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"How are you feeling?"

"What? Who, me?"

"Yes, Dawn."

"Ugh.. not to be rude or anything, but.. who are you, where am I..?"

No reply.

"Pi.. Pikachu..?"

It was almost certain that she was dreaming, seeing as how it was completely black and the atmosphere being.. well, not-so-friendly. The problem was, she didn't know what to do in situations like these.

Correction: there was nothing she could do. Most of the time, she was never aware that it was a dream. The dream would just play.. and she would just tag along, go with the flow. Whenever the dream ended, she would just lie there, trying to figure out what happened and if the dream had any meaning.

In case she would get into creepy nightmares like this one, waking up from it would be near impossible.. doing silly things like hurting yourself to wake up never worked. She never dared to try and make suicide, nor will she..

A creepy sound from behind made her sigh, it was no use, really. She knew it was a dream, nothing could scare her now.

"So.." Dawn spoke out, trying to spot any source of light around her. "Who am I talking to? My subconsciousness? My brain? My butt?"

No answer.

Now, this was one of those things that were actually interesting. Her actual dreams.. what were they? What is a dream, exactly? Well, she wasn't really too fond going into those details, but she liked wondering about how her dreams were produced, and why.. from her memories, her mood and just simply how tired she was.

Strange dreams without purpose or anything interesting occured almost everyday.

Nightmares usually came once or twice each month..

Great and happy dreams came.. from time to time.

But then again, it's only fake. Dreams. Wishes.

Because she was aware of that, she had came up with a way to immediately wake up from her dreams. This method wasn't something she preferred to do frequently, though.

Whether she had to use that technique on this particular dream was something she doubted.. since this seemed to be one of those dreams where her mind was too lazy to even create a scenery, instead just throwing her into a black room of nothing. How ironic. The thing that sucked now was that she had to wait a while before she would wake up.. and there wasn't much she could do in a black room.

Sigh. Boring.

Just when she was about to create a few toys of her own, a light in front of her emerged and soon expanded into a view and scenery that seriously made her consider about whether to use that technique or not..

Jessie was a very nice person, deep inside. Maybe he too had a good side of himself?

Well, he had already thought too much about this. Any more would be hurting himself.

As James closed in on the last room he would be in, two guards stopped him.

"What's your rank?" they immediately asked, having their pokéballs ready.

"Above yours."

For a moment there the two guards thought that James himself had said that, but it didn't take long before they noticed that it was someone from behind.

"Let him in."

And so they did. The two guards, both of them presumably being medium ranked members stepped to their sides, letting the blue haired man through.

"James." Giovanni started and went to his desk. "I trust you've completed your task. Now, I'll assemble a new team for you, with members from-"

"I didn't do it."

".. Excuse me?"

The leader of Team Rocket was a bit surprised to say the least, not knowing whether to feel anger or wonder.

"Do you know what this means?"


Once more, Giovanni got surprised over James's answer, even to the point of causing him to get up from his seat.

"Please." Giovanni started and nodded. "Explain what this means."

"I come with a.. suggestion.." James started and let out an empty sigh, putting the revolver on the table between the two men.

"Suggestion?" Giovanni bursted out, now knowing that anger would fit best together with the situation and the dark environment. "First, you disobey my direct orders, and now you walk in here like a fool thinking that-"

"I wish to take her place, sir."

"My head.."

"My stomache.."

"My ass.."

"What the fu-"

In a few vans situated near the edges of Jubilife City, five men muttered out swears due to different kinds of pain they each felt. All of them except for one man, of course.

The five confused men tried to remember what happened last night, but failed to do so. Instead, they tried to spot their boss and get ready for the day, all except Tom, who found it to be most suspicious that all of them woke up at the exact same time.

As an addition to that, Jens was sitting on the driver's seat, being completely fine compared to everyone else.

"What happened..?" Tom lowly asked and rubbed his head.

"What do you mean?" Jens asked, acting all normal. "I'm also... feeling ill."

"Yeah.. all of us look like zombies and you're sitting there chilling. How ill."

"Yup. It's really sick." Jens replied and yawned. "Now, how about you guys get ready?"

"For what..? And I'm not letting this slip away, what the hell happened last night?"

Gert and Kimmy were also wondering the same thing, and Kolzy was probably in the other van. If Trent was with Kolzy, he didn't know.

Checking to his sides, Tom gave his teammates a 'do you remember anything' look, which they both replied with a 'I remember shit' look.

"Boss.." Tom got out and sighed. "Why are we outside this hotel..?"

Truth to what Tom had asked, their van was parked right outside one of the smaller hotels of Jubilife. Where that other van was, he didn't have a clue.

"Where's Kolzy?"



Gert and Kimmy seemed to have gotten up from their slow-and-dead modes as they both wondered why Kolzy was in the hotel.

"Well?" Tom continued and crossed his arms. "What the hell is he doing up there? Why were we.. drugged?"

Yes, that's it. They were drugged.

"Beats me."

"Hmpf.. And why-"

Tom never had a chance to finish his question since the van immediately started with a high speed, throwing his whole body and face into the the back.. head first.

It was already morning, she knew that.

It was impossible to get back to sleep, she knew that.

Something was sleeping right next to her, she knew that.

Wait, wha-

The pink haired girl let out a large scream as she nearly jumped out of the bed. Because of her 'quick' reflexes, the girl had already raised her right arm to swiftly throw a punch but stopped once she saw that it was just her dear, retarded boyfriend.

"Jeez.." the girl muttered and calmed down, glaring at Drew's calm and sleeping face. "What are you doing here..?"

As expected, there was no reply, causing her to let out a deep sigh. Thinking that the boy would sleep for a while longer, Amelia went out of the bed quietly and decided to take a quick shower before he would conquer the bathroom.

Make it stop, make it stop. Please.

"Dawn, it's beautiful, right?"

"Yes, sweetie!"

Make it stop.

"You.. you perv! Did you just look under my skirt?"

"What the- Dawn, don't be ridiculous."

Please make it stop..

The scenery was strange. Troubles and problems seemed to be non-existent, and the atmosphere felt like it was too good to be true. What was around wasn't the important thing, though..

Judging from how high she was, Dawn assumed she was standing on a high place like a hill or at the edge of a small cliff. The sun was nowhere to be found, neither the moon. Despite that, most of the scenery was shining, along with the two persons not too far away from her.

Laughter from the two teens immediately grabbed her attention, making her aware of her current situation. Those two persons, the two happy teens, were persons she knew very well. One of them, the boy, was someone she would meet very soon. His raven hair swayed to the sides, similar to the grass underneath them and the trees' branches slight above.

His smile could make any girl blush, it was just that it didn't work for this particular moment..

And the girl?

Just like with the boy, her sole personality seemed to rub itself off on others. Her arms were basically wrapped around the boy's body, and along with her giggles, it created an image that many would call a perfect couple.

As the two teens happily walked through the path filled with grass and various beautiful flowers, Dawn tried desperately to get out of that horrible place.

It was no use. It was impossible. There was only one way.

It was all fake.

But she could manage. Barely. All she had to do was to look away. After all, it was just a dream. A dream where a part of her felt happy. A fake reality.


Even though she tried to look away, she found her eyes doing the exact opposite. It was only then, when she stared at the two teens, that she realized something.

She was holding something, with her hands.

She didn't even have to look at it to know what it was. She could feel it, the shape, the material.. it even smelled like him. Somehow.

When she set her eyes on a certain someone's cap, it was just too much. The blue haired girl completely broke down. One reason was that she wanted to get out of the dream. But the real reason was that she couldn't stand it. She couldn't stand watching something that would never, ever come true. As the two teens happy laughters slowly faded away, so did the rest of her surroundings, and it didn't take long before her consciousness did the same and slipped away.

What was so hard to understand, really?

In front of the blue haired man stood his boss, who still had a very hard time grasping the situation.

He wanted to do something. Let him.


Judging by the way he was letting out his sigh and lazily staring out of the window, James could only guess that it was still quite a shock.

"James, I will ask you one last time." Giovanni started and turned around to face the troubled young man. "Are.. Are you serious?"



Once again, Giovanni raised his eyebrow and tried to realize that James was actually being serious about this. It took a while, but Giovanni finally decided to move on with this to see how it would all turn out.

"Fine." Giovanni simply said and sat down on his awesome black leathered chair. "If that is what you wish."

James literally shook with fear, but tried his best not to show it. After all, the reason for the fear he was feeling was all because of himself and his choice.

But he didn't regret it. He wouldn't. Never.

"Very well, James. Proceed."


"R.. Right now?" James stuttered, only now realizing how insane this man was.

"Yes? Or do you wish to finish your original mission?"

"No, I will do it.."


At first, James even thought that his boss was joking. A sick joke. But then he remembered the one important thing everyone had to remember: Giovanni never messed around. This was only further proven once Giovanni asked for the revolver he was holding, only to inspect himself before the actual soon-to-be suicide.

"Go on." Giovanni simply said as he slid the revolver over the table to the shaking James.


James slowly reached out to grab the cold, heavy yet small piece of work that would end his life in a few seconds. Before he could do that, though, Giovanni stopped him, giving James a feeling of hope.

Which did not last for long.

"Wait." Giovanni simply said and looked around in his pockets for something. "Take this."

In front of him on the table now lay two weapons, the revolver and a new, more dangerous looking one. Giovanni could easily detect the uneasiness from James and started to explain the details, in depth.
He explained when it was done, how, the material.. and even how fast the bullets could travel.

"Armor piercing rounds and a magazine holding up to 30 rounds is quite the deal, don't you think?"

"Y-Yes, sir.."

It was clear that Giovanni was very, very proud over the small yet extraordinary weapon right in front of them, even to the point of him bragging about how it was specifically made just for him.

By that time, James knew that this would be the last few minutes before he would disappear from that world, and so, he started to think about things he had accomplished during the many years he had been alive.

Nothing, really, right?

Well, what's done is done. It's not like he can change everything he wished he could just by wanting to do it. In fact, he would die happy if he knew that Jessie and Meowth would be safe.

Die happily.. Was that even possible?

"Jessie will be safe.. Right?" James asked, wanting to make sure they would. "And Meowth?"

"What? Why of course. Hold on."

Giovanni quickly pulled up his phone, pressed a few buttons and brought it next to his ear. It didn't take too long before a voice could be heard, indicating that the call had been connected.

"Stand by to release prisoner 10." he simply said, somehow looking bored.

"Roger that."

Silence. Staring. Shivering.

"James, begin."

"What? You mean, right now, here?"

"Yes? Is there a problem with that?"

It was funny, really, that only now did James realize what kind of mad man his boss was. If there was, only if, an afterlife after this, he certainly hoped that there would be no people like this crazy man.

James slowly reached out for the weapon and finally grabbed it, only to nod in agreement once he felt how incredibly light it was. Thinking that all of this might be a joke, again, James glanced at his boss with hesitation, but received nothing back.

And so, James slowly raised the weapon, preparing to end his own life. According to what Giovanni had said, the bullet traveled around three times faster than those firearms the regular officers had. In other words, he would die three times faster. Not like it would matter, anyways.

Taking a deep breath, James literally glared at the man in front of him, thinking of killing him instead, and then escape. All he had to do was to aim and pull the trigger. If everything Giovanni had said was true, getting out of here together with Jessie and Meowth wouldn't be too hard.

Hmpf, yeah right. Instead, James lightly pulled the trigger as the weapon was aimed at his head. Sigh.

It was very depressing knowing that this would be his last thoughts. That Giovanni would be the last person he would see, and that the last sound he would ever hear was a click shortly followed by a loud, clear bang.


Alright. The yellow rodent sighed and decided to be completely honest with himself. He knew it was bad, yes. But he never knew it was this bad.

Pikachu yawned and tried to get all of this out of his mind, but it was a pretty hard task. Getting waked up by Dawn whining things such as "please" and "Ash" was something he wouldn't forget in a long, long while. Not to mention her face expression, her reaction to when Pikachu had seen all of it and all of the tears she had shed.

It wasn't hard to realize that something had to be done about this. He knew about Ash and May's situation, and he was pretty sure that Dawn was, too. Very well aware. That's why he had to come up with something fast before it would all fall apart.

As he watched Dawn desperately try to get ready for the day in the bathroom, Pikachu realized that that help wasn't that far away. In fact, just down the hallway with Brock or the nurse.


Dawn's sudden scream of joy caught Pikachu off guard and made him fall off the bed, much to his annoyance. Well, no one but himself to blame on that.

"Pikachu, you ready?'!" Dawn almost shouted out and clenched her fist once she shot out of the bathroom, all ready to take on the new day.

Well, duh? It's not like he needed to get ready for anything. Besides getting his head up from the floor after he fell off the bed..

Dawn took Pikachu's silence as a yes and quickly grabbed him before sprinting out of their room, not without locking it, of course. As Dawn sped down the hallway as quietly as she could, Pikachu felt that something was kinda different with her. Her personality was wicked, yes, but he suspected it was something much more simple. What it was exactly was something he had to think through more, though.


Being so full of energy as she was, Dawn had already reached Brock on the other side of the pokécenter, wanting to see what he was up to.

"Oh, hi Dawn!" the breeder greeted her and smiled before putting a few medication boxes to the side. "Slept well?"

"Y.. Yes!"

"Hm? It almost sounds like you were hesitating there, Dawn."

Oh, you don't say? Pikachu felt like facepalming but barely managed not to do so.

"Uhm, Brock, what are you doing?"

Is that supposed to be some kind of topic changer?

"Well.. I'm just helping out, I guess. I've got much more stuff to than this, though."

"Oh, when you're done, do you want to come with us? We're going to get Amelia and the others before heading out!"

"I'll pass, I think I'll be stuck in here for a while.."


"I'm sorry, Dawn." Brock got out with a chuckle and playfully pushed her away. "That would be impossible, for the next few days, I'm under Nurse Joy's command."


While Brock tried to cheer the girl up, Pikachu still tried to spot what was wrong with her, despite him being in Dawn's arms giving him a tough position to do so.

"Well, I'll be going then, Brock." Dawn finally got out and put on her regular smile as usual. "Good luck!"

"I'll be fine, have fun!"

"And tell Nurse Joy I'll help out too later!"

To that, Brock just chuckled before returning back to his boring and hard work.

As Dawn went out of the pokécenter doors, Pikachu finally managed to see what was different.

She wasn't wearing Ash's cap.

Her hair was still a bit wet.. but she wanted to see if he was peeking on her.

The pink haired girl sighed and quietly got on the bed, both happy and disappointed that her boyfriend was still asleep.

"Stupid Drew.." Amelia whispered and pouted. "Making me wait like a fool.."

The pink haired girl sighed and deliberately started to slowly bounce on the bed to make sounds that would hopefully make him wake up. Unfortunately, all she got back was him starting to snore. Ouch.

Amelia gritted her teeth but decided to let it go, it pretty much looks like he'll need this sleep. Letting out another sigh, Amelia quietly got back to bed but decided to put all of the sheets on Drew instead. Jeez, why did he have to freeze so much..

Drew's minor shivering and loud snoring slowly faded away, and it didn't take long before Amelia just lay there, staring into his peaceful face.

Why, could somebody explain just WHY he had to look so damn.. sexy? For crying out loud, he's sleeping. You're supposed to either look cute or crap when you do that.

The girl tried her best not to do anything rash or disturb his sleep and turned around, but ended up turning back to stare at his face again. Doing so eventually got boring, so she tried to stare at the ceiling instead.

Haha, well that seemed to be more interesting, hm?

Turning to see Drew again, Amelia tried to come up with something to do to pass time, or to make him wake up more quickly. Many ideas popped up into her evil little head, but she dismissed most of them since they all seemed to be too evil or ineffective for her purposes.

Gah, there was nothing to do, nothing at all! She could dry her still wet her but how fun was that?

As her eyes were stuck on Drew's face, they soon lowered down to a certain part, giving her an extraordinary idea that would benefit her in so, so many ways.

The only question now would be if she would dare to do it or not.

Heh, why not?

Starting up her little plan, the girl started to slowly lean forwards with her eyes clothes and her lips aiming for another set of lips..

Just moments before the hers and Drew's lips would make contact, a quick gasp could be heard, causing her to stop and slowly open her eyes. And when she did, all she could see was Drew's terrified face.


Another gasp, a scream and a smack could be heard before everything pretty much went quiet. It took a while, but as Drew rubbed his sore nose, Amelia finally reacted and immediately started to apologize like her life was on the line.

"I'm so sorry, Drew! I'm so, SO sorry!"

"It's.. Fine.."

It wasn't exactly fine. His nose felt broken. Something like that.

"No, I'm so sorry! You just scared me!"

Amelia frantically waved with her hands and freaked out while Drew just lay there, rubbing his screwed up nose.

"H-Here, let me fix that!"

Before Drew could stop her, the girl had already jumped out of the bed to go get something that would 'help' his nose. By this time, Drew just wished he had fainted from that blow to his nose.. that way, he would at least get to sleep some more.

As fast as she had disappeared, the girl came back at the same speed and literally jumped on the boy, ripping the sheets off as if it was an emergency. Not to mention their position and how she bending over to help Drew..

Amelia did not realize the way and position she was 'helping' Drew, but unlike with her, Drew clearly did so. To prevent any further misunderstandings, Drew simply closed his eyes and tried to stay calm as Amelia was treating his nose with a wet napkin. Drew occasionally opened his eyes, and when he did, their eyes made contact causing both of them to blush.

"Does.. does it still hurt?"



"I'm kidding."

"Oh, oh! G-Great!"

Even if Drew had stated that he was fine, Amelia knew very well that it was a lie, and so kept on massaging his sore nose, something he did not complain about. For each second that went by, Amelia found it hard to be sitting there bending over in the position she was and eventually got lower and lower, until their lips once again were a few inches apart. The funny thing here was that Drew was just chilling, not knowing what was coming.

Deciding that this was a golden opportunity, Amelia went ahead and forcefully kissed the boy, causing his eyes to immediately open up.

Something she slightly regretted afterwards.

Only a second after their lips made contact, a slight gasp could be heard from their sides before that gasp was replaced with a loud, ear hurting scream. After that scream reached the two teens ears, they both let out screams of their own before falling off the bed, with Drew first and Amelia after, of course.

"AMELIA! DREW! What are you d-d-doing?'!"

It was a very strange feeling, a very strange situation, a very.. well, to put it in a simple way: everything was strange.

The blue haired man could only wonder what in the world had happened as he watched his boss chuckle a bit for himself.

What was this? Was he dead? What was Giovanni doing there..?

"Very impressive, James."


Before James could think anymore of this, Giovanni grabbed the gun out of his shaking hand and put it into his pocket, a grin still evident on his face. James was still incredibly shocked, and it didn't help much when Giovanni pulled up his phone to make a phone call.

"Release her now, send her up here."

Release who? Where? What?

"Welcome back to the team, James."

With that, Giovanni swiftly left the room, and before he did so, he gave the shocked man a quick pat on his shoulder.

What was this feeling..?

It was happiness.

"Get.. GET OFF ME."

"Hm..? Why?"

The young raven haired boy was about to literally scream right at the girl's face, but she stopped him right before he did so, also providing a decent reason for that.

"Sh.." she started as she put her finger on his lips. "You'll wake May up."


"What are you doing here?"

"What? I can't sleep with youuuuu..?"



"No, get out!"

Ash was about to break down in stress, as if yesterday wasn't enough. To make it all worse, May seemed to get disturbed by their 'whispers' and clinged to Ash even more, similar to what Sophia did on the other side.

"Only if you promise one thing!"


What was it with everyone and promises? Couldn't she see that he would be dead if May woke up?

"Become my friend!"


Probably for the first time since he woke up, Ash was still, somehow calming down.

"What? You're not my friend?" Ash asked and raised his eyebrow.

"Yes.. But we haven't done things friends do!"

"What are you talking about? We used to do everything when we were kids!"

"Like what?"



Ash sighed and closed his eyes, trying to calm down by taking deep breaths. Sophia noticed this and decided to mess with him by squeezing his arms even more, causing him to wince in pain.

"I forgot: could you PLEASE get out of here?" Ash whispered and glared at the annoying girl. "And don't think I didn't notice you yesterday. If only I would've locked the door or something."

"Too bad you didn't~"

"Shut up."

Just when Ash thought that 'everything was cool', May started to move more and more and ended up talking in her sleep. If she now was sleeping, that is.

"Turn the lights off.." May softly mumbled and tried to cover her eyes, letting go of Ash for just a split second.

This obviously made Ash react.

"Alright, get out, NOW."

"I don't want to.."

"Do it now or I swear I'll-"

"Only if you hang out with me later!"


"Then I'll stay!"




Sophia giggled quietly before letting go of Ash, much to his relief.

"Thank you. Now hurry up and le-"

The following few seconds was something he would never, ever forget. First, it was Sophia, who decided to be a fool and kiss Ash right as he was speaking. Before the boy could react after that awfully short yet sweet kiss, Sophia had already left the room, leaving Ash about to explode with his mouth still intact.

"Oh.. who was that?"


Ash literally flew up from the bed, even making May scream in the process.

"What, what, what's wrong, Ash?" May asked, completely awake by now.

"N-Nothing! What do you mean, by the way, eheh..?"

"Oh? I just thought I heard the door close."

"It was probably your dream! Heh!"

"I think so."

Only now, after both of them had calmed down, did they realize that May was tightly holding his stiff body. Ash felt very embarrassed, which May liked.. that's why she didn't let go.

"Did you sleep well..?" May quietly asked and snuggled her face on his stomach.

"Y-Yeah, did you?" Ash asked, not completely sure whether to resist or not.

"Mm.. I did."

After that short morning chat, all the two teens ever did was to stare at each other. That was, until May decided to rest for a bit more on Ash's stomach and lower part of his body.

Ash was completely fine with this and decided that they could chill like that for a little longer. But, after his eyes traveled down May's body, he realized that she wasn't wearing any pants, and that basically her whole body was revealed right in front of him.

Before he could react and get out of the bed, a gasp from behind could be heard, causing both him and May to turn towards the hotel room door.

There stood 3 familiar people. One having a small grin, another having a 3 times larger grin and the last one not having any grin at all.