they did have a few video-calls after May had left the group, but that only lasted for a month since Ash was too busy with training for his badges. She sighed to herself once more as she thought of the day she had left them. After she had given Ash numerous hints about her feelings to him without success, she decided to leave to the Johto region, alone. She was very doubtful about this, but made her decision when Ash didn't notice her hitting on him after they had split the ribbon they had won by getting the first place with a tie. Either that, or he didn't have any feelings for her.. At least not the kind of feelings she had for him. She sighed again, probably the 20th time this day alone, and picked up her newly bought backpack for her trip. It was the same model that Ash had, with the exception of being a bit larger, and different colors, mainly pink and purple. After a bit of searching through the surprisingly full bag, she had found what she was looking for; A pink case. It was a ribbon case, same size as the usual ones, and inside, lay her most precious item: A ribbon. Or, to be more precise, a half of a ribbon. It was the same half of a ribbon that she had split with Ash all those years ago. She squeezed it tightly with her hands and closed her eyes.

"Oh Ash.. I've really missed you. I hope you've missed me, too.."

"May! Have you finished packing your bag yet?"

She jumped of surprise at the shouting voice.

"Yes mom, I was just-"

She didn't have time to finish her sentence as the door to her room was slowly opened. Soon enough, her mother, Caroline, was in the room. She looked awfully a lot like her daughter, but instead of having the same hairstyle as her daughter she had her hair curled in a zig-zag way. And since May had gotten taller, she was just half a head taller than her daughter.

"Mum, you really scared me when you shouted!" May said, still a little bit irritated that she had interrupted her in her thoughts.

Her mother raised an eyebrow.

"Scare you? Honey, I was just wondering why you took so long. You didn't pack too much now did you?"

"Um, no.. I just packed what I needed for my visit."

Her mother nodded with a smile. She then noticed that her daughter was holding something.

"May, what are you holding?"

The teen girl looked at her hand, her eyes widened and she quickly hid it behind her back.

"N-Nothing, I was just going through some old stuff, that's all."

Her mother raised her other eyebrow, but her suspicious face then turned into i smirk. May shivered as she looked at her mother's face. It wasn't just a very unusual wide smile, it was evil.

"What are you holding, dear?"

"I, uh.." She tried to come up with something, she had to do it now, or else her mom would talk with her about boys. And that was, every time, a nightmare.

"My toothbrush!"

Her mother's smile went even wider, she wondered how it was possible to have such a wide smile.

"Going through your old toothbrushes?"


The teeth on her mother were now visible, and May backed away from the right now crazy woman.

"Can I see it?"

"What? No way!"

"Why not? I think I lost mine."

"You have like 5 or more in the bathroom!"

"But not an old one!" her mother whined.

"What, you want to brush your teeth with 4 year old toothbrushes?"

"You can wash them!"

"Buy a new one!"

Her mother sighed and looked at the floor. May also sighed, but in relief. She thought that her mother had given up. Oh, she was wrong.

"Oh my, is that your father?" Caroline said and pointed out of the window.

May turned around, quickly.

"Is he home yet?" she asked, still trying to find her father somewhere outside.

Suddenly, she felt her beloved half ribbon get forcefully snatched away from her. She screamed in surprise as she nearly dropped the ribbon in the process. May froze. Her mother had the ribbon in her hands.

'Oh no.. This is bad.' May thought.

And then it happened. What May previously thought was impossible happened. The smile on her mother's face widened. She backed away, only to stop when she noticed that she was already backed up against the wall.

"Crap." she muttered.

Her mother then slowly went closer to her daughter.

"Maaaaaaay," she asked, with a mix of sarcasm and evil. "Is this the same ribbon I think it is?"

May wanted to escape, somehow.. She had to do it. Suddenly, she got an idea. She closed her eyes and just dropped to the floor. Her mother bought it.

"May! Are you alright?" she asked worried, kneeling down towards her daughter. "May! Answer me!"

"I'm calling an ambulance! Hold on dear!" she almost screamed while pulling out her cellphone.

May smiled. How could a woman so evil also be so caring at the same time..?

"Help! My daughter just fainted! I need an ambulance to-"

Her mother stopped. May just wondered why she didn't call that ambulance. She would happily pay a visit to the hospital just to skip talking about her crush. Now, she awaited her mother's next move.

"Don't worry, false alarm."


Her mother had put her cellphone back in her pocket and kneeled down towards her daughter again.

"Honey, I know you're alright."

May froze. How could she know? May tried not to move, there was still hope.

"You know why?" her mother asked, the evilness now taking over the sarcasm.

May just lied there, not moving, not even breathing.

"Cause you just smiled. People don't do that when they faint."

Silence. The only thing that was heard was Caroline's soft breathing. After almost 20 seconds, May couldn't take it anymore. She needed air. She slowly opened her mouth, and out came a single word.


In the Sinnoh region, faraway from May, was a young, 14 year old boy running through the woods. The boy had a light blue hoodie with a half pokeball sign in white under the stomache part. The hoodie didn't have anything that covered the arms, but the boy had a black shirt which went to just over his elbow. He had a red and black cap with a half of a pokeball sign too, but this pokeball sign was green. He also wore black gloves and black and blue sneakers.

"Dawn! Give me my cap back!" the boy shouted.

"No way! You promised me a hug!" the girl shouted.

The girl, unlike the boy, was 13 year old. Her name was Dawn, a blue haired coordinator from Twinleaf Town. To keep the front of her hair to fall down on her face, she had golden hair clips to keep them up. She wore a very, very short pink skirt, which made several boys almost faint when they went by her. She wore a mini dress that was almost completely black, and had a white undershirt inside the V-shaped neck. She used to have pink boots, but since it was pretty warm nowadays she had changed to pink sneakers and black socks instead. She wears a white beanie with a pokeball sign printed on it in pink, and she also had a yellow backpack to keep some stuff and her ribbons in.

"What? That's all you wanted? Then stop!" the boy shouted.

The girl stopped dead in her tracks after hearing what the boy said.

"Really? You're going to give me a hug?" Dawn asked.

Ash raised an eyebrow.

"Yea? All you needed to do was to ask, you didn't need to take my cap and use your puppy-eyes just for a hug."

"O-Okay.." Dawn whispered.

She then turned away and blushed, but quickly shrugged it away and turned to face the 14 year old pokémon trainer, Ash Ketchum.

"Alright then, here's your cap!" she said.

She motioned for Ash to take the cap from her hands with a smile. Ash smirked, and then reached her hands to take the cap. He took it, placed it on his head, and then ran off.


"I never promised you anything!" he screamed as he ran, trying not to get killed by the raging blue haired girl.

"Guys! Dinner's ready!"

A 20 year old breeder, named Brock, was preparing for dinner. He was an ex Rock-type gym leader, so even if he was a breeder, he still knew a bit about pokémon battles. He had left the gym for his brother Forrest to take over his gym for now, as he travels with Ash and Dawn. Even with all of these 'skills', he still couldn't get the thing he wanted the most: Girls. He sighed.

'Why does everybody get love but me?' he thought sadly.

He watched as Ash was about to get ripped to pieces if he ever stopped. He shook his head and continued to prepare the soup.

"ASH! COME HERE NOW! I WANT MY HUG!" the girl screamed.

Ash just laughed, she would never get him. He was simply too fast, he thought.

"I'm Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town. I've trained with my pokémon for over 4 years, and I'm going to be the greatest pokémon ma-"

He was suddenly tackled to the ground by someone with a quite powerful force. He turned around on the ground and looked up into the one that tackled him.

"Now.. I want my hug." Dawn told him, and tried to sound threatful, but failed as Ash started to laugh.

"Why should I?" he asked, still laughing abit. He never thought that Dawn could be so.. Stubborn.

"I got your hat."

Ash's eyes went wide, and he gasped when he saw his cap on Dawn's head instead of his.

"How did you.."

"You're not the only one fast around here, hm?" she said and smirked. "Now give me my hug."

"No way!"

Ash tried to escape, but it was no use. To prevent Ash from escaping, she lied down and put her body weight on him, making him unable to escape without hurting her. Dawn was blushing madly, Ash didn't even know why, maybe she was sick? He tried to wiggle himself out of her strong grip, or how you now call it.

"Man, you're really heavy!" he said, still trying to escape.

"Never.. EVER, talk about a woman's weight!" Dawn screamed after slapping Ash on the cheek.

"But what if they weigh normal?" he asked.

He tried to touch the place where Dawn had slapped him, but her elbows made it impossible to move his arms.


"Uh, no! I mean you're underweight!" he said quickly, now afraid that Dawn would kill him.

He could see that Dawn's face was about to.. Blow up. He looked around with his head to find a way out. He smiled with hope when he saw his best friend standing at the side, next to a tree.

"Hey! Have you been watching this whole time? Help me! Give her a weak thunder wave!"

"Pika! Pikachu!" the yellow creature responded.

"What? Are you still pissed about that ketchup? I'll buy you a new one when we get to Jubilife City!"

The yellow mouse pokémon with a lightning shaped tail turned away, still mad that his master had ate his beloved bottle of ketchup. He had even hid it under a bag in the tent to keep it safe, but Ash still found it, somehow. The yellow rodent shook its head before walking away, maybe Brock had some ketchup.

"Pikachu! Don't leave me!" Ash screamed.

Pikachu continued to walk, not even turning around. Ash sighed. He was defeated. And his best friend had left him, for ketchup. Ash gulped. He then slowly turned his head towards Dawn so he could face her. He didn't like what he saw.

"Now.." Dawn said, with evil in her face. "What are you going to do now?"

"I.. I'll scream for help!" Ash responded.

"Out here in the woods? Nobody will hear you, Jubilife City is more than 2 days from here, Pikachu doesn't wanna help and Brock is busy with the food. The only ones that can help you are those Magikarp in that lake over there. But they can't help you now, can they?"

"Yes they can! They'll use Splash attack to cover you with water!"


"Alright, alright! Jeez.."

Dawn smirked.

"So, are you going to accept defeat and give me what I deserve?"

"But.. You deserve a slap on the cheek, should I really give you that?"


"Alright I'm sorry! But you did slap me.." he muttered the last words, however, Dawn heard him anyway.

"What was that?"

"Eh, nothing! I just told you that you deserve a huge hug!" Ash said.

"Really? Then why don't you give me one right now then?"

'Oops.. I shouldn't have said that.' Ash thought.

"Um.. No." he said and smiled.

"Please..?" Dawn said, trying her best to look and sound sweet.

"Dawn, I told you those puppy-eyes aren't going to work."

Dawn sighed again.

"Fine." she said flatly before quickly letting go of Ash.

"Here's your stupid cap."

She threw it right at his face, pretty hard, making him wanna say 'ow', but he kept quiet. Ash took off the cap that covered all his face, and met Dawn's eyes. They weren't furious anymore, they were.. Sad. Ash thought he saw a tear forming in her eyes, but couldn't be so sure about it as she turned around and walked away.

"I'm heading back to Brock. You coming?" she asked, not turning around.

"Y-Yeah, I'll be there in just a sec! Is the food ready yet?"

He didn't receive any answer, so he sighed. He raised himself from the ground and tried to look after Dawn, but she had already reached out of sight by following down the path next to the lake. Ash dusted off some dirt from his clothes and was happy that they weren't ruined. He was still wondering how Dawn was so heavy. Of course, he would never tell her that, atleast not again.. He sighed again, and started walking the same path Dawn just took.

May sighed. She had been tortured with questions from her mother about Ash for the last 40 minutes, she wondered how she was able to hold off her mother for so long, without telling the truth.. Must be some strong willpower or something. She still hadn't completely lied, she was just telling her mother about how she missed Brock and.. Ash. She said that she missed them, alot, but didn't exactly tell her mother that she missed one of them real badly. The only thing her mother did was asking her questions about Ash, only bringing up Brock once, and she would occasionally tell May how much she had 'grown up'. May still didn't know in what way she meant by her growing up. She looked out of the window. Her father was still a gym leader, but they had built a more bigger and better gym a little more further into town. It wasn't that faraway, but this meant that she couldn't meet him between battles and had to wait for him to come home.. Which was late.

And Max.. She had to admit that she missed that little geek. He had left for his pokémon journey a year ago, but unlike with Ash, they had been keeping in touch with video-calls every week. May sighed once more. She had just come from the Grand Festival, and placed first. It was a very big achievement, but she wasn't so happy about it when she won. Of course, she jumped and felt crazy, and posed for the cameras at her first Grand Festival victory, but she felt that something was missing. She didn't know anyone there, except for Drew. There were no parents, no brothers, sisters.. No Ash. Solidad didn't compete in the festival, she had 'more important' things to do. Drew had as usual congratulated her with a rose. Or.. Roses. Alot of them, too. After the Grand Festival, Drew and Solidad had decided to head for Sinnoh to get some more ribbons and to compete in the Grand Festival there. She smiled. She still couldn't believe that she had won over Drew in the finals. She was actually suspecting that he let her win. But he wouldn't do that now, would he..? She lied down on her bed with her half ribbon in her hands. She decided not to come with Drew and Solidad, she wanted to stay home and just take a rest. Drew and Solidad didn't like this of course, and Drew had given her a kiss on the cheek before they departed which still made her blush as she thought about it. Solidad didn't give her anything, but she did wish May goodluck in where she was going to head next, and that she hoped that they would meet soon. May closed her eyes and squeezed her ribbon once more. But just staying home and rest wasn't the only reason she had stayed home. She looked at the clock on the wall.

'Tomorrow..' she thought.

She then went off to sleep, still holding that ribbon tightly.